The Ministry of Defense owes the Navy

The Ministry of Defense owes the NavyA scandal involving the non-payment of funds the military, ramping up. As to the head of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had heard rumors about the problems with payments, he claimed from the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov immediately to wage those officers who have not received it. But hundreds of paratroopers never saw the currency allowances for two months — January and February of this year. It became clear from the Deputy Commander of the Airborne Troops Shamanov.

According to the deputy about two thousand people of officers and contractors of the Airborne Troops were either totally currency allowance, either got it in abbreviated form. The current situation is unprecedented, mood military leave much to be desired.

The source also said that the whole hitch is that from January 1 this year accrual currency contentment is not nachfinami military units and single processing center. Difficulties with payments is not only in the Airborne Troops, and in other military branches.

One senior paratrooper indignant, saying that does not think like one department may engage in Moscow calculations for all the troops.

According to a report produced by March 1 of the current year as Head of Cash Planning Ministry of Defense Anna Kondrateva, all the money the military lists (as of March 1, 2012). According to Kondratieff hitch payments affected the least 1 percent of the Armed Forces.

According to a former Navy spokesman Alexander Cherednik, which appeared hitch associated with the transfer of all payments in the United Center.
He explained that previously it was hard to see myself, that paratrooper did not receive a salary. Nachfin everyone knew in the military section, no one could have had "lost." With all of this, he cited as a colonel in Chechnya came to the men in the trenches with a bag of money and gave them currency allowance. According to the views of the Cherednik, it is unlikely such possibilities inherent in the design center staff.
According to him, despite such prepyadstviya, there will be no state of emergency in the Navy, one of the troopers will not hold a meeting.
Cherednyk in conclusion said that the airborne troops has always been a fundamental feeling of comradeship. The officers have always had and will assist each other, in general "do not die of hunger, and the barricades will not come back." But, nevertheless, nasty aftertaste of this whole situation is.

It is not clear, as there will be a solution to this prepyadstviya. The Defense Ministry has not given any comments.

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