The problem of easy chairs

"Office" way of life, not full meals, stress, constipation, weight gain — all predispose to the development of hemorrhoids. Consequence — the discomfort, pain, and bleeding. We are looking for a solution!

The problem of hemorrhoidal disease can be safely ranked as one of the most controversial and mysterious, judging by the number of myths that exist around it. While the level of scrutiny of this problem in the practice of medicine is one of the highest. But this is only one of the contradictions.

And here are a few myths:

  • "Hemorrhoids affect only older people";
  • "The best way to deal with hemorrhoids — ointments and candles";
  • "Hemorrhoid treatment — a painful operation";
  • "Hemorrhoids — a sensitive issue, and generally ashamed to talk about it" and many others.

To act contrary!

"Thanks to the" myths or stereotypes of the past people either do not attach importance to the problem, or still hard to tolerate and be ashamed, do not go to the doctor and self-medicate.

But at the same time goes on and the disease progresses. But it can be treated and non-surgical methods to get rid of the problem permanently. The sooner the patient to see a doctor-Coloproctologists, the easier it is to remove, do not wait for complications.

The neglect of the disease can lead to a need for surgery, which requires a long recovery period.

It's time to dispel the myths!

The most common hemorrhoids develop in people after 30 years of leading "office", a sedentary lifestyle. The unfavorable factors that may lead to the development of hemorrhoidal disease include poor diet, constipation, pregnancy, weight gain, weight lifting, etc.

By the development of the disease leads, of course, not just one or two, but a whole range of factors, so the solution is always individual and complex. Ointments, suppositories and other funds only priglushat symptoms for a short time, but not get rid of the problem once and for all.

Modern methods make it possible to carry out treatment, even if a long-term problem without traditional surgery (and therefore, no pain, no anesthesia, no bleeding) and allowed to return to normal life after 1-2 days.

Root of the problem

Hemorrhoids — an increase of hemorrhoids or tangles (anatomical structures), which leads to frequent bleeding, inflammation, and their loss.

The main reason for developing the disease — poor circulation of the region and the weakening of muscle tissue that holds the nodes in the anal canal.

In step 4 of hemorrhoids characterized depending on the size and nature of the components of the disease manifestations.

How to Recognize Hemorrhoids?

Patients suffering from hemorrhoids experience a sensation of a foreign body, a feeling of incomplete bowel movements, itching, burning, pain in the anus, there are different intensity of bleeding, prolapse.

Progression of hemorrhoidal disease results in permanent loss of internal nodes, frequent rectal bleeding provoke anemia, weakness, fatigue, pain become unbearable and painful, sharply reduced quality of life.

Very often the problem aggravated by anal fissure, also causing bleeding and pain.

When the first symptoms of the disease should immediately consult a doctor Coloproctologists.

Treatment of XXI century

In currently developed minimally invasive non-surgical treatments for hemorrhoids:

  • sclerotherapy;
  • infrared photocoagulation;
  • ligation of latex rings;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • transanal Doppler controlled dezarterizatsiya internal hemorrhoids (DHAL) in combination with the lifting of the mucous (RAR).

What is the algorithm of treatment prescribed by a doctor — it depends on the stage of hemorrhoidal disease, the presence of comorbidities and contraindications.

On stage I-II is used, in addition to conservative measures (special diet, ointments, suppositories and Drug Administration), one of the minimally invasive techniques: sclerotherapy, infrared coagulation, etc.

At stage II-III can use technology transanal dezarterizatsii (DHAL). Stage IV can be carried out as a minimally invasive intervention lifting mucosa (DHAL-RAR), and surgical treatment.

Limitations to the conduct of such therapeutic manipulation as sclerotherapy, ligation latex rings, photocoagulation (and some others) are inflammatory bowel disease, anal fissures, etc.

Technology DHAL (dezarterizatsiya transanal hemorrhoidal) — a new word in the treatment of hemorrhoids.With a minimum number of restrictions, transanal dezarterizatsiya applied precisely when holding other medical procedures is difficult due to contraindications.

ON CLINIC — Russia's first medical center, introduced in 2003, and technology DHAL DHAL-RAR, recognized all over the world.

Secrets of Technology DHAL

The basis of the method — if the inflow of arterial blood to the internal hemorrhoidal plexus by ligation of the arteries. Its main advantage — the impact on the cause of the disease.

This method helps to eliminate the disease as painlessly as possible, without the formation of rough scars and wounds, has a minimum number of contraindications and complications can return to an active life after 1-2 days.

Hemorrhoid treatment ON CLINIC

In the arsenal of the medical center ON CLINIC modern diagnostic equipment, the ability to conduct a comprehensive and highly effective treatment of hemorrhoids and other diseases.

Department of Coloproctology ON CLINIC presented by leading experts under the guidance of Doctor of Medical Sciences, a member of the Association of Russian Coloproctologists — Zagryadskogo Eugene A. — a doctor for the first time introduced the technology DHAL iDHAL-RAR in Russia.

ON CLINIC — modern methods of diagnosis and treatment!

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