The new office and equipment for firefighters in the Komi and Novosibirsk

Firefighters in the village Seregovo Knyazhpogostsky district of the Komi Republic now carry clock duty in the new building. The building offers a warm box for two tanks and auxiliary facilities, including post gazodymozaschitnoy service, rooms for duty and rest.

Firefighters ensure the safety of the villagers and the village Seregovo cats, as well as local health facilities, education and culture.

With the support of the Republican government control fire service acquired log cabins made of logs. Of these, the depot was built not only in Seregovo, but also in four other villages of Ust-Kulomskiy, Izhemskiy, Sysolskiy and Kortkeros areas.

It is also planned the construction of a similar building in the village of Pozd Koigorodskiy district and three depots in Kortkerosski area.  

The Governor of the Novosibirsk region Vasily Yurchenko gave fire certificates for 10 new tankers, equipped with pumps to fight forest fires.


10 new fire tankers went to Bolotninsky, Northern, Kuibyshev, Dovolensky, Kupinsky, Tatar, Ust-Tarksky, Chulym, Chistoozerny and Iskitimskyi areas, the press service of the regional government. Tech meets all the requirements for cross-country, equipped with the necessary equipment — special pumps to fight forest fires and landscape, including a large area.

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