The Ministry of Defence plans to make items for future selection of contractors throughout the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Defence is planning to create a selection of items for future contractors across Russia

As told RIA "News", the Defense Ministry plans to open a network of points on the selection for the service contract. This was stated by the head of the Head of Staff of the military department Gen.-Lieutenant B. Goremykin.

Goremykin noted that the Defense Ministry wants to make the network Fri throughout the Russian Federation, including in almost all the capitals of Russian Federation subjects. These points will be the territorial divisions of Personnel Management military districts.

Goremykin added that the new employees will be Fri solve a list of tasks, from carrying out work with school children to design personal files of the candidates in the military under the contract and the direction of future experts in training centers or universities, the Ministry of Defence.

According Goremykina, in some regions of the country have already started selecting items created. The Ministry of Defence expects that lately they earn. According to the views of the general, the main task at the moment — verbovanie points in training professionals and their characteristics in the selection of candidates by Prof. soldiers.

Goremykin also noted that the specialists personnel officers will focus not on the quantitative performance criteria. They will act on the famous Lenin's principle of "Less is more."

Goremykin also explained that the name "recruiting item"Having not a good analogy with the South American army title, was not like the Russian military. The general explained that in Russia is not formed an army of mercenaries, and "Defenders of the Fatherland body. It sounds maybe a few stilted, but it is so. " Therefore, the general said, was made to call these institutions Fri selection for military service under the contract.

Head of the Head of Personnel said that verbovaniya candidates Department of Defense contractors advertise in the army. At the current time is meant to be used among other marketing media campaign cars. They will travel on Russian towns and villages.

As for the campaign, said the general, emphasis will be made to inform people on various issues of contractual military service. Gen. I saw that the citizen had asked for a military operation, if it does not explain the terms of service. The candidate must be clear social package, place of service and types of forces, as his future position. "Believe me, — said Goremykin — this is very difficult, not suffering the formalism of work."

The general said that the future of experts from the defense, fighter and sergeants, according to the not so long ago, the announcement of the main worries real stimulation: a worthy currency allowance, the prospect of getting free housing and higher education.

The general said that the growth of the military service will directly affect the size of its foreign exchange allowance. In Prof. Sergeant or Sergeant allowance increase — compared with ordinary allowances. Private shooter, advanced in service until the platoon will receive a salary almost as an officer. Allowances depends on the classiness military specialist.

Head of GAM also added that in the near term, the combined principle of acquisition of the Russian army will remain, but the share of experts it will be constantly growing.

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