The new control tower Sheremetyevo airport with the equipment of concern Almaz-Antey.

Modernization of the high-tech facilities of our infrastructure pleases in twins when it is produced by our company and is equipped with the latest Russian equipment. So in February at Sheremetyevo airport were completed to equip a new command and control center (CAP) which held JSC "NPO" LEMZ "together with NITA. As a supplier of equipment was OJSC Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey".


In February 2013, at the Sheremetyevo ATC center opening of a new control tower. It is fitted with an advanced automation of air traffic control KSAUVD "Topaz", a system of digital loud voice SKRS "Megafon", a means of objective control based on digital tape recorder "Granit", a system of remote monitoring and control with ILS landing. All this combined, will improve the performance capacity of the airport Sheremetyevo, to provide a higher level of safety.

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