The most amazing creations of people with water!

The water is incredibly dangerous: over the banks of the river, broke through the dam, the tsunami and the Flood. But still — this is the most important factor of all life on our planet. Moreover, it can be incredibly beautiful in nature, and sometimes it becomes a magic in the hands of a man. I decided to make a compilation video of the most amazing creations of people who understand what art is! I can assure you that that is collected, be sure to capture your imagination!

Watch Water clock at the station of Osaka. Japan

Watch the art of drawing on the water. Japan

This technique was not invented by the Japanese, it is of Turkish culture, it is called Ebru.

Watch Ebru

Watch Ebru sanat?

You can make a separate article on the fountains, but to show the brightest ones.

Watch Incredibly beautiful musical fountains Bellagio

Watch Fairy multicolored fountain at Disneyland. California.

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