The new shop opened on the Votkinsk plant

On the "Votkinsk plant" (Votkinsk, Udmurtia), which produces tactical and strategic missiles, has opened production facility thermal plant.

The new plant is equipped with modern equipment, the cost of which amounted to 456.6 million rubles. The shop, which operates around the clock, heat treatment anyway are all the products of the plant.

Modernization of production at the plant is a part of "Programs strategic and innovative development priorities of" Votkinsk plant "in 2012-2016".

For this program, the plant should receive from the federal budget and master the 5-year 6.6 billion rubles of capital investments. This year, in the framework of the Federal Target Program "The development of the military-industrial complex for 2011-2020" Plant plans to use the funds allocated budget funding for technical upgrading in the amount of 889.9 million rubles, including the purchase of equipment and the upgrade of production facilities.

In addition, the plant invests its own funds in the development of production capacity. So in 2012 provided funding from its own funds in the amount of 1.2 billion rubles.

Acquired modern, progressive metal cutting, thermal, welding, lifting equipment, devices check the quality of products, the reconstruction of production facilities.

"Votkinskiy Works" series production of tactical missile "Iskander-M" strategic missile "Topol-M", is involved in the development work on the sea-based missile "Bulava". The plant also produces a wide range of equipment for oil and gas companies in Russia. On the "Votkinsk factory" development direction for the production of various non-standard equipment and tools. The plant also participates in the federal program for the disposal of military equipment and weapons, in which by agreement with the U.S. is dismantling and disposal of fireworks and rockets.



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