The new national park Land of Leopard was created in Primorye


  • The Amur leopard from the site
  • The Amur leopard from the site

Recently Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation in Primorye, a national park, "Land of Leopard" , this article says the World Wildlife Fund.

At a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society officially announced the creation of a single protected area, which will be able to live in security not less than 50 Amur leopards.

National park of 262 hectares covering 60% of the area of the smallest living cat in the world. And most importantly — all fall under the protection of the basic "maternity", which are used by leopards from generation to generation. National Park will also retain 10 tigers, which are important for recovery Chanbayshanskoy tigers in China, and an array of coniferous and deciduous forests.

"Over the past 20 years, the Amur leopard habitat in Russia almost halved, while the number dropped to critically low, at only about 30 individuals, — says the director of WWF Russia Igor Chestin. — We are very pleased to have finally made one of the key objectives set in 1998 Amur leopard conservation strategy — The creation of a single reserve to protect it ".

"It should be noted that the establishment of the National Park had to solve a very large number of organizational problems, and only areactance and fruitful cooperation between state authorities of Primorsky Territory, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation and other ministries and departments in the shortest possible time, to appropriate instruction Prime Minister"- Said Igor Chestin.

"In 2001, the World Wildlife Fund began a phased program to create a single protected area as the main condition for conservation of the Far Eastern leopard, — said the director of the Amur branch of WWF Russia, Ph.D. Yury Darman. — Thanks to the social campaign "Protect each of the other" and film to "challenge" managed to get the support of government leaders at the highest level. Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Sergei Ivanov has taken personal responsibility for the preservation of the Amur leopard and the creation of the national park. And today I want to say to him a great human and "bestial" thank you!"

National Park will be managed with a combined reserve "Cedar Pad" directorate. The decision is supported by substantial government investment — 40 million rubles will be allocated for the annual maintenance of the national park and about half a billion rubles — for the development of its infrastructure. It is very important that, in contrast to the nature reserve, national park has a flexible zoning system, which takes into account the interests of the local population and the need for socio-economic development of the south-west Primorye.

  • Photos from the Zoo Environment Fund (WHF)
  • Photos from the Zoo Environment Fund (WHF)

The protected area is only 30 thousand hectares of the most important habitats for leopard Borisov plateau. More than 120 hectares border area declared a protected area with a duty not only to protect the leopards, but also the state border — entry will be here only with a pass. In the area of economic purpose (38 hectares) includes all agricultural land and land State Land Reserves, plus military training areas were located in the territory of federal reserve "Leopard". However, they are not withdrawn from owners and users, and mode is not as strict as he was here earlier in the Federal Reserve. The remaining parts of the state forest fund and military forestry (72 ha) are included in the recreation area, where the tasks of nature conservation organization added tourism and outdoor recreation. In the latter two areas are allowed free use of the citizens. The timing and amount of fish catch, harvesting berries, mushrooms, nuts and firewood are determined by legislative acts of the Primorsky Territory.

Into account the proposals of local and regional authorities: the National Park of the excluded all settlements, as well as transportation corridors for roads, railroads and pipelines in North Korea and China. "


 There was news earlier about plans for the creation of new national parks and reserves. 

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