The mission is not feasible, or the state defense order in Russia

Mission Impossible or the state defense order in Russia The program adopted in 2006 for the purchase and development of military equipment for the Russian army failed on all pt. Because government was forced to accept the February 24, 2011 the latest program from GPV-2020.

But if you do not take into account the circumstances of the failure of the previous LG-2015, the state defense order can be disrupted in this time.

In 2006, the planned funding for retrofitting Russian security forces of more than 4 trillion rubles. About 75% of this amount planned to be spent on the purchase of modern military equipment virtually the whole range of weapons:

stategicheskie nuclear forces:
— 8, the latest generation of submarines (Project "Northwind");
— 34 and 66 underground mine start-up facilities.
— 1,400 tanks;
— 60 missile systems;
— 18 anti-aircraft missile battalions (C-400);
— Regiment gun-missile systems;
— 2 regiments of reactive volley-fire systems;
— 166 thousand cars;
— 350 pcs. BMPT "frame";
— 600 pcs. BTR;
— 2 "Smerch" systems.
Air Force:
— 64 fighter;
— 58 bombers;
— 200 ground attack aircraft;
— 102 helicopter.
— 57 anti-tank guns;
— 500 armored personnel carriers (Shell);
— 400 BMD
— 2 NS;
— 4 diesel submarines;
— 12 warships;
— 5 launches;
— coastal defense systems.

The basic premise of failure procurement of weapons were contradictions between manufacturers (suppliers) and the Ministry of Defence (the Customer).

Position suppliers.

On the Ural factory created a beautiful brand new tank support combat vehicle (codenamed "frame"). As tests have shown, it is great to destroy tanks, helicopters, low-flying aircraft and virtually any hardened targets. Uses anti-tank missiles "Attack", with laser beam. One BMPT able to cover three tanks in the battle. The machine is supplied only for export. Russian Army, it was not necessary.

In preparation for the international exhibition held at Nizhniy Tagil landfill rehearsal of military equipment planned for the show. All Russian armored cars and appliances have been tested without problems, but the Italian "Lynx" firmly stuck on the test obstacle. And when showing this zabugornogo reference to Russian Prime Minister Italian armored car did not pass the check lane, and a ride next to it, which can be safely classified as fraud. Despite this confusion, the Defense Ministry bureaucrats continue to insist on the purchase of the "parquet" of military technology. At the same time in an active manner mashinoproizvoditeli from Arzamas made armored car (Tiger-6a), which substantially exceeds the protection of the Italian model. Proposal Defense professionals licensed to produce the assembly Italian model LMV M65 at KamAZ not well off, as used in the assembly of components and spare parts from different manufacturers: Italian production sites, armor — German and Dutch, the engine — South American, and obtaining all necessary licenses from manufacturers zabugornyh problematic. The acquisition of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Russian armored vehicles "Tiger" is less than the invoice and profitable for the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation transaction. Approval of the members of the military department of the Russian Federation on the use of technology for the creation of an Italian armored car models promising Russian armored vehicle "Boomerang" does not hold water, because the question of military equipment not only the various classes, and the destination.

Difficult situation with the supply to the army personnel fighting equipment. Without waiting for the finalization of the Russian set of "Warrior," the Defense Ministry is considering buying French-made kits. According disk imaging received from public sources, the development of Russian has the best features than foreign equipment, by weight, of the communication range, accuracy, establishing coordinate the battery life, the presence of the search operation.

Was not supported by the Department of Defense initiative Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant, which at their own expense to execute the development of devices for small tools with the introduction of the latest scientific research in the field of Thermal Imaging technology.

Manufacturers weapons reasonably believe that, due to the haphazard and neobmyslennym reforming the army, there is a situation when there are no experts at the Ministry of Defence, capable and well-prepared to adopt the tactical and economic documentation on creating samples of the latest technology. In this connection, military officials harbor "Big Love" specifically to zabugornoy military equipment. But they are trying to hide their failures and inability to develop a constructive and effective approach for the implementation of state programs from rearming. This leads to the fact that promising developments are not funded, and available new or successfully modified Russian equipment exposed unfounded criticism.

Defense bureaucrats do not order the President of the limited purchasing military equipment zabugornogo standard. Acquisition of technology is not Russian production in small volume should only be to familiarize Russian military equipment from foreign armies.

Signing the contract for the construction of the center of the combat training of more than 100 million euros from the German company deprived the Russian Order of profitable organization that could carry out this task is not terrible zabugornogo contractor. Implementation of the budget money to support zabugornyh manufacturers and contractors during the global financial crisis is focused on the destruction of its own military-industrial complex. In the history of the Russian Federation have been cases where zabugornye standards of military equipment used for creating their own models of weapons, but only in those areas in which lagged. Carrying rearmament based zabugornoy military equipment will military-technical backwardness Russian companies, the loss of trained staff, fewer jobs and unnecessary costs due to non-transparent budget of purchasing prices for equipment of foreign manufacture.

At the same time, the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation to comply with the design, creation and delivery in the relevant country's armed forces with modern military technology in the right quantity. To do this, find a compromise solution to the financing conditions, characteristics of the technology and cost of deliveries between producers and municipal customer.

Approval of the Ministry of Defense that manufacturers can not operate in a market environment, and rely only on defense procurement is not impartial. Many industrial companies have contracts to export their products. The fact is that the contracts with suppliers zabugornom are at market value, but from the Russian manufacturer Municipal customer asks to make the supply of military equipment on a rigid value does not take into account inflation and the constantly rising costs of production due to rising costs of materials, devices and resources.

The position of the customer

Management of the General Staff believes that the standards of Russian weapons are inferior zabugornom counterparts.

According to the military bureaucrat, for example, an Israeli tank Merkava MkIV has a huge range, than the Russian T-90. But this conclusion is m
ade without taking into account the type of ammunition used, and different criteria for testing 2-samples. Really all the characteristics of the T-90 is better than the characteristics of the Israeli war machine, and the T-90 is more adapted to Russian conditions. Shortcomings of the tank Merkava MkIV are very big fighting weight, operation solely in the subtropical zone at a temperature not lower than 5 degrees, the highest price of the car, also requires the introduction of a costly system of active defense, and when shooting at a distance of more than 6 km requirement to use an external laser light.

Another recognizable defect confirms Israeli tank: untrained appeal to the Russian grenade F-29 fighters "Hezbollah" is comparable for a small period of time managed to kill 46 tanks Merkava. Incidentally, the Russian Armed Forces do not have these amazing grenade Russian production F-29 — the army does not buy them and they are only for export.

Commander in Chief of the Army states that all samples of military equipment manufactured by the industry, are obsolete and are only modified variations of more Russian weapons. Since the re-programm the LG-2015 failed, this position looks like an excuse absence in the Army of the new weapons and the rationale for decisions on the purchase of military equipment zabugornoy.

Chief of Staff of the customer decided to purchase the Italian LMV M65 armored cars codenamed "Lynx" without regard for the fact that the Russian industry produced combat reconnaissance vehicle (codenamed BRM-3K) with the same title, but more adapted to Russian conditions. At the joint field trial of Italian LMV M65 armored car and Russian armored cars "Tiger" zabugornye model within 10 meters stuck in the snow and went off the track, and the Russian war machine was successful all the obstacle course.

It must be recognized that, for many types of weapons are lagging behind Russian military-industrial complex. Ministry of Defense said that in the tank construction, and helicopter models of small guns Our homeland behind-producing countries such as the USA, China and Israel.

Russian producers explain it obsolete material and technical base, the lack of trained personnel, a violation of the customers finance the work schedules, the delay in the payment already supplied equipment, failure to conclude long-term contracts for the supply of military equipment.

Listed the incident did not allow companies to the defense industry to produce effective business planning, to lead a better monetary policy, to train personnel.

The Ministry of Defence is not satisfied that industry hide the detailed structure of production costs. Because of this, the municipal customer does not have the ability to precisely set the purchase price for any type of military equipment. Municipal customer in the face of the Ministry of Defense said that the price of Russian-made weapons above the price zabugornyh analogues and that the products are not competitive Russian military-industrial complex.

The results

While there are "dispute" between the customer and the manufacturer, the Russian army is not getting the latest technology, the military-industrial complex is suffering losses, municipal order is not made.

The intensification of the need for urgent modernization of power structures of. In order to perform this tasks will be reorganized not only the military-industrial complex, and the change in the work of all the customers in the placement of municipal defense order.

It is planned that there will be a scheme for the merger of defense companies in the holding company, which will go not only the end product manufacturers, and allied suppliers of raw materials. So Makarov, will be facilitated pricing and the ability to control the properties of all the steps of production. Customers will be entitled to take into account the profits of industrial holdings in determining the purchase price. The value arrived very important indicator. Since the impact on the profitability of at least some production and the possibility of technical re-equipment companies MIC.

Support for Russian arms manufacturer, even if the cost of the final product is higher than similar foreign equipment, will give the chance to the Russian military-industrial complex and then equip the army with modern weapons only Russian production.

You also need to legislate the municipal system of strategic planning in the creation of new weapons, establish regulations, claiming the procedure of procurement in the framework of the municipal plans re-Russian security forces.

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