The new sports complex opened in Ukhta (Komi Republic)

Ukhta February 3 renovated building opened Youth and versatile new sports complex.

The structure of the sports complex include: a universal game room size 42 by 25 meters, a 600-seat grandstand, a gym, a methodical class two medical office, guest room, a snack bar, a necessary set of administrative and support facilities. For the construction of 196,020 was spent, 0 th., Including the assets of «Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta" in the framework of agreements donations — 100 000 0 th.

On the basis of the renovated school will accommodate two compartments: ice hockey and figure skating. On the first floor there are locker rooms, dressing rooms and showers for students of Youth. On the second floor — a dance hall, a room for the school, for teachers offices, medical office. 


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