The new contract TransStroy

Transstroi signed with the company "Sibur — Portenergo" contract for construction of a complex for transshipment of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) in the port of Ust-Luga.

The contract price was 1.25 billion rubles.

This is the third contract for the construction of the large-scale project in the seaport of Ust-Luga and Russia as a whole. The new export terminal will be the largest in Russia in terms of handling LPG. Construction site and, subsequently, the entire complex will occupy about 140 ha of coastline. A unique feature of the terminal will be insulated storage for LPG. And the construction of this important object of the company is entrusted Transstroi.

Construction project consists of three phases, two of which today is already Transstroi. The total amount of the contracts for the project TransStroy of 4.75 billion rubles. The cost of building the entire complex of the preliminary estimate of 9.5 billion rubles.

Signing another contract with the company "Sibur-Portenergo" is a de facto recognition of TransStroy reliable partner for this project. Transstroi, in turn, comply with all the obligations assumed by the contract. Organized round the clock at the site building process and involving key manufacturing facilities of the holding companies based in the North-West region.

Scheduled date of commissioning — the end of 2012, …

Within the last of the contracts Transstroi must perform work on the construction of hydraulic structures: marine transportation trestle 692m, 2 berths and technological fields. Structurally, the flyover is a structure consisting of a pile foundation, the superstructure (reinforced concrete), mounted on poles trestle spans (metal).

The total number of piles to be loaded on these structures — 650 pcs., And the total tonnage of about 7.5 tons. Piling planned to carry out "with water" using boats. The volume of solid concrete for structures is about 9.5 million mm3.

Under the first contract Transstroi performed engineering work for the site preparation of the complex, the construction of the dam of the approach zone waterworks and railway tracks, as well as the construction of tank farms with a system of pipelines and utilities, the construction of two railway and highway access ramps, repair shop and office building. "Region — Transstroi" does all the work in strict accordance with the schedule.
Executor of the contract is the company "Region — Transstroi" which is a holding company Transstroi.


The project is implemented by SIBUR within the critical task for utilization of associated petroleum gas and export the surplus products of its processing through the marine terminal. The system is designed for the reception of liquefied petroleum gas and light oil from tank cars, storage and loading of a sea-going vessels, tankers and gas carriers. The planned capacity of the complex are calculated on an annual transhipment and export up to 1.5 million tons of LPG and 2.5 million tons of light oil. The cost of building the entire complex of the preliminary estimate of 9, 5 billion rubles. The facility is located in the district of Leningrad region Kingiseppsky the waters of Ust-Luga, in the southern part of the bay the Gulf of Finland.

"Transstroi" — the country's largest construction company stock, specializing in the implementation of large-scale integrated transport infrastructure projects throughout Russia and abroad. The holding comprises more than 40 organizations in various areas of transport and civil construction. Corporate control center holding a "Design and Construction Company" Transstroi. " The order book "TransStroy" in 2011 is estimated at 70 billion rubles. Supervises holding Barantsev Alexei G..

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