The Ministry of Defence will acquire 36 Tornado-G

The Ministry of Defence will acquire 36 "Tornado-G"

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in 2012, plans to enter into a contract for the purchase of 36 cars MLRS "Tornado-G" immediately after the state tests, which will be held in April — May 2012. This was said on February 8, "Interfax" referring to the head of the Ministry of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov.
MLRS "Tornado-G ", the minister said, had been to go to the Ground troops Of, but postponed the delivery, as the new system did not pass the test municipalities. In late December last year, Lt. Col. Sergei Vlasov, a representative of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation, stated that the troops in 2011 had adopted more than 30 "Tornado-G".

"I think the question is how to spend municipal tests done faster. According to our sense of such tests will be conducted in April — May. Accordingly, after which the contract will be signed for the purchase of 36 cars MLRS"Tornado-G "- said Serdyukov.

The Ministry of Defence will acquire 36 "Tornado-G"

According to a representative of the Land Forces, MLRS "Tornado-G" — an upgraded version of the "Grad". Bimbo system from its own predecessor, has a more powerful ammunition, excessive firing range and the availability of automatic navigation, targeting, guidance and topographic location. Through innovations, according to Lieutenant Colonel, system "Tornado-G" is capable of doing combat tasks in offline mode.

MLRS "Tornado-G" is designed for the introduction of 122-mm ammunition and set up for the oppression and destruction of enemy troops, armored vehicles, artillery and mortar batteries, as MP. Detailed tactical and technical characteristics of the new system yet. Earlier it was reported that the "Tornado-G" will be available in 3 versions — T, Y and C, which are designed for 122, 220 and 300 millimeter ammunition respectively.

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