The Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns arming the Syrian opposition is contrary to international law

The Russian Foreign Ministry warns Syrian armed opposition is contrary to international lawAs the official dealer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Lukashevich, calls by many States and organizations (including the "Al-Qaeda") on the supply of guns Syrian opposition are contrary to the international law.

The diplomat said that, in view of the confirmed presence of illegal armed groups in Syria rebels' Al-Qaeda "(condemned, incidentally, the UN Security Council for terrorist activities), it is necessary to raise the question about how the statements of politicians on the supply of arms generally joined with international law. Lukashevich saw that, according to the resolutions of the UN Security Council all countries should not allow "financing of terrorist organizations do not supply them with weapons and not to support their work in any form."

On the old days, as you know, arm Syrian opposition called on the international community Qatar. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, Sheikh Al-Thani, during his own visit to Norway, said that it was time to do everything possible in order to assist the resistance — including guns and supplies to soldiers with the Assad regime.

Qatar, by the way, not so long ago showed armed initiative — in the Libyan conflict, unofficially sending back its own fighters, and instead of delivering humanitarian aid to Libya and ammunition tool. Global publicity received and rehearsed in Qatar, taken in the scenery of "Al-Jazeera" frames the fall of Tripoli. They were made for a number of days before the capital was put Libya.

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