The reasons for adultery

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Researchers believe that adultery has 7 major reasons. They are:

1. A new love. The reason is characteristic of marriages, where love is negligible or non-existent (rationality, rational or forced marriages, based on the benefit, fear of loneliness).

2. Retributionthe desire to avenge the infidelity of his partner.

3. Reviled love lack of reciprocity unrequited feelings. Looking for love in another partnership where possible reciprocity. Sometimes he does not like changing a new partner, but responds to his feelings.

4. Searching for a new love experience, usually characteristic of marriage "with experience", or for families who get taken out of life possible.

5. Restores — With the help of infidelity are trying to make up for the lack of a loving relationship — because of the long separation, illness, spouse and other restrictions.

6. Total disintegration of the family: betrayal — the actual result of the creation of a new family when first seen as unsustainable.

7. One-night stand — When infidelity is not characterized by regularity and depth of experience (intoxication, perseverance partner, "opportunity").

Men's infidelity through the eyes of men

A number of opinion polls conducted since the early nineties, asked men and women to analyze the causes of their own change. Men more often attributed this sexual need. For the most part, this need not associate with some emotional or spiritual aspect of communication is satisfied with random strangers female partners (such bonds accounted for about one third of all non-marital contacts) or in the short term, "fleeting" relationships with old acquaintances, co-worker, wives friends, etc. (1/4 of all the links).

The same origin and sex, provoked by the temporary absence of his wife: leaving on a business trip, on vacation, etc. Check out the wife of the respondents regarded as sufficient grounds for seeking a temporary replacement. Alcohol intoxication, many men considered the direct cause of fornication. However, according to Losev, correct to regard it as contributing to this circumstance.

In third place (in order of importance) — the love of another woman. This fact was pointed out by one of the ten men who have extra-marital affairs. Thus, for men the role of love as the motive of extramarital affairs is low.

One in ten of the men, fornicate, driven by curiosity. In some cases, men enter into extramarital affairs during a quarrel with his wife, spur of the moment, out of a desire to take revenge and self-esteem. Some of the respondents were, in their words, a "victim" of perseverance zhenschin.Samuyu a large group (over one third) were the ones who did not answer the question, that is, could not or did not want to analyze what led them to fornication.

These results can be compared with the data of U.S. public opinion polls. As it turned out, Americans treason provoke: wife's pregnancy (starting to feel unfree, and the wife is perceived as a mother), the birth of the child (focus on the mother's child), the weight of his wife, exceeding the norm (American husbands get angry if the weight of his wife shortly after their wedding increases). According to various studies, American men, as well as Russian, characterize their extramarital relationships due to a greater extent as sexual than emotional.

From extramarital American husbands hold moral and ethical standards, as well as the fear of losing the woman who played an important role in their lives, or the fear of the consequences that will affect their relationship.

Treason through women's eyes

Responses of women (in Russian studies) is quite different from the responses of men. Came to the forefront the fact that the men were merely minor — dissatisfaction in marriage. The importance of this motif for women confirmed by other data: among women who had extramarital affairs only one third are satisfied with the marriage, and two thirds unmet.

Maximum satisfaction of married women have had extramarital affairs quarter of women from the Middle satisfied — 44% of dissatisfied — 65%. Since this is consistent and a much greater importance of love for a partner outside of marriage as a ground of fornication: not contented married woman looking for a serious affection outside marriage. American women cheat on their husbands to satisfy their emotional needs, they draw their novels predominantly in the emotional, but not in a sexual light.

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