The Ministry of Defense has issued new requirements for weapons and one more thing, the little things

In the previous article about the end of the first tests of the AK-12, I put a swing that rejection of tenders before adopting a new standard — the phenomenon of the positive. What was great before, was suddenly a relic of the past, and even certain requirements to personal specimen of firearms Ministry of Defence put forward in the near future lenilos. But not so long ago jumped the news that the new requirements were delivered all the same. And besides the "secret" Valery Gerasimov shared information about what to expect back in a military environment. Information, of course, is not rich, but to reflect there is over anything.

The Ministry of Defense has issued new requirements for weapons and one more thing, "the little things"

First, the chief of the General Staff, it was noted that the removal from the post of Serdyukov does not mean that his reforms were completely worthless and unseemly. Of course, that something will be adjusted, but overall is because it has been planned. In general, it is unclear what will be changed and what is not. So, it was noted that the main task now is to stand analysis of the education system and the military-scientific complex, and the results will already decide to change anything either throw it at that. The results of this whole action is, of course, can be predicted, but "wait and see".

With regard to the requirements of the new Swatch guns, also nothing specific was said. It is clear that they are, they are completely feasible and does not inhibit the puzzle posed earlier by upgrading the army by 30% by 2015 and to increase that percentage to 2020 year to 70-100. In this case, we are talking not only about guns or machines that just can not fail to amuse. In general, there is a huge issue, whether those standards are burning tool to 2020 by which there is at the moment. For example, in the west has long been chatter while still whisper about the caliber cartridges 6.5 or 6.8 instead of 5.56 for the machines, we have also to 2020 year can be similar everywhere ammunition is not expected to have a warranty. But even if by some miracle they will appear in 2020, when the course of events at a decent upgrade to the same new machine is complete, it will need another 10-20 years that they have been used everywhere. In general, the situation is not fun. On the other hand, it only plans, and it is characterized by change, so that a small hope.

Because the creation of the latest products of the military industry asks a lot of effort, because to think of something fundamentally new more and more difficult, many are trying to make the best properties on account of reliability or durability, and then push through the acquisition of "product" in the army. To prevent such phenomena, a separate structure will be created to monitor the conclusions of contracts, and monitoring the quality of products supplied to the army. In general, cough cough, you know …

A few words were said about the preparation of a fighter and sergeants. Thus, according to the views of the Chief of Staff, 1st year of service was quite enough in order to for this period of time to make a man of spices in their own area. Same positions, which require a more painstaking preparation, will be assigned to contractors, who are planning to increase the number of times a year for 50 thousand. The only question is who will hold office until the number of contractors is not enough …

In general, however, and information about anything, as said on the top, but on the other hand, there is something to think about. Although, maybe it's just "empty ring" to which I reacted very pessimistic.

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