The mission of Rafale

The operation of NATO forces in Libya has become a marketing platform for the French fighter aircraft.

Four years back the favorite of Libya's Muammar Gaddafi has initiated talks with France, which has declared its intention to purchase 14 "Rafale" (French fighter jets 4th generation). Transaction is not destiny was to be held, but Gaddafi "Rafale" still waited — these fighters were the main striking force of the coalition in the military operation against the Gaddafi regime, and therefore Makar, showed their fighting properties around the world. "Rafale" — one of the basic aircraft of French military aviation, which hitherto had never exported.

The mission of "Rafale"

Negotiations on a deal with fighters from Brazil, which started two years back, go hard. In Brazil, the "Rafale" competes with South American F-18 fighter and the Swedish "Gripen". The agreement to supply 36 aircraft to Brazil, the total price of $ 6 billion was actually achieved, "Rafale" took advantage of a natural in the eyes of the former president Lula da Silva. But after coming to power, Dilma Rousseff has changed the situation. The current president of Brazil is the policy of rapprochement with the United States and is likely to give preference to South American F-18. To change the situation, France has promised to give Brazil "unlimited technology" for maintenance and operation of the aircraft. But the Brazilian side has decided not to take the fighters and postponed it until the beginning of 2012.

Another very possible customer fighter — India, selected fighters "Rafale" and "Eurofighter" in late April, the tender for the supply of 126 aircraft total price of 7.7 billion. euros, which will be concluded after reviewing all the proposals.

Other negotiations for the supply of fighters (60sht.) are conducted with the UAE since 2008, but they suddenly stalled in the past year. The fact that the UAE insisted that on the plane was a more powerful engine and an improved radar. About a month back the French Defence Minister Longuet commented on the supply of "Rafale" Emirates is quite optimistic, he said, but it was noted that "the talks are moving." Apparently referring to the operation in Libya, the Minister said the subsequent: "At the present day, our pilots have shown that the machine has completely suitable motor."

A little earlier on a yearly air show in Le Bourget French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said he was confident that the contract for the purchase of "Rafale" UAE will be signed very recently.

The mission of "Rafale"

"Tested on the battlefield"

Company Dassaut Aviation, manufacturer of "Rafale" agrees with the views of the military that their plane showed itself in Libya very well, but for all that refrains from any projections, as detailed disk imaging progress in the negotiations so far. Stephane Fort, a spokesman Dassaut Aviation: «Potential buyers of our fighter enthusiastically watching the successes of" Rafale "in Libya." As noted by Jean-Pierre Lightning (Deputy Director of the Institute for international and strategic relations), as expressed by him in the course of the conversation with the correspondent of "Moscow News", the operation in Libya is "really able to work on a deal with" Rafale "and other French weapons."

The expert noted that fighter "Rafale" and the helicopter "Tiger" who have distinguished themselves in Libya, has become a true hallmark of the French defense industry. Lightning also confident that importers prefer to take the guns have long arms, has proved its effectiveness in real combat. During the Falklands war between Argentina and Great Britain in the 1982 cruise missile "Exocet" French production, used for combat ships sank British destroyer "Sheffield", which ultimately contributed to a serious increase in its sales. A successful implementation of the Israeli Air Force French "Mirage" in 1967. in the process of the Six-Day War made them great is popular in almost all countries of the world.

The mission of "Rafale"

Leading special in the security of the French Institute of international relations Etienne de Durand: "Part of arms, demonstrated its efficacy in the Libyan operation can be implemented in the global market with the label" tested on the battlefield. " For all this, in his view, until the war is over, it is impossible to predict the implementation. Special believes that because the plane used in the Libyan operation, its cost, which is located within the 100 million bucks apiece, will not change. According to experts, the Libyan conflict is unlikely to create new markets for exports "Rafale", but to influence the course of on ongoing negotiations, he is capable of. But the French fighter is interested in Switzerland and some of the Near East, in the midst of Qatar and Kuwait, Bulgaria and Greece.

Expert in the field of security, Jean-Brisset Vance: "We can say that the war in Libya — it is advertising, but not all of this talk about the fact that advertising is the goal of this war." Although the "Rafa" has been involved in Afghanistan, Libya operation, According to experts, more comfortable for the demonstration of the ability of military equipment manufactured in France. On the objectives of the NATO operation in Afghanistan, a clear sense of people there, and on the situation in Libya, everything seemed to be clearer: "The coalition is fighting a war with a dictator." Aside from that in Libya, the Americans showed themselves less intense.


Only just ideal combat performance for the start of deliveries of aircraft abroad is not enough. Experts they say that the decision to purchase the arms are almost all political roots, things between the country and the country of the buyer-seller play a huge, almost a crucial role. Meanwhile, with the reputation of "Rafale" in Libya, far not all completely accurate and clear.

The last Italian Air Force pilot, military aviation expert David Chenchiotti "Rafa" appeared in Libya, a surprisingly sudden, without the necessary artillery barrage. They hit targets on the ground Libya already for several hours before the bombing by U.S. aircraft and England Libyan air defenses. It may state that the French planes were in areas where there were no working air defense system.

Many experts believe that the excessive zeal of the French control over the Libyan conflict solutions associated with the early presidential elections. "The current president Sarkozy is trying to show voters their ability to take action in t
he international arena — says MEP Bruno Golnish. — And I'm not sure it will be a good advertisement of French arms. "

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