The new pump CNS 300-1300 put into production

In early February 2011, the Russian mining and pumping company completed pump test CNS 300-1300. In the tests, checking of whether the pump CNS 300-1300 claimed hydromechanical characteristics.

Pump 300-1300 CNS is an extension of the central nervous system pumps 300, but the new development is fundamentally different from the standard 300 series pumps CNS increased pressure parameter, if earlier the maximum height the fluid to the pump was 1040 meter, now this figure increased to 1,300 meters.
The pH of the medium being pumped pump 300-1300 CNS is pH = 7-8,5, permissible solids content not exceeding 0.2% by mass, the size of the particulate matter less than 0.2 mm.

Pump CNS 300-1300 intended for use in enterprises of mining in systems pumping stations main dewatering plants. In addition, the performance of the pump meet the needs of oil producing and can be used in systems waterflood oil recovery and disposal of produced water in the oil fields.

Shipment of the first pump CNS 300-1300 planned for the end of February, with the two pieces of equipment will arrive in the Kuzbass region, and the customer has a single pump is Ural mining company.

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