The most famous cars from the tree

Cars. I think that no one simply can not imagine that did not go on the road this technique, created from metal, plastic, glass, and God knows what else. But can you imagine car from wood? Yes there were building them now create, though more for the beauty.

Hispano-Suiza Tulipwood Torpedo — In fact automotive legend, as it was on it was a race won Targa Florio, which took place in Sicily in 1924. Body made of wood was created by aircraft from France Nieuport. Its weight is about 72 pounds.

It is clear that in the early 20th century, when even airplanes were built of wood, a car of the same material was quite a common sight, but I want to introduce you to the project of an American student Joe Harmon, who decided to make their own unique thesis project on the topic of superstrong wooden structures in the form of a sports car Splinter. In principle, one can say that he coped with the task, as the specially treated properly and deformed wood can withstand the power biturbo engine of 4.6 liters. True to ride on this car will not work.

Marcos Xylon

This ugly-looking car was produced with the English factory in the 60s of the 20th century and was the undisputed leader in the racing. Its special feature is that even the chassis was made of plywood! Jackie Stewart and other famous pilots of the time repeatedly triumphed precisely this "ugly duckling"

Tryane II

Insanely beautiful and unique vehicle created by Citroen, was built in Germany. A huge amount of work (more than 2000 hours) and rare material: African mahogany made it extremely easy. Four hundred pound car is capable of speeds up to 160 kilometers per hour.
Beautiful, exotic and expensive

And finally introduce to you one of the most expensive cars made of wood. This Lagonda Rapide Tulipwood Tourer, released in 1939.
Body of the monster created from the Australian tulip wood and copper. A powerful 4.5-liter engine. All this happiness cost to the owner of $ 500,000 in today's money.

Do I need to spend such huge money to create a masterpiece, or buy for example a modern mitsubishi asx price will be much lower — to solve each their own. But I am confident that these unique works of art as vehicles of wood for long remain in the memory of fans of the original "Steel Horse"


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