The Ministry of Defence will compare the armored cars

Military-technical cooperation with countries zabugornom always causes excessive enthusiasm. In recent years, there is another theme of this kind around which is constantly being debated. This purchase of foreign weapons and military equipment. For example, according to the Russian-Italian agreement in Voronezh going armored "Lynx", which are almost renamed Iveco LMV. Already at the stage of negotiations on this agreement the general public beginning open a discussion and question such arrangements necessary purchases of foreign cars. Despite the passage of time, debaters so far have not come to the same views. Now there's a new reason to resume debate over the "Lynx» / LMV.

The Ministry of Defence will compare the armored cars

During a visit to the plant in Voronezh, where going to "Lynx", Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu proposed to conduct comparative tests zabugornoy develop and Russian. Deputy Minister Yuri Borisov confirmed the possibility of such events, and as the site for their proposed third polygon Ministry. Representatives of industries have also agreed to the proposal and reiterated the comparison for a certain number of armored cars. Shoigu noted in addition that in the comparative tests should be involved crews of armored vehicles with operating experience. In this case, it will be possible to "remove" not only the technical features, and provide feedback on the operation. The Minister highlighted the importance of reviews from real users of technology.

By the time the true Voronezh were collected 57 "Lynx" and all the currently scheduled to make more than 350 cars. According to Deputy Minister Yuri Borisov, at the moment there is no reason to review the necessary army of armored cars. But consider the question of signing another 1st agreement with the Italians, implying a supply of spare parts, training of technical personnel, etc. Borisov also acknowledged the fact that Iveco LMV armored cars have some shortcomings. Yet, it is one of the main mc NATO, which can be considered as a reason in favor of the machine. In addition, the deputy minister gave the statistics obtained from the zabugornyh partners. According to the Italian side, in the operation in Iran LMV 130 times blown up by mines and none at all it is not dead. In Russian military has other information, sadder kind.

In the end, the deputy defense minister recalled the KAMAZ plant, where the currently developed similar armored car. In the future, the company from Naberezhnye Chelny be ready to present models, owning the required features of the course and protection. So Makar, again expand the range of models of armored vehicles for the Russian armed forces.

But of all the news on armored military vehicles meant large interest is specifically directed to the Italian LMV comparison with Russian counterparts. Until now, all matches of Italian and Russian machines were solely for mental tests now proposed to conduct tests at the site. Immediately after the occurrence of messages on the offer of Defense have a question: what exactly armored cars and by what technique will be compared to "Lynx". According to the views of the journalist D. Mokrushina, until our automakers have nothing to oppose the Italian design All available armored Russian production yield LMV / «Lynx" in the level of mine protection. With the likes of these characteristics, "Wolf" and "Tiger-6A" there was not a completely pleasant situation: the development of the first until only the ends, but what about the second there is almost no clear disk imaging. So while the tests could be limited only by test-driving the polygon with the following characteristics comparing scanned machines.

Soon after the proposal Sergei Shoigu Yuri Borisov has clarified the situation. According to him, in the first months of next year to "compete" with the armored car "Lynx" will be Russia's "Tiger-M" and "Wolf". Here too there are problems. Developers armored car "Wolf" earlier claimed that the explosive test machine will not begin until late spring of next year. Because of this timing vsepolnotsennyh comparative trials, including the trial blasting may move for a few months. It should be noted this development in a certain sense, is even useful. In that case you get "drive" cars compared in different parts of the country and in different weather. So Makarov, will test the ability of machines not only on one test site, and in various other criteria. Tests for resistance to explosions do not require any special meteorological or geographical criterion and therefore their conduct will be one of the most common parts of all the activities on the comparison of armored cars.

Noteworthy that in future trials will accept the role segodnyaschy version of "Lynx", practically no different from the ordinary armored car LMV. In the words of Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov, our industrialists managed to agree with the Italian about some design improvements armored car, thanks to which it will be a lot more to meet the requirements of Russian and become better adapted to the conditions in which to work in our country. Once this happens to discover the merits and shortcomings of Russian cars, then to refine their designs. Finally, comparative tests and Russian zabugornyh machines can put an end to a dispute as to which of them is better.

Apparently, the defense ministry said "Lynx» / LMV suitable and comfortable armored car, but still want to change this little machine in accordance with Russian standards. Already it is clear that an update of the "Lynx" will participate KAMAZ plant. In addition, apart from the design revisions cooperative project expected configuration technology plan. At the current time in Voronezh is about 10% of all jobs in manufacturing armored cars, and the other 90% are made even in Italy, before transportation components and assemblies in Russia. After all the planned configurations Russian side is going to bring the level of localization to 75-80 per cent, in Russia will run the vast majority of works and supplies from abroad willing to be limited only by individual components.

At the moment, seriously talk about the results of the comparative tests. As previously mentioned, according to some features of Russian armored vehicles are superior LMV, but on the other loses. Because of this war on the results of all activities will have to consider a range of features, data, etc. In addition, future decisions will have to take into account the reviews of fighters who have already had to use armored cars of all types. So that the final choice of several models of armored cars, and if it will be a very difficult decision. Well, probably not too far spirited.

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