The reaction of the Belarusian authorities to fires in Russia


Members: the journalist of the newspaper "The Belarusians and Market" Pavljuk Bykovskii and the journalist of "Nasha Niva" Dmitry Pankovets.

Pavljuk Bykovskii

Dmitry Pankovets

Valery Karbalevich

Why Belarus responded to the late Russian trouble?

Valery Karbalevich"Although Lukashenko on Thursday and expressed his ardent desire to help Russia in fighting fires, but the Belarusian fire appeared in the neighboring country of late, when there were already working firefighters from many states. Moreover, the Belarusian troops went there with a television camera crews, and every day Belarusian viewers see how Belarusians help neighbors. How can this be explained? "

Pavljuk Bykovskii"I think to blame bureaucracy. Help a neighbor, who was in trouble — the usual thing in international relations. Perhaps the blame here information war that goes between the two countries. It should be noted that out of the fire heats, that is, get a PR, not only the Belarusian leadership, but also Russian, and the party "United Russia".

Of the fires heated, ie gets PR, not only the Belarusian leadership, but also Russian.

Dmitry Pankovets"A partial explanation lies in the fact that several Belarusian helicopters extinguish fires in Greece, others patrolled the territory of Belarus, where also there are fires.

But the main reason is that after those personal insults Lukashenko latter could not immediately rush to the rescue. He's probably waiting for a personal invitation to be asked to save Russia. Even now, if you look Belarusian news telecast, it seems to the layman that the Belarusians save Russia. "

Karbalevich"Lukashenko is constantly saying that we antagonizing the leadership of Russia, and with the Russian people, we are friends, we are one people. So just now I Lukashenko was an auspicious moment to show how we relate to the Russians, and immediately to help. But he did not use it. "

Bykovskii"Just in time for yesterday's meeting with the president of Tatarstan, he sounded like. Lukashenko said that we will help you not only put out fires, but also grain, as there are droughts. For the Belarusian audience this propaganda construct works. "

Criticism of Russian authorities

Karbalevich"Belarusian media are quite critical to evaluate the actions of the Russian authorities in fighting fires. The official representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations criticized their Russian colleagues. How do you comment? "

Pankovets"Today" Sovetskaya Belorussia "wrote: Now Russia can not say that we do not need any of your pancakes or pies. Thus, Russia has recognized that without the assistance of the Belarusian they can not do.

Belarusian media reported that in Russia all issues: fire, water, watch tower and others. Against this background, Belarus appears to be stable haven that created Lukashenko.

Both Belarusian media reported that in Russia all issues: fire, water, watch tower and others. Against this background, Belarus appears to be stable haven that created Lukashenko. Like, we have a situation in Russia is impossible. "

Bykovskii"So, the Belarusian media talk about the shortcomings in Russia. But if you look at the Russian Internet, there is even more harsh criticism of his leadership. It was funny to watch on STV story about the lack of freedom of speech on the Russian TV channels. Yet the official Belarusian media are focusing more attention on social problems in Russia. And we have — the order, there is no fire, there is a Ship's Bell, and Tower. But I think that if we had such a scale fires, it is not known to have worked as our firefighters. "

Why cultivate anti-Russian sentiment?

Karbalevich"If we look at the problem more broadly, it may be noted that the Belarusian state media cultivated pretty consistently anti-Russian sentiments in society. Why? Previously, the main enemy was the United States. And now — Russia? "

Bykovskii"On the eve of elections is checked reaction of the Belarusian population at various geopolitical vectors. Independent sociologists argue that a large part of the Belarusians — all against all integration projects. And Lukashenko seeks to use the idea of the independence of Belarus for their own purposes. And it can work during the elections. But the more far-reaching conclusions from this anti-Russian propaganda I have not yet done. "

Pankovets"This is not an anti-Russian and anti-Kremlin propaganda. We show the inefficiency manage Russia. There's chaos, there is order, peace. That is Russia — not authority for us. Therefore, the effect of this and the movie "The Godfather" nevtralizuetstsa.

However, today's "Sovetskaya Belorussia" compares the war with Georgia and the war on fire. The war with Georgia, the newspaper said, was carried out for the sake of increasing the rating of Medvedev and Putin. And the current war with the fire lowers ratings of Russian leaders. But Lukashenko continues to position itself as the best friend of the Russian people. "

Karbalevich"But hitting the Georgian theme — a challenge not only the Russian government, but Russian society. And then I see a profound shift in the anti-Russian propaganda. "

Bykovskii"I do not think it was done intentionally. Rather, it nedalikatnasts Belarusian propaganda machine. She wanted to step on a nerve of the Kremlin, but it turned out that this is a nerve of Russian society. "



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