The scientists filmed the dolphins rescued his brother

January 29, 2013 22:54

The first case of a group of dolphins saving the dying adult specimens Korean scientists have recorded during the observation of cetaceans in the south-east coast of South Korea.

During monitoring of cetaceans near the south-eastern coast South Korea Scientists have made a surprising discovery — the first documented case of a group of dolphins saving the dying adult individuals, according to RIA Novosti.

Scientists are cases where one or two adult dolphin tried to save her baby. However, collective concern for the adult in these mammals is celebrated for the first time.

Biologists have observed a flock of 400 white-sided dolphins , which is separated from a group of 12 individuals, drifting very slowly. Among them was a dolphin, flippers who were paralyzed, and his abdomen was covered with red markings. Dolphins 'rescuers' shifts support the weakened individual, forming a sort of raft. ' Five dolphins swam together, forming a kind of raft, while the animal was perishing on their backs "- Said the scientist.

One of the "rescuers" tried to support the head dying nose above water. However, despite the best efforts of kitooobraznyh a few minutes, the dolphin died. However, the animals for a while trying to save his brother. They supported him, touching fins.

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