The new production facility for the production of paints and varnishes launched in Udmurtia

Investments Ltd. "New House" (Izhevsk) in the project to expand the production of paints and varnishes were 225,054 thousand. Implementation of the project will not only greatly increase the range of LLC "new home" products, but also to create an additional 115 new jobs for residents of Udmurtia.

Izhevskoye Enterprise Ltd. "New House", supplies the market of the Republic, Russia and the CIS more than 100 items of paints, well-known among customers under the brand name «Palizh», «Wood cosmetics" and "GOAL!". In 2012, the company shipped products amounted to 492,122 thousand rubles, the company employs 380 workers, the average monthly salary — 22 557 rubles.

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