The new loader PMK-6.02 is ready for serial production Uralvagonzavod


Is a new product in the line of road-building equipment "Uralvagonzavod" — compact wheel loader PMK-6.02 has been certified for compliance with the technical regulations and all qualification tests for compliance with the design documents, validation process, assessing readiness for series production.

The developer of this product is of "UKBTM" — Design Bureau, part of the corporation. The first samples of PLA assembly UKBTM already been shown publicly in the summer of 2011 at the international exhibitions and CTT "Innoprom." At the last PMK 6.02 attracted the attention of the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Misharin tried his hand as a forklift operator.

In autumn 2011, began commercial production of small-sized skid steer PMK-6.02 in the squares Uralvagonzavod in parallel with the production of special equipment. In March 2012, the game will be released on the installation of new trucks that will be transferred to dealers for sales and demand analysis. Three truck of the party already have buyers.

PMK-6.02 has the widest scope of application: it can be used to perform the work in public, gardening, forestry and agriculture, for the maintenance of streets and roads, the construction of housing and urban search and rescue operations in the mining and oil and gas industries.


Loader PMK-6.02 has a more modern, and therefore more reliable, durable and economical diesel engine company "Deutz". Does not depend on the load distribution allows combining operations with smooth and precise positioning of operating attachments. The presence of a metal frame in the cab structure protects the operator in case of emergency overturning cars and falling objects. Furthermore, to ensure uninterrupted operation in the cockpit mounted safety lever which in the raised position locks the truck controls.

The new product "Uralvagonzavod" all conditions for comfortable operation: joystick control system and excellent visibility of work tools to increase productivity. Operator's seat with suspension and inertia seat belts do the job as comfortable and safe. Air heater maintains a comfortable temperature inside the cabin during the cold season. Zone entry and exit, wide doorway, the presence of handrails, non-slip steps provide easy access to and leaving the cab. The undoubted advantage is the fact that the loader on the PMK-6.02 is possible to install all kinds of replacement equipment designed for the previous model — PUM-500U.

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