The new greenhouse complex built in the Kaliningrad region

Under the Guards is the largest building in the Kaliningrad region of the greenhouse complex area of 2.2 hectares. It raises agricultural enterprise "Orbita-Agro".

To plant the first seedlings of cucumbers and tomatoes are planned for early next year. On average, from February to November, expect to collect from a square meter of about 50 kg and 27-30 kg of tomatoes — cucumbers.

The project of "Agro-orbit" for the construction of the greenhouse complex was approved by the Council of the placement of investments under the governor area. It is the region's largest investment project in the area of vegetable production in the region today, there are only 1.6 hectares of winter greenhouses. The opening of the company will significantly increase capacity for the production of vegetables. 

Agriculture Minister Vladimir region Zarudny said that the construction of the greenhouse complex — an expensive project, almost 300 million rubles — all this credit. "The government supports the project of creating a greenhouse, subsidizing interest rates, paying the subsidy per hectare greenhouse — said Vladimir Zarudny. — It is important to maintain the appearance of such enterprises so they appeared, and further developed. "

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in winter the region is imported more than 40 thousand tons of vegetables. "For the Kaliningrad issue of food safety is especially important. On how the region will be successful in the food self-sufficiency and success depends on other sectors of the economy ", — said the minister. He also added that he is currently being addressed the issue of greenhouse gas complex.

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