The problem of halyazion? There is a solution!

Sometimes, you wake up with a feeling of discomfort when you blink. A glance in the mirror and notice: a site-century red and swelled. Perhaps barley? — You think and do nothing. It is known that barley brings anxiety for a few days and then usually goes away without consequences. But the swelling does not go away — eventually in the thickness of the century produced a rounded nodule, like a hailstone. Pain while gradually taper off as a cosmetic defect remains. "What is it?" — You ask a question ophthalmologist. Rather, a diagnosis that will deliver specialist: "halyazion."

Why is he there?

In late autumn and winter, we often supercool more prone to colds, which in turn lead to decreased immunity. We visit a solarium, and then go out into the cold air — and the body is under stress. All this — the precipitating factors for the emergence of chalazion (or hail) — a chronic inflammation that occurs as a result of blockage of the sebaceous glands century.

Methods of treatment.

Is there a cure halyazion? "Yes" — ophthalmologists are responsible. The treatment can be carried out in phases and is conservative or surgical.


In the early stages of the disease in some cases it is possible to solve the problem with minimal means — using saline drops and disinfectant lotions. It is appropriate to use methods of physical therapy, in particular, the use of helium-neon laser to reduce inflammation or polarizing light (machine bioptron). All these measures are aimed at resolution of chalazion.

If they do not bring any results, go to the next stage of treatment — with the use of the drug Kenalog. Using a fine needle drug having strong anti-inflammatory effect is introduced into the cavity chalazion. Kenalog prevents the formation of a fibrous capsule around the chamber inflammation, and removing the inflammatory process, promotes the resorption of chalazion. This phase of treatment lasts about two weeks.


If there is no effect, experts reduce acute inflammation to a minimum, and then recommend removal of chalazion surgically.

Until recently, there was only one method surgery — the contents of chalazion with a fibrous capsule was removed through a traditional scalpel incision of the conjunctiva or skin. This operation is performed for a few minutes and refers to the complex. Another thing is that, as in any other case, when it comes to surgery, there is a possibility of complications (infection, bleeding, etc). The period of rehabilitation after surgery extends 4-5 Days, and during this time, patients should be supervised by a doctor.

Laser — an alternative to a scalpel.

Currently, there is an alternative to the classical method — it is about removing chalazion with a laser. In the department of family medicine clinic "MEDI at the Commandant" for this purpose is a semiconductor laser ALOD-01. The method as follows. After instillation of anesthetic drops and injection of anesthetic into the thickness of the century — ultrakain, laser incision is made chalazion capsule and its contents removed. Then the capsule is treated by laser radiation or vaporizes at small sizes. This operation is more effective to prevent relapse in comparison with the classical one.

On the advantages of the new method does not end there. Laser removal is much less traumatic. The operation is bloodless, the seams do not overlap, and does not require bandaging. In cases where the area of the scar after the operation is in contact with the cornea for a few days wear soft contact lens to the patient feel comfortable. The rehabilitation period is practically absent in normal life, you can return the next day. The only recommendation — not to wet the eyes and do not remove the crust. Through 7-10 Days, the patient should come to check inspection.

Laser removal of chalazion in most cases solves the problem once and for all. Of course, in the event that a qualified specialist carries out the removal.

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