The new outpatient dialysis center opened in Novosibirsk

The new outpatient dialysis center opened on July 16, based at number 11 in Novosibirsk. The new center was created by the German company B. Braun Avitum Russland under an agreement with the Government of the Novosibirsk region. This is the seventeenth in a row outpatient dialysis center in Russia, created by the company.

Center is equipped with the latest generation of the dialysis equipment 30 apparatuses "artificial kidney" Dialog + expert class, high-performance water treatment system, a system of preparation and distribution center dialysis concentrate.

Currently, in the center, up to 180 patients already being treated 140 patients. If necessary, center capacity will be increased to 240 patients.

With the opening of an outpatient center the need for dialysis from Novosibirsk will be fully satisfied. 

The first center was opened as an outpatient dialysis in the Leninsky district of Novosibirsk in March 2013. It is designed to accommodate 240 patients. If necessary, it can help to be provided around the clock.

In addition to an outpatient program hemodialysis centers in the region is based on the Novosibirsk Regional Hospital (22 unit, 136 patients), Novosibirsk city hospital number 11 (22 unit, 132 patients), the Siberian Regional Medical Center (12 units, 23 patients) and the central hospital the city of Kuibyshev (six sets, 23 patients).

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