The Ministry of Defense in 2012, plans to purchase more than 10 cars Tiger

The Ministry of Defense in 2012, plans to purchase more than 10 cars "Tiger"

The Russian Defense Ministry is planning in 2012 to purchase from the "Military-Industrial Company" (MIC) of more than 10 armored vehicles "Tiger-M "filled with automatic complex technical control, and simulation of electronic jamming electronic facilities, said the military-industrial complex on Wednesday.

"Machine designed for signals intelligence emitters, jamming and jamming electronic means (RECs). Such automatic complex electronic warfare (EW) based on the armored car "Tiger-M" has no equals, "- said in a release.

In addition, the system allows to carry out tests at the sites, creating a real jamming environment and simulation of the different RECs, to evaluate the electrical environment.

"Military experts at EW forces have long been interested in the idea install special equipment to the mobile armored wheeled chassis. Nedavneshnego time before most of the cars were supplied to EW troops or chassis unarmored army trucks or on the chassis of multi-purpose light-armored tracked conveyors. And they both have significant size and limited maneuverability. Now the army has received highly mobile and protected complex EW on the basis of "Tiger", — stated in the release.

"Tiger-M "- an upgraded version of a light armored vehicle" Tiger ", which is currently in operation in the military and security agencies of the Russian Federation.
Ltd. "MIC" is the management company for the members of the holding company "Russian Machines" companies, which completely or partially specialized in the production of military equipment, including JSC "Arzamas Machine-Building Plant", JSC "Factory buildings", JSC "Barnaultransmash" and OOO " Military Engineering Centre ".

Company has the proper license for the design, creation, maintenance, and disposal of weapons and military equipment, as the embodiment of the work associated with the implementation of information constituting a municipal mystery.

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