The OSCE Permanent Council discussed the situation in Belarus

The Permanent Council of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe discussed on June 16 in Vienna report on the human rights situation in Belarus presented by Emmanuel Decaux under the "Moscow Mechanism" of the OSCE. The press office of the OSCE.

"Belarus is obliged to respect its international commitments in the OSCE and the UN, and to agree to a full and continuous monitoring by independent human rights organizations", — the report says.

After giving his report, held a discussion with the participation of all delegations of the OSCE participating states. Lithuanian Ambassador, Chairman of the Permanent Council Renatas Norkus said:

"Despite the various assessments that were made today, the presidency is convinced of the need for dialogue and Belarus's performance of its obligations in the framework of the OSCE."

In early April, the 14 countries of the OSCE called on Belarus to cooperate with the mission of international experts, to be gather facts for the investigation of actions related to the suppression of protests after the presidential election 2010, and subsequent events. This proposal was within the scheme of the OSCE — "Moscow Mechanism".

The scheme was approved by all members of the OSCE, including Belarus. However, Belarus has refused to cooperate in the framework of the "Moscow Mechanism".


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