The Story of a miracle: Eugene Volosevych


When friends Belarusian Artisan mention his youth thirty years ago, they also compare themselves with the previous generation of their children. When they talk, what was the Artisan — the first an informal association of young people, they think, why such associations are not born today? What do young people really different, or the time of an adverse, the stars in the sky went the wrong order. Again, if a lot of reasons, and not a single comprehensible.

The designer and builder Eugene Volosevych believes that the most important thing for young people — Wednesday, and in today's youth it is much less than it was in our times.

Computer and environment

Eugene"I think that the environment — is the foundation. Computer — a machine for pazhyrannya brains. And they have a whole life through the computer is on. And with friends, acquaintances, with studies. I do not know, I think, everything. Skype replaces life. Maybe we think it's just … "

Dubovets: Eugene himself working at a computer occasionally does not have at that time and needs. If it happens that it is running.

Eugene"I have the construction work. I design and build the house. With the design, landscape, and all the rest. Have to travel a lot. Supervision, any adjustments … At first we were doing a little restoration, there is some construction work went, architectural, all one after the other … and all came to the construction and architecture, although I'm not an architect.

I have some days when I do not leave on a construction site, as I sit at the computer. Do projects. Especially in winter. And so, if the day passed three or four hundred miles away, it is difficult for a computer to sit down. "

DubovetsEugene Volosevych all the time on the move, we have most to do well and hard work. But it should be interesting to integrate both business and creativity.

Eugene"All together. Build uninteresting objects I will not."

Dubovets: His 14-year-old son, Eugene called pioneers. A smaller Volosevych name Adam. And while his career is the same thickets, on which once was the father. Like his father, Adam — "parnatavets" pupil boarding school for music and fine arts. The difference is that in the summer of Eugene, himself a citizen of Minsk, sends his son to the village.

Eugene"In the village, as classes are over. There are no computers. Mapedy There, motorcycles, couriers cyclists. Tele is also not there. And there is such a crowd of children.'s Where normally. Away from the city and the computer brain."

Dubovets: In other words, in the village, which will now be more accurately called a country house or camp, junior Volosevych finds its surroundings, so Volosevych Sr. believes the most important environment in adolescence. Certainly because often recalls his own.

FROM "Parnat" YES Artisan

In Artisan thirty years ago Eugene came just there — from the "Parnata" along with Hanicke Loikaw, named Zyunya, Andrei Rodionov and other classmates.

Artisan, 1981. Eugene in the first row on the left.

Eugene"We have come together — Zyunya, I, Rodion Medvyadev Janka one class. Nearly all were first together, then already fled in different directions.

My dad and mom in "Parnat" surrendered, as they say. In the trip often went, there was no place to go, put into "Parnat" (laughs). His mother worked in the Ministry of Education, therefore, all the time taking care of the district schools, constantly went, so I have put in "Parnat."

DubovetsEugene, of course, does not say that "surrendered" there will not be anyone. "Parnat" was not just a boarding school, there were taking gifted children. With the "Parnata" Eugene came not only an artist but also a Russian-speaking person.

Eugene"This is from the school of" Parnata. "Sokolova from Cuba all gone. He taught us. Historic first part, and after the language. Yet, the whole cohort and reached the Artisan. It has been prepared.

There was a vicious team. It was a lot of classes, and the circle was almost one and none of the other classes did not go. So what happened here a lot of different directions, so it's all come together into one. All different, but all the same glass and the same class. Because of the other classes were separate people, but they did not work collective. "

Needless to

Dubovets: Maybe, someday, and I will be able to solve the mystery — why all the glass is in the audience, and not in any other if not all at once. Somehow I remembered my course at the Faculty of Journalism, where I studied famous poets and public figures, writers. I would be half of the course list, and you will say that these names are familiar to you. But it was a unique course in the middle of others. Just as unique was the parnatavskaya class in which he studied Volosevych. In fact, they met and joined together in a workman, but not in the "Parnatu" and not at the Faculty of Journalism, and Philology, where there was already a band of students who are ready to unite, and where he studied Vintsuk Vyachorka become the de facto leader of artisan and the future of the youth movement.

Christmas in Zaslaul, 1982. Sing Marochkin Alex and Eugene Volosevych.

From the point of view of logic, the causes and consequences of what I'm told, it was a chain of absolute chance. Unless, of course, nothing to nothing to pull the ears. It all happened by itself. She came Artisan.

Volosevych"My friends all with a workman.'re Going with friends, remember, the songs we sing. In my circle of friends includes Istomin and Miklashevich. Shupe disappeared somewhere, and the others here, here, too, and classmates."

Dubovets: Imagine that his life was not Craftsman, Eugene Volosevych can not.

Volosevych"I can not, it would have been wrong."

Dubovets: Indeed, even mechanical — have to be friends for life designer Volosevych his best friends Miklashevich physicist and linguist Istomin? And they were going to be together and would sing some thirty years ago, learned the songs?

Volosevych"In Artisan, I had yet some of his various interests. Artisan But, apparently, is the main event is a collective of youth. 'Cause I'm an active person, I was engaged in tourism and sports. But artisan everything. Incomparably. Same environment in which you live. "

Farewell to winter in Minsk, 1983. Sing Eugene Volosevych and Peter Sadowski.

MEDALNAYA collection

: In the Craftsman Eugene was a versatile party, as did every right thing — and when you go to work with children, and when staged mass celebrations, and when they sang.

Eugene"So it's foundation and was singing. Some four classes of music education I had, and there may be a little something worked well. Though the voice was not."

Dubovets: But not only that. Personally, I do not remember any of the mass celebration of those that

Medal at the shout of spring 1983. Author Eugene Volosevych.

Artisan suit, which would not be Eugene. He — one of those young people that made Craftsman look. But not only that, too.

Eugene first began to master every holiday to make clay medals that were heard and after maystrovtsam, and the public. Later, too, did medals Ales Kostka. Someday we will collect comprehensive collection of expertly medals, and get something incredible — the beginning of modern Belarusian movement, reflected in the clay. At the very least, even in this series of programs on Radio Liberty website, we may collect reproductions of artworks, which was accompanied by all the activity Artisan.

But here's another coincidence — how Eugene got the idea to do a masterful medals.

Masterfully Christmas Medal, 1983. Author Eugene Volosevych.

Eugene"It was just an idea to practice in the clay. I'm just so interested in all medals, and under it, and began to make for the holidays. Institute I worked on this. Hobby I've had — from clay to sculpt, but I and the designer.

Medal — a memory. When the event is taking place, everyone is kind of part. And then … Now you can see and remember. Just like that — it's hard. A look at the medals — one example is, under what they do, and that was on these holidays. "

Dubovets: Indeed, every coin, in addition to the drawing, there is a holiday name and the date when it was carried out. If you are considering a masterful pictures of holidays, you often notice the chest maystrovtsav these same coin, each time more.

The beginning of this collection medalnay suffered the alleged "self." And this "self" is at the heart of everything connected with the mechanic. And there came not on duty, but because it was fun and liked it. Ideas holidays and all sorts of other activities are also masterfully born in the heads "of course."

A chance meeting

Artisan had no membership and special borders, so some maystrovtsami can be found right on the streets of Minsk today, thirty years later. This is what happened during the interview that with Eugene Volosevych in a city park recorded Tatiana Sapach. Passed by the people, and among them Eugene suddenly found a woman with a little girl.

Eugene"There's Alia, my classmate. Go, give interviews. Alia, listen, this is Radio Liberty."

Tatiana"Good afternoon. Were you at Artisan?"

Alla"They were. When he sang."

Tatiana"And what is your name and the name?"

Alla"Alla Savelichava. This is my classmates. All I know is my friends out there who are singing, and the songs that are out there singing along. I was only in the union. And what songs there are now recorded in a notebook."

Dubovets: When searching for a word that could describe the birth of a workman, I'm talking about a Christmas miracle, many vglyadayuts this passion and desire to elevate Artisan, its role and place in history. Although, if you think about it, all the way around. Miracle — because there is no clear explanation of how Artisan — this sudden and unique — come from, from which was born. And we will call it the miracle of birth as long as we state the origin of this phenomenon is understandable and "down to earth" with the words. But while these words we have not yet found.

Maystrovtsy Vintsuk Vyachorka and Eugene Volosevych children are learning from the people's game. Vyazynka, 1982.

Eugene"I think a miracle she was not sure. So just do not say, whatever it might be. Well, no wonder. I would not say that it was not prepared. Just so all this could merge into one.

It's more of this fontanelle, which made its way through the stones, made it, and then something wet and can remain today, and sources that are no longer … No, why it is there left? It's all us. But now it's different. "

Dubovets: So we come back to the comparison of time and generations. It turns out that those stagnant Brezhnev era early 1980s the conditions for the emergence of informal youth movements were more favorable than today. Figuratively speaking, if the old cement raskryshvavsya and falling apart, then today's new cement around young people, if not quite so seized, that it is about to happen.

Without ideology of the Communist Youth League

Eugene"We have young people at all under the thumb of beeresemavtsav that I let down the stairs occasionally. Sometimes, if the elections are coming to campaign and do not give information about the candidate beeresemavets.

The machine weighs state. And the same "Parnat," no matter how he was regarded as the Russian-speaking, he is not Belarusian-language.

Then, in any case, such a machine which would zadushvala was not. Here the overall machine — press, radio, television, the computer — rather, it knocks it all.

Then it was more fear in front of the system. But you never know. Not to take, not planted, do not tell, do not go there. Homes can be. And then Comrade Major can listen (laughs). "

DubovetsDescent: beeresemavtsav the stairs — a kind of characterization of the relationship to the organization, both to animals or nerd with intelligence three year old child. Unfortunately, it's not a stretch Eugene Volosevych, beeresemavtsy themselves give grounds to treat yourself that way.

Belarusian Republican Youth Union — as a former Communist Youth League, only without the ideology he turns into a kindergarten. Distinctive icon — the recent beerseemovskie action against Russia's NTV channel, which was held under the banner "NTV stinks." Creative here exactly at the level of three years. On the adult mind ought to write "stinks" or, if it in Russian — "stinks." Without going into the meaning and evaluation of the action itself, but only caring about her form a complete image, the protesters would have to do so. But the three-year child of whatever he says — "stinks", for it is rough, it is not kindergarten vocabulary. In kindergarten, they say the only way — "stinks." It is clear that our child three years, not by birth, but in life. And never will be, as long as the organization does not appear ideology.

Eugene on Midsummer in Zaslaul, 1981.

On the other hand, one can only imagine how the youth organization with government support and national ideology can quickly turn into a general effective patriotic movement. Another thing is that the current state it is: a universal, effective and patriotic — useless, unnecessary as no other independent social force, which the governmen
t sees a priori rival.

But most tryvuchasts and creativity demonstrated just the union of young people standing on the national ideology, although they have no support from the state, although survive in spite of the desire of the state to strangle them. So there it was, beginning with the first occurrence of such a union — Belarusian Artisan, whose members for life remained faithful to one day open to the ideal of himself.

In this sense, patriotic young people today are really more difficult than it was thirty years ago. With what and agree to Eugene, and his classmate Alla Savelichava.

Savelichava"I work in the College of Arts. Yes, everything is there. Youth there."

Eugene"She, the young people there. Simply is not enough, maybe advertising. And public support. Purely on self can only go in a small circle. And these young people — it is rather a rather narrow circle of people, very nice to me, but not all know about them. Youth tighten them pretty hard. It has its own interests at any date. Nobody knows what (laughs). "

Saints without a sponsor

Dubovets: No one knows, because what we know is the official propaganda in a distorted manner, myashaetstsa good and evil, and the clarity is lost. Meanwhile, little has changed in this world, and young people, especially young people, this is the same way as the parents. Here, for example, the son of Eugene Volosevych Adam, whose father called pioneers, returned from Kupala, which has led Eugene to find a metaphor for Artisan — a holiday without a sponsor.

Eugene"Pioneers told me one thing — what a holiday be without a sponsor? And Artisan sponsor was not. This was a celebration without a sponsor. And now without a sponsor, beeresema holiday does not happen. This only ends with vodka, smoking rubber tires and everything."

Midsummer in Vyazynka, 1982. Eugene Volosevych and Veronica Kurtsova (Nadtacheeva).

Dubovets: Can today, thirty years later Artisan arrange Midsummer? Not like it to be a sponsor of the project activities, on the one hand and on the other to make it not look like a sect or a closed circle of a national minority, but as it was then, in the early 1980s? Open to people with enthusiasm? ..

Eugene"Can. Why not? We are now sponsors. Why can not we organize? Everything is possible.

Now, I think, is not so difficult to organize. After all, for that, when all the little kids grow up, gone. And now people are relatively free. And samaarganizavanasts they did not pass, I think. And you can organize it all. Since then they could, and now. Were free, and now more or less. "

Caricature of the author of these programs, drawn by Eugene Volosevych time a masterful assembly in 1982.

All transfers of the series "History of a miracle"

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