The most interesting encounters with UFOs

1. Hudson, 1984. Numerous reports devoted a large unidentified object with rotating lights that do not make sounds, have been obtained from reliable people in high positions.

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UFOs were able to see the meteorologists, chiefs of police, as well as reporters. Subsequently unusual phenomena were explained by experiments that were conducted over a new generation of aircraft. In fact, the objects can not be compared to conventional aircraft, which are made by people.

2. Roswell Incident, 1947.
Unidentified object fell on the ranch in the summer of 1947. At the crash site people can find unusual disc-shaped object. However, the next day denied message. The explanation of what happened was the fall of an ordinary weather balloon, which is used to calibrate the radar. Thirty years after the Roswell incident, Dzh.Marselya, an intelligence officer, Major-General, was able to give an interview.

Only then, he said that an extraterrestrial object was found. Subsequently, interviews were conducted with more than 150 people who have witnessed. As a result, members of the media were able to confirm that the object was of extraterrestrial origin.

3. "Army helicopter," in 1974.
Four guards who were in service on board the Bell UH-1H were able to see the unusual object larger in the sky. It happened at night while serving guardsmen. The object was on a course of movement. Coyne, pilot-commander captain, was able to put a helicopter Bell UH-1H mode of descent.

Immediately after that, the object stopped right in front of the helicopter, and then flew to the west. Coyne was able to note that the helicopter began to descend, and climbed two thousand feet. This fact can not be explained.
Is there a UFO in reality? This is the only science can prove …

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