The new bridge over the river Khemchik opened in Tuva


In Tuva built new concrete bridge in Sut-Khol district across the river Khemchik. It will replace the emergency bridge construction. First, the old bridge was repaired.

After this, in the national budget was laid more than 200 million rubles for the construction of a new facility. Construction contractor engaged "Mosremstroy".
The new bridge — this 9-span reinforced concrete building with two pavements and asphalt concrete pavement. The length of the bridge — 163 meters, width — 8 meters.


Khemchik river near Kyzyl-Mazhalyka

Bridges of the Republic of Tuva:

August 19, 2011 were completed construction of a new bridge over the river Durgen on the part of the road Bai-Haak-Balgazyn (Tandynsky district). Construction of the bridge was carried out by the contracting organization, LLC "Mostremstroy" (Krasnoyarsk), which managed the task in 6 months.
The length of the bridge is 50.2 meters, width of the carriageway — 6 meters, width of sidewalks — 0.75 meters. The facility was built at the expense of the republican target program "Modernization of transport system of the Republic of Tuva in 2011-2012." The total cost amounted to 36 thousand rubles mln.706.

Back in 2009 Sut-Khol district solved the problem of hard-to-population settlements Ishkin. Here was built a new army bridge over the river Ak, replacing the old wooden structure built in 1949, is among the people because of his state of emergency was called "Devil's Bridge". From the national budget has been allocated more than 3 million.

In 2008, a new bridge in Dzun-Khemchiksky Chyrgaky area across the river. Villagers Horum-Dag Eldig Khem, Hohndel Chyrgaky and waited for him for 18 years. All these years in every flood these villages have been cut off from the district center. The construction of the bridge has been allocated 8 mln.400 thousand rubles from the investment program.

Entirely from the national budget in the amount of 79 million rubles in the Ulug-Khem district of Tuva in 2010 built a bridge over the river and laid Chaat 18 km. asphalt road leading to a distant village Torgalyg. This event was for locals only important because for many years ulug-hemtsy went on the road and the Old Bridge.

In the border area is also Erzin in 2010 opened a new bridge over the river Erzin, built next to the old, built in 1959. This object is considered to be of strategic importance for the economy of Tuva republic joins as not only one of its districts, but also from neighboring Mongolia. And through it the republic receives the output and the booming Chinese market. On the construction of the bridge from the federal budget has been allocated Tove 246 million. Another 287 million spent on asphalting the 10-kilometer road section.

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