The natural world. The invasion of ants watch online

The natural world.  The invasion of ants watch online
Hills covered with tropical forest in East Africa. Place co-existence of a huge number of species of animals. Place perfect balance between predators and prey.
But soon, in this part of the forest will change everything. Then there's a new predator. The fiercest killer on the planet will soon destroy this forest. And it's not a tremendous horrible monster, but a whole army, — army ants, the largest component of the family on the planet.
Somewhere in the depths of an ant hill ended supplies of provisions, and the queen gave the order to fill them immediately. And countless army, consisting of ant workers and the army ants, going on the road.
The victims of the invasion are not only solitary insects, and fortified bastions — termites. Despite the fact that termites well armed and superior in strength of ants, hunger truly works wonders.
And after a while, the mound becomes empty, and the ants vorachivayutsya with the production to a normal life, while continuing to expand and strengthen the walls of their own colony. Until such time as the queen again did not give the order …


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