The struggle of light and dark forces in the new era

Slavic folk culture has left a great legacy, much of which has not been studied, and therefore it is gradually lost. And to completely lose what our ancestors have left us, you often turn to folk customs, traditions, myths and study them. It is important to help unify all the cultural wealth and to bring to our people. In fact, without knowing the past, you have no future!

Who are the Slavs

We Russes — Dazhdbozhii grandchildren, great-grandchildren of Veles and Perun — Slavs — descendants Dazhdbog that begat us through cosmic cow Zemun and God Rod.

And each of us is a divine spark of our great ancestors, warriors and winners. We must open our minds to understand this truth, and to strengthen his spirit to fight, we should take the path of victory, the return of our national traditions and glory!

"A man can be destroyed but it can not win."
Ernest Hemingway.

"But the law against time to science is not strong …"

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If something happened, so it was intended. "
U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

"A lot of things we do not understand, not because our ideas are weak, but because these things do not fall within the scope of our ideas."
Kozma bars.

"History must not overstep the limits of truth and honest deeds rather one truth."
Marcus Tullius Cicero.

It should be noted that the current official history of humanity not only completely distorted, but there are also stories taboo subjects. Ancient history of mankind, which covers many thousands of years, still remains in effect, «terra incognita» (unknown area of knowledge). In textbooks the whole period until the writing easily fit on just a few pages. There he appears as a sufficiently clear and consistent picture, compiled from fragmentary archaeological data in strict compliance with only one dominant paradigm in academic science establishment and development of mankind.

However, to date, has collected a huge amount of archaeological evidence that in the literal sense of the word "do not climb into any framework," the official paradigm. Academic science continues to ignore the existence of such artifacts themselves, and the presence of hypotheses and theories that are contrary to the "official" view. In the course are all methods, "uncomfortable" artifacts declared to be "fake", erected around the "wall of silence", which actively prevents the spread of any information about the presence of these artifacts, alternative hypotheses and theories are obstructed and forcibly alienated from scientific journals and conferences, and the researchers who dared to stick hypotheses and theories outside of the dominant paradigm, closed the doors of academic institutions and the possibility of a scientific career. As a result, the study of such "uncomfortable" artifacts completely deprived of the opportunity to use the research base available to the academic research, and has to be carried out only by the efforts of enthusiastic individuals.

Despite all the obstacles, the researchers managed to get so many of the facts that they are more than enough to create a very different picture of the past of mankind and you can start talking about the true origins of the world civilization. In these conditions, the breakthrough "information blockade" is able to give an incentive to the development not only of alternative views, but also the academic science. On the other hand, the closure of such information is the cause of significant interest to the general public in a "strange" facts and alternative versions of history.

Emerging facts suggest documented research-based materials: expeditions to different regions of the world with a wide range of experts, analyzing the remaining artifacts from ancient times to the position of the most advanced scientific knowledge, but is not limited strictly only one version, wide coverage of different hypotheses to explain these ancient artifacts .

Totalitarian ideology now fine compromise themselves, and we should not prevent them from doing so. History has always suffered from a distortion in favor of the political situation. "Who controls the past — controls the future" — this statement is not only true Orwellian of totalitarian regimes (George Orwell, real name — Eric Arthur Blair, 1903-1950 gg. — English novelist and essayist, best known as the author of the cult novel anti-Utopical " 1984 "and the novel" Animal Farm ").

At all times, the preachers garbled story to prove the truth of their religion, the rulers — for political purposes, the ideologues of the so-called "chosen people" — to prove the great antiquity of their own, etc. But there is historical evidence on which no power no power. This ancient artifacts, which no one knows, and who are waiting in the wings when they dig up the archaeologists, and even myths and legends handed down from generation to generation. Moreover, the oral traditions have in this respect some advantages over fixed, because they can not be "corrected" by the authorities. So I wish "to direct the past" must take them into account and act workaround: to invent the theory that mythology is just a figment of imagination of primitive ancient people. But the discoveries of archaeologists increasingly refute the view, as if the ancient myths are fiction, as did in the nineteenth century, or a reflection of the human psyche, as was thought in the past.

German archaeologist H. Schliemann, rejecting the conventional wisdom about the complete fantastic Greek mythology, rushed to the search for a "mythical" Gold of Troy (Johann Ludwig Heinrich Julius Schliemann, 1822-1890 gg., German businessman and amateur archaeologist, famous for his discoveries in Asia Minor, on the site of the ancient Homeric Troy). And it found it! For a long time later historians dispute that Schliemann found it is "mythological" Troy … But in the end after all resigned — admitted fact. True, the left side of the mismatch theory and explanation of the facts. Just think — a curiosity … Is it worth it to break because of this beautiful theory … However, doubts have been sown, and Schliemann found followers. This is where the "curiosities" fell one by one. Past XX century saw discoveries that made the scientific world to admit excavated ruins of ancient Babylon, found artifacts, confirming the existence of people who were considered not really exist, and the position of the collapsed walls of Jericho found so far makes scientists scratching their heads …

But as in this case, to be with those heroes of myths, whose strength and ability to strike us now obviously fantastic? Only to see the behind the ancient mythology is not a complete fabrication, and quite logically harmonious and consistent reflection of reality, it is necessary to make another "small" small step: you have to admit the possibility of the existence of more advanced civilizations and their contacts with our ancient ancestors. And traces of the existence on Earth of the more advanced civilizations are found not only in myths and legends.

We have heard a lot of old buildings, the construction of which would have been a problem, even for the current level of construction technology. First of all, it is the Egyptian pyramids and megalithic structures Inca cities *.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Where the Nile valley is replaced by the Libyan desert, where the change of green fields and groves of date palms come hot sands, see the outlines of the amazing triangle, similar to the mountain. Their chain stretches for dozens of miles from Cairo to Fayoum oasis. But the correct form of each of them makes it clear that no matter how adept it is nature in the creation of his miracles, these buildings — work of human hands. All in Egypt about a hundred pyramids — large and small, stepped and perfectly smooth. They are located on the banks of the Nile near the ancient capital of the country, in the era of the Old Kingdom bearing the name Memphis. But the most famous pyramids of Egypt are on the edge of the desert plateau of Giza on the outskirts of Cairo. The largest of them — the Pyramid of Khufu, the second pharaoh IV dynasty. She is still the greatest architectural works of human hands.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Megalithic structures Inca cities.

Amazing, mysterious and striking imagination legacy of the Incas — Machu Picchu ("old peak") — is located in the mountains in Peru. This ancient city rises at an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level, above the valley of the Urubamba River fast. Machu Picchu is a 69.2 km north-west of the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco. On all sides it is surrounded by mountains: Huaiyang Picchu and El Mandor.

The assumption of historians that they were built with primitive tools of wood, stone and copper (the ancient Egyptians of the time, which include the construction of the official version of the pyramids, did not even bronze) not supported by the facts: "In 1978, a group of Japanese researchers tried to build a little pyramid, using the same methods and tools that were used, according to the official version, the ancient Egyptians. The construction process were recorded on film. However, the sensational movie failed. To build a pyramid height of only 11 meters, Japanese researchers soon had to abandon the manual levers, ropes and ramps and to get help to the modern cranes, bulldozers and winches. The results of their research they honestly told in a book with the expressive title — "How not to build a pyramid." Proponents of the official version, even attempted to experimentally demonstrate the possibility of transportation by primitive methods: on round logs or rocks. However, it was carried out for all blocks weighing several tons. The transition to the movement of stones weighing hundreds of tons can not be reduced to a simple numerical increase of the number of "working draft power in harness," and requires a qualitatively different technologies and techniques (which, however, it is clear to almost any how, any competent expert in the field). In addition, even with such a low weight cargo experimenters never went all the appropriate path from the beginning to the end.

At the same time there is evidence of Garcilaso Vega case describing an unsuccessful attempt to themselves Inca (Inca Garcilaso case Vega, 1539-1616 gg., Peruvian historian, author of "The History of the Incas"). According to his testimony, one of the Inca emperors collected 20 thousand people and told them to pick up on the mountain is one of the "tired stones". The experiment ended in tragedy — a huge block fell, thousands of Indians were killed. In the aggregate, the results of examination of the possibility of transporting the blocks Incas by primitive methods should be considered rather refutes than confirming the officially accepted version.

Some of the people to keep and pass through the culture and mythology of the knowledge that they could not get out of his experience: Map Oronteusa Finiusa permits dating civilization compilers card prototype end of the last ice age …

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

World Map Oronteusa Finiusa (1532) — the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere.

It really shows the ice-free coast of Antarctica, namely, Queen Maud Land, Enderby Land, Wilkes Land, Victoria Land (eastern shore of the Ross Sea) and Marie Byrd Land. Antarctica (the opposite of the Arctic) — continent, located in the south of the Earth, the center of Antarctica roughly coincides with the south geographic pole. General shape and characteristics of the relief is very close to the data of seismic exploration of the hidden beneath the ice surface of Antarctica. Despite the fact that the continent on the map, but the Antarctica was officially opened only 16 (28) January 1820 Russian expedition under the leadership of Mikhail Lazarev *.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Antarctica was discovered by Russian expedition under the leadership of Mikhail Lazarev.

Antarctica is washed by the Southern Ocean. The area of the continent is about 14107000 sq. km (including ice shelves — 930,000 square kilometers, the island — 75,500 square kilometers). Antarctica is also known as part of the world, consisting of the continent of Antarctica and its surrounding islands. Antarctica was officially opened on 16 (28) in January 1820 under the leadership of the Russian expedition of Mikhail Lazarev (Mikhail Petrovich Lazarev, 1788-1851 gg. Russian naval commander and navigator, Admiral, commander of the Black Sea Fleet and the discoverer of Antarctica, the brother of Vice-Admiral Andrei Petrovich Lazarev) and Thaddeus Bellingshausen (Fabian Gottlieb Bellingshausen birth Fabian Gottlieb Thaddeus von Bellingshausen, 1778-1852 gg., Russian explorer of German origin, the discoverer of Antarctica), previously the existence of the southern continent (Latin Terra Australis) stated hypothetically, it is often combined with South America (for example, on a map, compiled Piri Reis in 1513) and Australia (and named in honor of the "southern continent"). But it was the expedition Bellingshausen and Lazarev south polar seas, rounding the Antarctic ice around the world, has confirmed the existence of the sixth continent.

It should be noted that when comparing the maps of the southern and northern hemisphere with the forecast end of the last ice age, you may find that they are very similar in many geographic locations of objects.

It is known that the continent, which was selected for a settlement on the Midgard-earth our ancestors, was named star travelers Daar — Gift of the Gods. This continent is on the north pole of the Earth. Different authors call this country Arctis, Hyperborea *, etc. And, searching for these kinds of old maps depicting the sunken continent (actually, the islands), it became clear that this was not an isolated case, and apparently Arctida (Hyperborea) there was.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Hyperborea — the legendary northern country, the abode of the blessed people Hyperboreans. The name literally means "for Boreas," "for the north." Boreas (Greek "northern") — In Greek mythology, the personification of the northern stormy wind, mentioned in the "Iliad," "Odyssey." It seems unlikely that people will Arctis call their country "for the North Wind." Besides, this name could be given only by the people who did not know the true names of Arctis and below the northern latitudes, with which are the Greeks. Hyperborea — this is only an indication of the location (for example, the Greeks would call Egypt "for the Mediterranean"). So what was the name of a country, located in the Arctic? At that time, the North Pole was quite warm and the Arctic Ocean was not there. So, there was one great Atlantic Ocean. Da'Arias — Gift of the Gods!

However, there are materials, which describe the displacement of the poles, thus Arctida (Hyperborea) can not be right in the place where it is located on the above cards. In view of the fact that, for example, Mercator did not know about the ancient catastrophe, and used the early cards, he simply moved the image as is, with the mention that next to Arctis (Hyperborea) does not Greenland and Labrador Peninsula (peninsula in eastern Canada ) Mistaking a cartographer for the biggest island. However, if you take the relief map of the Arctic Ocean and in the graphical editor for it to fit the Mercator map, according to the parallels and meridians, applying the second layer, the similarity of the terrain is quite noticeable! Of course, neither of which 100 percent similarity is not out of the question, as you know, the water evenly down the mainland, not on any. Will be somewhere more dive somewhere smaller. Mercator map in 1595 at a large yellow island, divided into two distinctly read Nova Zemla, next to it is a group of small islands. From top to bottom, the four islands in the series — it is also the New Earth, but such as it was, for the map of Hyperborea, when she has not gone under water. It just happened a superposition of two cards: the ancient map Hyperborea with the adjacent islands and the Mercator map time. Gerald Mercator reasoned like us — all older than his time, not exactly. At the time, the archipelago has been opened, but not enough investigated, so Mercator placed him in the discovery, and the island with the more ancient maps dismissed because he assumed that the islands were not open yet. Near the archipelago of time Mercator, is a small island — is also part of the New Earth, times Hyperborea. Enough to combine the Scandinavian Peninsula and all will become clear. To the left of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, on the map in 1595 is a red island of medium size. To find it on the bottom, there is nothing to displace, it is exactly the right place. Under this island is one big island and two small ones. Of course, there may be an error, but the approach is correct and you can try to find more accurate their location, using systems analysis. It is also important to consider that in the first place from the time the island went under water and have changed the bottom, second Mercator could dislodge them. This arrangement corresponds to the lifetime of the Hyperboreans, as in 1600 (reconstruction) and the magnetic pole is very different Mete. In addition, for the first time the location of the north magnetic pole, was discovered in 1831 still want to add that if it is possible (at least approximately) to calculate the time corresponding LOCATION merkatorovskogo magnetic pole, you can see the time when the map was drawn-source .

It should also be noted that modern science and technology can shed light on the many different hypotheses, including those associated with the ocean, seabed, ice, floods, etc. These advanced features include the following: remote sensing measurement of hydro-physical fields of the surface layer of the ocean with the use of space-based and air-based, processing of satellite oceanographic data, the technology of oceanographic research with the use of drift and autonomous buoy stations with TV remote reading, research with the ship towed and probing, autonomous oceanographic measurement systems and new generation devices, methodological technical aspects of experimental research in the ocean using autonomous benthic stations and observatories, methods and means of geological and geophysical probing the bottom surface and the sedimentary layer of the ocean waters, technology Integration of methods and means of oceanographic research in the environmental studies, the results of the development and operation of manned and unmanned (towed and autonomous) underwater vehicles, diving systems and underwater equipment, diagnosis and prognosis of hydrological status of oceanic basin using multi-component collection of experimental data, and as numerical models macroscale hydro processes and many others. The use of such technical and technological means today could explain a lot, but … The problem is the same — the desire and political will.

Dogon message about "Sirius B" might seem nothing more than a beautiful myth, if not for one very important fact.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Dogon — the people in the south-east of Mali — the state in West Africa, which has no outlet to the sea, "the pagans." Bordered on the west by Senegal in the north — with Mauritania and Algeria, in the east — with Niger, in the south-east — Burkina Faso, in the south — with Côte d'Ivoire and Guinea. Dogon live compact or mixed with Fulani in remote area around the ledge of Bandiagara, in the adjacent plateaus and plains Hay, as well as several border villages in Burkina Faso. The fact that Sirius B is invisible to the naked eye star, which was discovered only in the second half of the XIX century. In addition, the Dogon claimed that "in tolo" so heavy "that all the people together, be able to pick up a small piece of it." The modern science has established that one cubic centimeter of "Sirius B" weighs about 50 tons! But that's not all. Dogon claimed that the Sirius system * there is another invisible star, "Emma-I-tolo" — in modern science is the hypothetical Sirius C, whose existence is still a matter of heated debate among astronomers.

* Sirius (Latin Sirius), as well? Canis Major (Latin? Canis Majoris) — brightest star in the night sky. Sirius can be seen from any region of the Earth, except for the northernmost of its regions. Sirius removed by 8.6 mph. years from the solar system and is one of the nearest stars. He is the star of the main sequence of spectral type A1. In 1844, F. Bessel suggested that Sirius is a double star. In 1862, A. Clark discovered the companion star, called Sirius B (here the Latin letter B, because the component stars are called capital Latin letters, in common parlance often called the star Sirius B). See the stars sometimes called Sirius A. The two stars orbit around a common center of mass at a distance of about 20 a. is (AU — astronomical unit — historically constituted the unit of distance in astronomy, is approximately equal to the average distance from Earth to the sun) with a period of turnover, close to 50 years. In 1915, astronomers at Mount Wilson Observatory found that Sirius B is a white dwarf (it was first discovered white dwarfs). It is interesting that this implies that Sirius B in the past had to be much more massive Sirius A, as he had already left the main sequence evolution. Age Sirius is at current research, about 230 million years (estimates range from 200 million to 300 million years). Sirius originally consisted of two powerful blue stars of spectral type A. The weight of one component was 5 solar masses, the second — 2 solar masses (Sirius B and Sirius A). Then, a more powerful and massive component Sirius B went bankrupt and became a white dwarf. Now the mass of Sirius A is about twice the mass of the Sun, Sirius B — a little less than the mass of the Sun.

Found in other myths dogonskih affecting its accuracy information about the cosmos, which for a long time from generation to generation the oral route, because the Dogon no written language, and they live, in fact, back in the Stone Age. So, catching up with a number of known moons of Jupiter discovered by Europeans only with a telescope, which the Dogon do not to this day. Alpha Crucis Dogon called "double eye of the world", and yet only a telescope can see that the star is indeed double. Dogon know about famous, invisible to the naked eye Saturn's rings, which they represent in the form of two concentric circles. Moreover, the Dogon say a spiral device stellar worlds that modern science has learned recently thanks again to telescopic observations.

The arguments about the prehistoric human life is always like a mosaic. Picture emerging from pieces of archaeologists and paleospetsialistami can change in an instant, and the scientists have to think about the painful problem of rewriting history, as these facts and scientific evidence enough. Therefore the arguments on the subject of science and technology of ancient civilizations should be based on two theses: everything has been created in the past and recreated again. The history of ancient civilizations created hands not semi people and professionals with the highest level of intelligence. The so-called "primitive culture" — is not becoming of our civilization, and the previous sunset. Once she has experienced incredible flowering, but the evidence of this hidden away in the earth strata or encrypted in the myths.

Not all of the items found during the excavation, properly attributed, can not accurately determine the age of artifacts. One thing is clear, that this is — hoary antiquity, all these gold models of jet aircraft and the air in the tales of the ancient chariot of Rusov Wightman and Vaitmar and Indians — Wiman, stone temples, observatories and stories about their construction giants, spells, moves on monoliths air, spark plugs for engines and unknown stories about flying Baba Yaga, "perpetual calendars" of the ancient Indian murals with images of light bulbs in the ancient Egyptian temples and architectural complexes built around the world with the use of complex astrophysical data, information on the density of matter and Sirius Satellite drawings "illiterate Indians" with a picture of neurosurgical operation carried out thousands of years ago.

With the most advanced technology the late twentieth century and the beginning of XXI century American superkrany just erected two ancient Egyptian obelisk, which at the time the pharaohs of ancient Egypt to transport the dozen. Multi-ton stone blocks chased each other up to a hundredth of an inch. But today in the popular literature can still be found the claim that the ancient had a rope by hand slaves, wooden rollers and copper saws, suitable only for cutting cardboard, not stone blocks,.

There is a legend in the mythology of various peoples that the ancient builders joined hands and drumbeat began to spin around in the dance, for example, the huge stone, loudly singing folk songs. Strained mental effort of many people, combined with the energy of the sound pulses lifted the heavy block and lower it into place. Over time, were invented special ringing gongs, tuned to a certain tone. It is possible that "sound levitation" — the ability to move heavy objects with sound and human psychic energy — save up to more recent times. On clay tablets of ancient Sumer, for example, historians have read that the sound can lift stones. Today in Shivapuri village in western India invites all interested persons to participate in raising the granite block weighing 70 kilograms. Eleven people line up around the stone and touch the index fingers of his right hand. They begin to sing aloud the name Dervish Ali Camara (patron saint near the mosque), and the lump is slowly rising in the air …

About ancient civilizations and their level of development often write scientists believe that modern civilization — the only technically possible. Meanwhile, here's the recent past: the twelfth century Spain. Mauritanian scientists in Cordoba and Grenada left the manuscript (and perhaps it was a copy of the works of the Library of Alexandria — a storehouse of wisdom since the old era) with schemes missiles and jet engines, with the results of chemical research and scientific calculations, worthy of the twenty-first century. Today Spain, she continues to develop the scientific and technical at the same rate, would have colonized planets in the solar system when needed, but religious fanaticism iudohristiansky in alliance with the plague destroyed "Empire Almanzora."

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

The National Museum of Iraq is Baghdad from 1936 terracotta vase 18 cm with a small copper cup with a diameter of 25 mm and a height of 9 cm It was oxidized iron rod, do not touch the bottom and the remains of bitumen with lead. The finder vase German archaeologist Wilhelm Konig, being by profession an engineer also, immediately suggested an electric battery Sumerians more than a millennium and half ago. But the museum staff to the middle of the 20th century used the term "cult objects" until you look inside the vase. The design was identical battery Luigi Galvani invented after 15 centuries. In 1957, fellow American laboratory "General Electric" made an exact copy of the vase, filled it in an electrolyte and connected the bulb — the battery has given current polvolty. London Science Museum curator Walter Winston in 1962 the re-opening, no doubt initially, sees Sumerian galvanic cell. "Tell any physics, the electric current used for 15 centuries before Galvani and his frogs' legs, and you'll get the answer" rubbish "," ridiculous idea "and" impossible. "

Similar findings (several smaller vessels, albeit with rods) of Seleucia on the banks of the Tigris River just get the marks — were attributed. And once it became clear why the Sumerian stepped temples and Egyptian pyramids are no traces of smoke from the torches. Long before people Galvani has not once invented electricity. German engineer Winkler reconstructed like vases and fill the battery electrolyte is in the form of copper sulfate, getting thin, but light. Egyptologist Arne Eggelbreht poured vinegar and connected a voltmeter, stable for several days in polvolta shows voltage, and when connecting several vessels (in Egypt, they also found more than once), we get a more powerful voltage. But Egyptologist wanted to understand how the Egyptians gilded silver statuette. He created a gold salt solution and immersed in a silver figurine, 10 elektrovaz plugged and connected to the entire structure electroplating bath. A few hours later he took an identical statue and understand how the ancient Egyptians used batteries for the application of a thin gold coating on metal objects.

In the early 1980s, Reinhard Habeck worked in the temple of Hathor, in the Egyptian city of Dendera * and found a few images of pear-shaped objects with wavy lines within them.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Temple of Hathor at Dendera Egyptian city.

Construction of the temple of Dendera was stretched over 100 years, until the first years of the new era. City Dendera is now just a village, although at one time it was the capital of the 6th nome of Upper Egypt. His patron goddess Hathor was the Greeks mistakenly likened to Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. At the entrance to the great temple, and inside it are the columns supporting the roof, on which are engraved the image of the goddess Hathor. Unfortunately, they have been damaged. Ceilings covered with paintings on astronomical topics.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Hathor, or Hathor ("House of Horus", which means "sky") — in Egyptian mythology, the goddess of the sky, love, femininity and beauty, but also the wife of Horus. Originally considered a daughter of Ra. In the ancient period of Hathor was worshiped as the celestial cow, gave birth to the sun. In fact, she was the personification of the Milky Way, represents the ancient Egyptians as the celestial cow milk. Hathor was worshiped in the form of the celestial cow, transporting Ra, since the II dynasty, although a number of evidence points to the fact that this cult existed already at King Scorpio. It followed the tradition and follow its image in the image of an attractive woman with horns (later transformed into a kind of crown) and sometimes a cow ears, but in some parts of the cow goddess kept appearance.

Habeck found pear image objects on the walls of the temple lamps with a filament bulb. Pointed tails "snakes" stuck in a cup of lotus — lampholders and lamp connected by cable to the tank through the "Jedi" and the deity, even while being in the position of respect — on his knees. Not surprisingly, Pythagoras, visit one of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, said about the coverage of its inner chambers as "a gentle light, readable and thought" (the book "Journey of Pythagoras").

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

18 km from the Uzbek city of Navoi, and 40 km from the city of Fergana, also found the bulb in her mysterious anthropomorphic creatures. Around — the rays of light and little people riding on a wolf support the entire structure. But what is surprising is not that the bulb sacrifice, and standing at the same lap, and with the use of masks and mysterious "steering wheels", as in the oil fields.

London Science Museum curator Walter Winston thought, "I believe that the possibilities of ancient people underestimated. Perhaps the very idea of this incredibly simple root in the minds of unbelievers, and haughty pride modern scientific knowledge prevents us to believe that the effect of an electric current could be known to our ancestors are more than two thousand years ago. "

In studying this problem, a natural question arises: do we need open the antiquities world today?

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Peruvian scientist Danielle Rousseau in 1952, went into the Andes to study Markahuasi desert plateau at an altitude of 4 km. Markahuasi is located 80 km from the capital — Lima, but, nevertheless, one of the scientists visited this deserted place in the mountains with a harsh climate. High plateaus of Bolivia and Peru resemble another planet. Air pressure less than half the level of the sea, and yet, people live there. Their settlements were raised to a height of 3500 m Their two liters more blood than we have, instead of the five million blood cells — eight, their heart beats slower. Academic interest in the Peruvian legend that heard in the 30's. The legend is telling us about the Valley of the walking rocks that fascinated one of the emperors of the Inca Tupac Yupanqui, who was trying to conquer one of the hill tribes to resist his army. Inca turned the inhabitants of the valley in the rock, which sometimes come to life. Spanish conquistadors tried to see those places, but no one knew where to look for a valley. Information from the chronicles of conquistadors became a guiding light for Daniel Rousseau, until he got to Markahuasi. Quechua name means "house of two stories." And the first researcher found the road and the castle, 12 reservoirs, and the ruins of the city. During the frequent earthquakes in the Andes building ancient cities never suffered, while many of the buildings erected at a later time in modern construction technology, were destroyed. It turned out that each block of the ancient structures as interfaces with adjacent pieces jigsaw puzzle, forming a permanent connection. It was built — remains a mystery. Surprising was the image of the Egyptian goddess Taurt (in Egyptian mythology, the goddess and protector of women and children) and the sculpture "astronaut contemplating the sky."

Scientist discovered stone zoo — giant statues of prehistoric animals pores, like Stegosaurus and not quite familiar to American camels, elephants, lions, turtles and bulls. Sculptures were carved out of solid rock — a diorite porfirita. Over the past millennium, the surface of the stones formed sulphurous oxide film — natural proof and a sure sign of antiquity. What we know about the civilizations of that era? It's nothing. We have hardly begun to realize the depth and vastness of Sumerian culture, and it is only four thousand BC At the summer solstice D. Rousseau made the brightest discovery due to the special game of chiaroscuro in the day, he saw and captured on film the human faces — portraits on the rocks showed the coexistence of different races — Negroids, caucasoids, egiptoidov. Excellent knowledge of perspective and optics featured ancient artists Markahuasi there was something better seen at noon, the other — in the evening, the third — at sunrise. Eyebrow suddenly began to cast a shadow, and as if his eyes were opened sculptures, and a ray of sunlight fell through the slot and gave rise to appearance of the pupil. On the negatives and found that it was not subject to the ordinary human eye — glow emanating from the portrait of a young man. Lifeless on the rocky plateau was no organic remains — not extinct embers of a fire, or burial, or tree trunks, and only then the radiocarbon dating method, created by the American physical chemist Willard Libby in 1956, did not operate. But Peruvian researcher was convinced that the plateau Markahuasi giving birth to the ancient civilization of the Andes, which he arbitrarily designated as MASMA. In his articles for the magazine's 1956-1959 Paris Ethnographic Society Rousseau tried to reconstruct the image of IWFA. Danielle Rousseau made a film about the Stone Zoo Markahuasi and began to lecture at the Sorbonne and the universities of America, calling for a study finds. He challenged the orthodox scientists, who called the giant figures of animals, "the result of weathering of the rock," "the game of nature" and "especially the lighting." None of the opponents did not want to go to Peru for a dozen rock monuments, but did not believe and film documentary photographs. After 30 years, no one remembered Markahuasi a fact of history drevneperuanskoy culture did not even make the texts of university lectures in the West, not to mention our country, where the opening of the Russian and foreign scientists did not immediately become the property of the society, including and education. Whether it was this discovery to the world? But it is — not the individual. This is a list from the late nineteenth century, when the world learned of the Altamira caves with Paleolithic murals of megalithic temples of Malta in the Mediterranean, the geoglyphs of Nazca, stones with pictures of the Peruvian city of Ica, the grottoes in the famous pyramids of Teotihuacan in America Observatory with traces ogamicheskoy writing on the Kola Peninsula …

All this forced the few scientists to do the revision of the historical and cultural concept of human progress. Even the Spanish conquistadors arrived in America with the conquest objectives, recognized that the level of the Aztec civilization, at least in Europe. Today, we already know that the origins of the Aztec culture originated in the Toltec civilization that built the pyramids in America, massive Egyptian! But they themselves Toltecs, as it turns out, learned from the Mayan people, equal to the level of science and technology to the Greeks and Egyptians. Mayyakskaya observatory focused better than Observatory 17th century AD in Paris. Vases and bowls reminiscent of Mayan style Etruscan reliefs — about India, the pyramids — the Rouge Cambodia, calendars — the Babylonians and Chaldeans, mathematics — the ancient Slavs and knotted letter — about the Chinese. But Maya was with all of them "do not know". Myths Bolivian Indians living in isolation even from many colleagues, suggest that the ancient civilization of Bolivia collapsed 5,000 years ago after a conflict with a race of beings, "whose blood was not red." These tales recorded and at the end of the 20th century published in the Parisian publishing house "Artaud" Cynthia Fain. In fact, it is in the legends of the Indians dared to resist almost aliens. This message is unlikely to have a chance to get into the textbooks. But the Incas were told that their Master — Sons of the Sun — came to Earth from the stars of the Pleiades.

Scientists were not inclined to believe the Indians, but the knowledge of different disciplines showed that. And 40 years ago, an American archaeologist Hayat Burrill began exploring the culture of the American Indian, whose civilization has long since disappeared. Their observations, facts that do not have logical explanations and hypotheses, he chose not to present a thesis, and in the novel "Light Bridge". He described the city in the valley of the Incas. In this city can be reached only by a light bridge of ionized matter (remember the Scandinavian myths about the bridge-rainbow "Bifrost" or Persian — a bridge "Chinvat" or bridge time, Richard Bach described in one of his novels). This Inca bridge to appear and disappear at will. Burrill claimed that his book — something more than a collection of legends and science fiction. "Our level of civilization is, or is not high enough for all the above estimate and explain. And whether you want someone truth about the secrets of ancient civilizations and the possibilities? "- He wrote.

In the myths of the gods attributed possession of technologies that could hardly even imagine people just coming out of the primeval state. First, the most powerful weapon. In "Mausola Parva" is a description of a strange, strange as for ethnographers XIX-XX centuries, and for us. It reads: "This is an unknown weapon, metal zipper, a gigantic messenger of death, turned into ashes, and all the tribe Vrishnis Andhakas. Charred corpses could not even identify. Hair and nails fell out, pots broke without apparent cause, the birds were white. A few hours later all the food becomes poisonous. Lightning turned into a fine powder. " And it's not just words. As will be shown below, the traces of these weapons are found by archaeologists. Secondly, in the myths is often cited as an attribute of life of the gods is what we now call the unidentified flying objects (UFOs), "Asura fled, rising for the sky in the cities of the air, shining bright lights of many … their flying cities Asura then sent to stars, then along the entire sky, and even under the thick ocean waters "- the myths of Ancient India.

Ancient Germans claimed that their ancestors came to the "flying towers" … the Inca left Tiahuanka legend of the golden boat arriving from the stars. They commanded the woman, nicknamed the "Flying tigress." She brought the people of knowledge, and after a while told to classify themselves on the top of the mountain, where the "disappeared amid thunder and lightning."

Professor Frederick Soddy of Oxford in the early twentieth century, scientists advised to read carefully the myths and tales of the peoples of the world and try to look at them from the point of view of science. Soddy did not live up to the time when the missile and space technology to become the pride of mankind. But whether we will live up to the level described in the Old Slavonic (Old Indian) treatises and poems "Vimanika Shastra", "Mausola parva" in the epic "Mahabharata" and "Ramayana"? They detail, using scientific terminology describes airships beginning of time. Some of them were in the form of "special ball of light" and did many orbits around the Earth, driving the "etheric force strikes the ground at take-off" or "by means of vibration coming from an unknown force." Ships Slavonic-Aryan gods shone "sparkle like fire" and "gentle melodic sounds." Their path was not direct, and long wavy, close to, or removing them from the earth. " They were like "azure cloud in the form of eggs or a special ball of light." Described in detail in treatises material Wiman (Vaitmar, Wightman) — an alloy of several metals, white, red, and at the same lung. Three of them: two solid and one liquid — obtained in the laboratory in accordance with the formula set forth in the book, were demonstrated recently by scientists Nariño Shethom held in the city of Hyderabad in a national symposium on "Science and technology in ancient India." This is strong evidence that the Old Slavic (Old Indian) documents — not fiction.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Wiman on a weapon, terrible in strength — iron lightning, incinerate whole tribes and peoples, then vseissushayuschee weapons there and quivers with arrows samopodayuschimisya — homing arrow, flaming on the fly. And with all this control Wiman did not depend on physical strength and dexterity, and concentration of the spirit and power of thought. "A sparkling and glowing," flames warrior seemed littered with "golden sparks" or "fire, fire in the middle bordered by another fire." "The light brighter than a thousand suns" rising from the ground up, like a second sun and fetuses died in the womb of their mothers.

In "Mausola Parva" is a description of a strange, strange as for ethnographers XIX-XX centuries, and for us, about the weapons used in the city of Mohenjo-Daro *. It reads: "This is an unknown weapon, metal zipper, a gigantic messenger of death, turned into ashes, and all the tribe Vrishnis Andhakas. Charred corpses could not even identify. A few hours later all the food becomes poisonous. Lightning turned into a fine powder. "

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

The city of Mohenjo-Daro.

The ruins of the huge city of Mohenjo-daro, built entirely of unbaked brick in the 3rd millennium BC, in the valley of the Indus River. Acropolis, built on a high mound, the shafts and the lower city, plan in accordance with strict rules, are evidence of an ancient system of town planning. No, Mohenjo-daro not ravaged accursed hordes — in the red-brick ruins during excavations found no traces that would confirm this. And there was a gopher in arms. As one Russian author, they "lived in an oasis of peace." This Proto-agricultural civilization (the home of cotton and rice), which also includes other major city in the valley of the river — Harappa, is not needed in the army and did not practice conquests — defense was not from anyone. Fall and version floods, global fire, fall of a large meteorite, volcano eruptions, like Mount Vesuvius. As well as an epidemic. Surprisingly, the city had running water. Water was supplied to the house on every street that had a width of 10 meters. There was also an extensive system of sanitation: filth displayed outside the city through pipes made of brick. This allowed the city to protect the spread of dangerous infections.

That is what was told the scientific and technical treatises and epic Indians persisted in the idea of the imperfection of human nature, and therefore this knowledge deliberately set out in fragments. It seems that its super-powerful weapons and killed the ancient Indian civilization. Exploring the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro, archaeologists J. Davenport and E. Vincenti came to the conclusion that "the city was destroyed by a powerful explosion. Clearly delineated area of the epicenter, where all the buildings razed to the ground. From the center to the outskirts of the destruction is gradually reduced. Among the ruins found fused stones and pieces of clay that had once been heated to a temperature of about 1,500 degrees Celsius, and then quickly cooled. The overall picture is very similar to the effects of nuclear explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. "

But if we assume that the fabulously advanced technical level of civilization has been made in antiquity, where the traces of all this today? They do exist, although in small quantities and we are not yet prepared to recognize the visible, because many machines are not similar to those with which humanity today has to do, that is, that our civilization is called machines. They do not have buttons, wheels, handles, levers. In the legends of the ancient Indians of the same links to the library whose content is a single chip. For a long time this was a fantastic phenomenon, until a few years ago in Russia appeared quartz technology writing.

Count for much and so-called NIO — unusual fossil sites. In the history of Salzburg entered the box *, the purpose of which is still to be determined.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Salzburg box.

Salzburg parallelepiped age of 60 million years. His company found a working Isidore Brown in Shendorfe. Coal has been mined in Upper Austria at the mine Volfzegge in the formation of the Tertiary period. The find was a metal box with dimensions 67 by 62 by 47 millimeters and a weight of 785 grams. Opposite sides of the box and look like round pillows, and the perimeter of carved deep grooves. In the twentieth century American writer Charles Fort, it was suggested that the processed extraterrestrial aliens. As there is a hypothesis that it might be an ancient hammer groove which is used for fastening a rope to a wooden handle. But the most important thing is that the metal object with traces of artificial origin was found in a piece of coal, of which age is about 60 million years ago. At present fossil meteorites found no more than a dozen, and the correct form does not occur.

In 1851, the U.S. Dorchester (Dorchester County location, the U.S., South Carolina) geologists mined rock from a depth of 5 m — is the Tertiary strata, they are tens of millions of years.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

The explosion brought to the surface the two halves of the subject, called "The Bells." Its height is 12 cm, the thickness of a metal alloy — 0.3 cm on the surface (the diameter of the "bell" 16.5 cm) lined with silver appliqués in the form of garlands of flowers and six. Neither this finding nor others like it can not find an explanation is still relatively destination, origin and production.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Thus, the gold and bronze objects of a similar type, found in in the Russian plain, the Urals and Siberia, as well as in Colombia, Iraq, Egypt, China and other regions were recorded in museum catalogs under the name "bird", while someone that of the experts thought about the nature of "horizontal and vertical stabilizer" and determined that it was the design of the ancient model jet type Russian spacecraft-aircraft "Buran" *.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Russian spacecraft-aircraft "Buran".

On the "Buran" was written very much. Flying, surprised the world bezpilotnaya landing on Earth, a new breakthrough in space exploration … From French media reports in France a day landing "Buran", interrupted the TV transmission for emergency treatment and show the time of our landing craft. The time of landing "Buran" was demonstrated many times, his shot from different angles, excitedly commented on … To "Buran" could own land, its analog, all copy all the components and systems of the complex, has been extensively worked landing in automatic mode. But scientists are not starting from scratch. The first programs were tested on a Tu-154. Then began the work with the analog "Buran". It was the largest and most expensive program of space exploration in the Russian history — the space program "Buran". Only frustrating end to this titanic and hard work, which was canceled in 1993 because of "the political situation and the lack of funding." A certain similarity with the look of an American "Shuttle" makes people forget all the impressive results achieved Russian engineers. Fully automated, based on the Soviet-board software, the spacecraft Buran made its first flight in 1988 without crew on board, Buran was able to climb into space, make two turns around the Earth and make a successful landing at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. This fact has even entered the Guinness Book of Records. Buran spaceship was launched into space with the least outstanding technology of the time rocket "Energy," which could take into space more than 200 tons of cargo. November 15, 1988 in the Soviet Union successfully tested the spacecraft "Buran" — shuttle. After starting the universal space-space transportation system "Energy" with the space shuttle "Buran" orbital spacecraft Buran went into orbit, made dvuhvitkovy flight around the Earth and landed in the automatic mode on the runway at Baikonur. This is — an outstanding success of national science and technology, opening a new stage in the Russian space program. Space ship "Buran" aircraft built under the scheme of the "bezhvostka" with variable sweep delta wing has aerodynamic controls, working on landing after re-entry — rudder and elevons. He is able to perform controlled descent into the atmosphere with a lateral maneuver to 2,000 kilometers. Spaceship Buran length 36.4 meters, wingspan of about 24 meters, the height of the ship, when he stands on the chassis, up to 16 meters. Spacecraft launch mass of more than 100 tons, of which 14 tons are for fuel. In his vast cargo bay can accommodate a payload of 30 tons. The forward compartment is inserted tight welded cabin crew and most of the equipment for the flight in the rocket-space complex, autonomous flight in orbit, descent and landing. Cabin volume of more than 70 cubic meters. The great thing about Spaceship Buran is its powerful thermal protection for normal thermal conditions for the construction of a ship passing the dense layers of the atmosphere during landing. Thermal coating consists of a large number (about 38,000) tiles made with high accuracy of special materials (silica fiber, high-temperature organic fibers, the material is partially based on carbon) program that takes into account the place of installation of each tile on the case. The aft part of the ship is the main propulsion system, two sets of engines to maneuver placed at the end of the tail section and the front of the chassis. Board control system consists of more than fifty systems that are managed automatically by the program laid down in the onboard computer. The first flight of the spacecraft "Buran" lasted 205 minutes and ended with the successful landing on a special runway length of about 5 km and a width of 80 meters, created in Baikonur. It was the first and still the only one in the history of astronautics automatic landing the space shuttle. Created new outstanding contribution to space exploration, the Russian science and technology won a brilliant victory. Russ here — first, the first — in everything!

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Chavinskaya culture (900 BC. E.-200 BC. E) — "Raimondi Stela."

Another discovery of the century was the famous "Chavinskaya Raimondi stele" from Peru featuring steam engine. Relief "Raimondi Stela" is the image building of the four steam generators, inserted into each other. The top is filled with cold water, the second from the top steam is in the third pot boiling water is injected through two gates, becoming steam, as the last pot is on fire. The vapor is pushed out two lateral rotating cylinder protivotakte. This steam engine can become not only a source of energy. On the same basis to make a robot — its image is on another stela — he could swing the sword and snapping his fingers. Attracted the attention of scientists found John Stephens (American scholar, professor, teaches at the University of Hawaii) in the ancient city of Palenque mayyaksky relief, representing the figure of a young Indian-skating in high boots with lacing. On another stela from Bonampak relief depicts many as astronaut at the controls. Bogota found under the stone robot (before about them narrated only the Greek myths, and then they tied the miracle of engineering thought the name of the great master of Hyperborea — Daedalus). By the way, in an article in the magazine "Flying soser Review" for April 1976 Aimé Michel (1919-1992 gg., French UFO researcher, journalist, writer) gave ample evidence of the existence of robots in ancient times, which indicates a high level of technology. In one of the books of Hermes Trismegistus "Asclepius" speaks of some of the statues in the Egyptian temples, which could in certain seasons revive "cosmic forces". Greeks borrowed much from the Egyptians, and they have continued the tradition of the Romans, the Byzantines and Moors. Reputation "ozhivitelya statues" received in Naples poet Virgil (Publius Virgil Maro, 70 BC. E.-19 BC. E. — National poet of ancient Rome, the author of "The Aeneid", nicknamed "Mantua swan"): with "bronze fly" He drove out of the city of the living flies, and then made the bronze young man who is watching over the maintenance of the fire in the baths (in the Roman baths).

In mayyakskom city of Chichen Itza (named mayyakskogo tribe "Itza", which in the middle of the V century found here a natural cenote — a well-established and around it) in the ancient sports stadium are from time immemorial, the two stones with holes in a fist size and potholes. Between them — the playing field, such as football. Those stones — phones. Stooping to the holes could talk without fear of eavesdropping. And did not have cable, buttons, tubes, chips — Maya phones are still at a loss, and the scientists throw up their hands, unable to comprehend the technology. But in India (Pani) found wires connect two ancient temple, located at a distance of 1,500 m last 2000 years. Even in ancient Egypt during the First Dynasty (when the Pharaohs white) wire is also connected the temples under the ground. By the way, the Mayan astronomical manuscripts of the plan argued that the first in the world were able to measure the face of the planet. Achieve their learning goes today under the rubric of mathematics, geography, geodesy, astrophysics, navigation … The error of the solar calendar to the modern is 0.0002 units. Example — calculation of the period of revolution of the Moon around the Earth: the current data — 29, 530,588 days mayyakskie — 29, 528,395 days. The history of the Mayan people were on August 13, 3114 BC (Based on the modern calendar), but the era of civilization, along with their ancestors Toltecs and Olmecs go back thousands of years: 5 million 41 000 737 BC Cyclical Maya history also noticed last cycle ends December 23, 2012, but it has nothing to do with the "end of the world", because then the beginning of a new cosmic cycle — A new space age, which tells the Egyptian treatises. According to Russian astrology new space era begins in the year 7521 from the Creation in the Star Temple or September 22, 2012 Life in the Universe is never ending, — concluded the sages.

African folk Dogon from Mali and Burkina Faso, known for its isolated life during the last millennium, in 1931, opened his knowledge of European scientists. Without telescopes and telescopes, radar and satellites, not knowing about the radio and telegraph, as well as about other benefits of civilization, the Dogon understood the structural features of the Milky Way, inosolnechnyh galaxies in the Sirius system (home of their ancestors!), Density and characteristics of the orbital motion many moons of different planets, calculating them to within 0.1. Knowledge of the first minutes of the universe since its creation by God the Creator Amma in the reactor shape resembling an egg, still fascinates astrophysicists around the world, something powerless comment dogonskogo set of myths.

The ancient inhabitants of the Earth operated 16-unit quantities. It does not need an explanation of the Sumerians in the number 195,955,200,000,000. How were incomprehensible and incredibly small size, seen from our Slavic-Aryan ancestors (ancient Russian hexadecimal):

hour — 144 pieces
part — 1296 shares
share — 72 moments
moment — 760 jiffies
moment — 160 whitefish (hence the Russian language "siganut", ie move quickly)
whitefish — 14000 Santigie.

This accuracy is unattainable even by modern atomic chronometers! Also our Rusov-Novgorod and Rusov-teachers (in India, the ancient Indians) — they operated 1/300-mln. of a second ("chestnut"), that in physics today is comparable to the period in the life of mesons and hyperons in the atom.

Were developed spectral analysis and crystallography, and an example of this — crystal skulls found in Russia and Europe as well as Central America, Mongolia and Tibet.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

The age of these wonders, according to experts on crystallography, psychometrics, and spectral analysis, comes to 12 thousand years. But looks super modern processing technology — this is the conclusion of researchers by "Hewlett-Packard" (a large American company in the field of information technology provider of hardware and software for organizations and individual consumers). Review engineering firm L. Barre worthy to bring it, "… We have studied the skull in all three optical axes, and found that it consists of three or four splices. As each splice its own axis, we were able to determine how many splices. Analyzing splices, we found that they grow out of one center and form a single continuous crystal. We also found that the skull was carved from a single piece of crystal with the lower jaw. Mohs rhinestone has high hardness, is seven (second only topaz, corundum and diamond). As for processing, its nothing but a diamond can not be cut. But ancient somehow managed to handle it. And not only the skull — they are cut from the same piece jaw and hinge on which it is hung. With such material hardness is more than mysterious, and here's why: in the crystals, if they consist of more than one splice, there are internal stresses. When you click on a crystal cutter head, the crystal due to the stress may break into pieces, so you can not cut it — it just split. But someone has produced the skull of one piece of crystal is so gently, as if he did not touch him in the cutting process. In the study of the skull we found evidence of the impact of three different abrasives. Finishing it done polishing. We also found some kind of prism, cut in the back of the skull, at its base, so that any ray of light entering the eye socket, is reflected in them. Have a look in his eye socket, and you can see the whole room … I do not think anyone else in the company "Hewlett-Packard" understood the device skull better than I do … "The firm is" Hewlett-Packard "gave, though not in a very formal style, the following statement: "Damn thing should not have to exist in the world. Those who carved it, had no idea of crystallography and completely ignored the axis of symmetry. It was bound to fall apart when processing ».

Puzzle are features of the crystals. The answer was found by accident — by comparing the experiences of the researchers. The most famous crystal skull was found in 1926 in the ruins of the Mayan city Lubaantuna Honduran archaeologist Anna Mitchell-Hedges. The skull is made from a single monolith (rock crystal), it has a height of 13 cm and weighs 5 kg. Scientists hit Indian masters knowledge of optics — thus they do not take into account the laws of crystallography: crystal processing was carried out perpendicular to the axis of symmetry of the crystal and never cracked. What are the tools used in this — can only guess. Mayan crystal skull at the base of a prism, and in their sockets — polished lenses. The slightest light is blinding glow skull. Apparently the priests used it in ritual worship as a generator of torsion fields of the noosphere, or more simply — mediators of communication with the gods, whose will perceive the one who took the crystal in his hands. American restorer Frank Dorland investigated the find from 1964 to 1970. He found that the design of the skull relatively well balanced center of gravity, from the lightest breeze mandible five-kilogram skull begins to move. Even more surprising feature Dorland said, as he turned to face the skull fire in the fireplace, orbit flashed a sinister fire. What a terrible impression produced must have this strange skull on the Maya! It is easy to imagine how shocked people prostrated by the terrible fiery gaze crystal idol! .. However, no one knows for sure not the purpose of this subject — compelling and frightening … But it should be noted that of Neurosurgery (in particular, operations trepanation human skulls and marrow transplant) is known not only to the design with the Ica stones, but from the graves of the Incas. The Incas were skilled healers. In 1975, Paris hosted the International Congress of Plastic Surgery. It was first broadcast the news about the operations on the skull, performed by the great doctor of the Inca Empire. Peruvian scientist 3. Alpiani analyzed 150 of prepared skulls from the Museum of Anthropology in the bushes and Lima, and found that the old surgeons were able to replace damaged areas of the skull plates of organic materials or gold! Peruvian physicians ensured a relatively high survival rate of patients — about 70 percent.

Geometry and solid geometry (the section geometry, which studies shapes in space) is embodied in the form of numerous pyramids and observatories on Russia — Britain to Egypt — America. Chemistry and geology — as integral parts of science of ancient civilizations.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

In the Indian city of Teotihuacan found Mica Temple, got its name from the mica sheets under the stone floor of the building. Mica layers were rich in rare earth metals — potassium, aluminum, magnesium, lithium, manganese, and titanium — used in similar set only in three cases: a capacitor, as electrical insulators, and as moderator of nuclear reactions.

Pyramids built by our Slavic-Aryan ancestors across the planet are engineering works very high level, which we are not even aware. They were built after the global catastrophe about 13,000 years ago … The pyramids could originally built as defenses against disasters, and their pharaohs only adapted to suit your needs.

Russian researchers have decided to refute the conventional wisdom that the main purpose of the pyramids — be tombs for pharaohs. It is possible that the tombs of the pyramid began much later than they were constructed. And what was the first place? "The first explorers of the pyramids at the end of XVIII — early XIX centuries sincerely believed that the pyramid — this burial of Pharaoh, because their mummies found there" — says research scientist Alexander Petukhov. Therefore began to lodge an appropriate name — "King's Chamber", "Queen's Chamber", "burial chamber" and so on. But even professional researchers Egypt Vojtech Zamarovsky and Jean-Philippe Lauer acknowledged that "the main proof of affiliation of the largest pyramid to Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops) is his name written in one of the cells, which is merely a secondary location, where usually no one looks ". Be there on the name of the pharaoh — is like a five star hotel to write the name in the pantry. Later, another well-known researcher of various artifacts — American Zecharia Sitchin — claimed that "this is the name of the pyramid was just faked." True, it is not clear by whom and for what purpose. British researcher and author Graham Hancock, examined the internal structure of the most famous pyramids, and came to a single conclusion: "In them there are places which not only carry the coffin, but also quite difficult to crawl." Egyptologist James Kvibell about the burial chamber in the pyramid of Djoser wrote: "It can push the corpse through a hole in the roof, but to put him at full length on the floor is quite unthinkable — this room is too small." Vertical shaft in the pyramid of Djoser goes to a depth of about 30 meters and ends with the camera, made of granite.

"The cameras just almost nine floors down is not lowered and not draped granite", — says Alexander Petukhov. Hence, the initial task was not to create the vault. Obviously, the contents of the camera or the required rest or be dangerous. In modern physics, the depth of the small chambers used to house neutrino detectors, atomic clocks, models and other devices, which can have adverse environmental effects. What if the camera kept something like that? Granite, in turn, is remarkable in that it is like a sponge absorbs radiation. Maybe it was meant for storage space of a radioactive isotope? The fact that in a strange chamber kept something unsafe, indirectly indicates the so-called frieze of cobras, pictured on the wall next to the mine. Cobra, whose venom is deadly to humans, could symbolize danger, as today it symbolizes the symbol of a human skull and crossbones. Surprisingly, the "burial chamber" of the pyramid of Cheops, too, was granite — already 5 layers. Similar cameras "deep bedding" found in the pyramids of Sneferu (Dahshur) and Sekhemkhet Userkaf (Sakkara), Menkaure (Giza), the unfinished structure in Zaviet al-Arian. Near the Great Pyramid was found 29 meters deep well, which also has an empty sarcophagus. Egyptologists have put forward the hypothesis that the mine after the interior out to the surface of the workers. Doubtful, frankly, version.

And researchers go further, saying that the pyramids are located in different parts of the world, are very similar. For example, under the pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, there is an underground passage length of 103 meters in a natural cave, located almost at the center of an artificial structure. The cave consists of four chambers, each — about 28 feet in circumference. They found articles of slate, mirror, and the drainage system of the tubular stone segments. And in the pyramid found 7-cm layer of mica between the two upper levels. It turned out that the builders took no mica anyhow which, as a special type, for which they had to carry the load for three thousand miles. Is Beauty? "The decorative purposes mica does not apply", — says Alexander Petukhov. Nowadays it is used in capacitors, a thermal and electrical insulation. It is opaque to fast neutrons and is used as a moderator of nuclear reactions.

Next to the pyramid of the sun is called Mica Temple, which is a subterranean structure, consisting of several rooms, covered at the top of a massive masonry. The temple is a building called archaeologists, although religious attributes were not found. As in the Pyramid of the Sun, under the base, too, are the layers of mica. There is no doubt that she was there by chance: it is evenly. "It is very likely that Mica temple is a kind of technical device — say, an energy converter, maybe even related to the pyramid of the Sun" — said the researcher. No wonder, perhaps, the Greek word "piramidos" is translated as "fire (energy) in the middle", and not the tomb of the pharaoh. The impression is that Egyptologists completely forgotten the ancient languages, but need to know them perfectly.

But the fun starts when you try to figure out how much the land of the pyramids. It turns out that there is no exact answer. At first glance, it seems that the difficulties in the calculation can not be — the pyramid's not a needle in a haystack. In fact, everything is ambiguous. Using aerial photographs around the world so far managed to count 409 pyramids, among them some 1,300 buildings are in doubt — it is not clear the pyramid is overgrown with weeds, or hills. Causing all the finds on the card, Petukhov found strange feature: "The pyramids were built in clear lines. Most of them are located in the area between 40 degrees north and south latitude. Moreover there is a clear local fields pyramids. The most representative groups are located along the Nile in Egypt and Sudan, in the Chinese province of Shaanxi, in central and southern Mexico, on the border of Peru and Brazil, in the south Australian continent. There are pyramids in Europe (Slovenia, Greece, Italy, the Kola Peninsula), off the coast of Africa (Canary Islands), in the Asian part of Russia (near Krasnoyarsk on the bank of the Yenisei River, near the city of Nakhodka). " But it is especially interesting that several pyramids scattered isolated islands of the Pacific. At first glance, the small islands — not the best place for their construction. But it is believed palaeogeology, these islands (Samoa, Tonga, French Polynesia) have been part of a larger land areas, have jumped into the ocean recently. "Many of the pyramids were built on the bedrock foundation", — says Alexander Petukhov. These areas are characterized by high mechanical strength and stability over long geological periods. Perhaps it is these features and explains the safety of the pyramids, located on the Pacific archipelago. Individual island remained on the surface, while most of the ancient continent plunged into the ocean.

After analyzing the information, Petukhov proposed a version of "All the survivors of the pyramid should be regarded as the remnants of a global planetary system, which served not to individual rulers, but to all of humanity to protect the old from disasters. Perhaps these facilities with installed in them some devices running on radioactive elements, served as a kind of executive control of the complex and watched the seismological situation on the planet. At the same time they are due to the nature of its form, until we underestimated, could control discharges of energy that has accumulated at the junction of tectonic plates, thus preventing a catastrophic earthquake or volcanic eruption "- suggests the researcher. This version has been tested overlay maps the location of the pyramids and plate boundaries. It turned out that most of the pyramids, as if on purpose, erected near the joints of the lithospheric plates and the main geological faults. Of geology known to increase the pressure on the joints of the plates triggers earthquakes. So they control these processes in their regions. So, and the world at large.

Supports this hypothesis, and a researcher of alternative history — Michael Kostinsky: "A group of three great pyramids of Giza as if a single set of working for a common goal. I participated in the experiment, in which pulse emitted from the pyramid of Khufu, reflected from the boundaries of geological layers, sequenced the pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure, resulting ensure that all devices in a single scheme. In this case, the whole system is the largest of the three pyramids of Egypt can work something like GPR or acoustic interferometer recording lithospheric periodic disturbance. "

There is quite a natural question: if so, why today we do not feel the work of these seismic why today these original lightning rods do not work? For it is only in the last decade, some regions of the earth have experienced major disasters with a magnitude of about 9 on the Richter scale. "To date, no pyramids built as single or as a system can not work", — says Alexander Petukhov. The reason — their total plunder. And put a hand in this, not only black diggers and tourists but pharaohs. It is for their orders, it may be dismantled and discarded equipment was located in the pyramids. The researchers believe that "this is how energy links were broken pyramids." Externally whole, they resemble an abandoned shell of the aircraft that can not fly. Researchers insist: "If you look at the internal structure of the pyramids in the context, it is clear — they are like tombs were far fewer than on engineering structures. In the premises, the so-called burial chambers could be placed both measuring systems and actuators, as computer systems, and power plants. All sorts of passages and transitions — narrow enough, apparently, not for either sightseeing or for funeral processions — most likely, is a technological mines, about the true purpose of which, alas, we can only guess. "

But why all this did not occur many Egyptologists? "Historians and archaeologists in the institutions do not teach engineering analysis findings, and as a result we get from them is very flawed interpretation of the appointment of the pyramid" — believes Petukhov. Who then designed the pyramid? Who built it? Are our "primal ancestors", who lived on the land for more than 5 thousand years ago? Or someone they supervised? Finding answers to these questions are just beginning …

Our ancestors were not new to the most complex areas of science and technology. British writer Alan Alford published a book "The Gods of the Third Millennium", presenting the sensational pictures of Egyptian bas-reliefs of the temple of Osiris at Abydos. Figures were helicopters, submarines, aircraft, submersibles, robots and tanks. By the 13th century BC Egyptians have lost the knowledge of military technology and the pharaoh Ramses II ordered to cut over incomprehensible hieroglyphics own name.

A knowledge of genetics and cloning, presented in a variety of on Assyrian reliefs and sarcophagi of the Egyptian city of Saqqara, today it can be commented by modern scholars. Ancient scientists realized the danger of these experiments and in time to stop them. Our ancestors developed the doctrine of reincarnation eternal soul. Incarnated on Earth in different human bodies, there is a transition to a different level of development according to their spiritual savings. "Every man is a superior being to the world more than the lowest (the world of minerals, plants and animals." Knowing this, one wonders about the quality of their actions, thoughts and words about his life, the appointment of the world. His fate is tied to the fate of the cosmos. His personal development clears world. Another thing that people sometimes varies the choice of the way or even thought about it, preferring to lead a "plant" life …

About 13 thousand years ago there was a great disaster. Of many ancient civilizations were only fragments scattered around the globe.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Kostenko Sunghir, arch, Easter Island and the city of Tiahuanaco, Nazca geoglyphs (a group of giant geometric and curved patterns deposited on the ground in the Nazca in southern Peru) and the Pyramids of Egypt, the Sumerians of Mesopotamia, the Maya, the Canary Guanches, Eskimos and others Ceylon ., — all mixed up, lost their roots, their culture, language, and many came to the knowledge of our myths stored foreign nations, admiring the achievements of ancient civilizations.

The ancient inhabitants of the earth were not primitive of modern humanity, and in some ways even surpasses it. Their civilization still holds many mysteries, the answers to which are now looking for the real scientists all over the world, because, according to mythology, knowledge and patterns of genetic material have been brought by the gods to Earth from space.

Subsequent generations of our ancestors were absolutely sure that it all happened at the initiative and under the control of their ancestors — the gods came down from heaven. They (the gods) put all of civilization as such, provided the person crops and farming techniques taught. Most notable is the fact that this point of view on the origin of agriculture is dominant in all known areas of origin of ancient civilizations. In Mexico, corn brought great god Quetzalcoatl. God Viracocha taught farming people in the Peruvian Andes. Osiris gave of farming peoples of Ethiopia (ie Abyssinia) and Egypt. Sumerians joined to agriculture Enki and Enlil — the gods who came down from heaven and brought them the seeds of wheat and barley. Chinese to assist in the development of agriculture "Heavenly Geniuses" and in Tibet, "Lords of Wisdom" brought fruits and cereals, unknown before in the world. The second interesting fact: nowhere, in no myth and legend, a man does not try to take credit for the development of agriculture! .. Naturally, the gods had to deal with not only those tasks. How-ever productive agriculture, as already stated, required the sedentary lifestyle and greater (compared with a community of hunter-gatherers) population density, which on the one hand, it simplifies the management process of the gods, but required and the introduction of certain rules of behavior in unusual conditions for them life. One inevitably leads to another … It is clear that the "natural" development of these rules and regulations people would drag on for a very long time, which does not induce farming. The process is clearly impossible to ride … That's why the gods had to deal with the matter personally. Speaking of which also reported the ancient myths in almost all regions of the "occurrence" of agriculture and civilization of the traditions of our ancestors unanimously say that the same "gods" found in people living regulations, laws, and are co-sedentary existence. And this is also indirectly supported by the archaeological evidence of a really "sudden" appearance of a number of ancient civilizations developed (for example, in Russia, in Egypt or India) without any "preliminary stages." This fact did not find any "natural" explanation …

"According to archaeological data — the most ancient sites of modern humans, Caucasian, the world community has recognized archaeological Kostenki settlement, located in the Voronezh region of Russia. This parking 50 thousand years. And by the 40th — 30th millennium BC Caucasoid people colonized the entire Russian Plain "(EN Khrisanfova, 2000).

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Elena Khrisanfova (1927-2003 gg.) — Russian scientist, anthropologist. For many years — a teacher, professor and professor emeritus of MSU. University, led a number of general and specialized courses in Biological Anthropology at MSU. Research areas: anthropogenesis, physiological anthropology, developmental anthropology, endocrinological aspects of human evolution. Was developing problems anthropogenesis in particular evolutionary morphology of the postcranial skeleton, the early stages of anthropogenesis issues of modern human species. One of the founders of physiological anthropology. Work in the field of anthropology age were primarily problems of acceleration and gerontology. Numerous studies have EN Khrisanfova synthesize these three main areas of scientific interest and on this basis to identify a number of the most important principles of human growth. In particular, the results of these investigations were reconstructed Neanderthal hormonal status and evolution of the growth processes in the series of ancestors of modern man.

Geography, namely the emergence of the vast Russian plain we call this type of person — Protorus (narrower, local variations — kostenkovets, sungiriets, mezinets, avdeevets etc.). To date, the complex "Kostenki" recognized as the oldest home of modern humans.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Reconstruction of the physical appearance Protorus-Caucasians Russian plains of the Upper Paleolithic: Left sungiriyka (settlement Sunghir, Vladimir, approx. 30 thousand years), right — kostenkovets (settlement Kostenki, Voronezh region., Approx. 45 thousand years). Reconstruction MM Gerasimov.
Our Slavic-Aryan ancestors — Russ very long time to acquire knowledge of the Universe, the Absolute, the laws and principles of the previous existence of our ancestors white race — their gods. 40-30 thousand years ago — the Slavs, Russ northern part of Russia, the Russian Plain Kostenki (near the city of Voronezh) and Sungir (near the city of Vladimir) know writing, magic, astrology and astronomy, calendar, and arithmetic score. Ancestor worship and the sun. Believe in all animate nature, the existence of the soul and spirit. The 30th to the 25th century BC astrological and astronomical knowledge Rusov Slavs reached the highest level and will enable them to get a Russian Veda. Art, combined with signed records of astronomical calendar and content, show a high degree of saturation of the information sources of the study of intellectual and spiritual spheres of life of the aboriginal population of northern Eurasia. Relatively soon ancestors Russian people have made themselves a brilliant level of culture not only in the Paleolithic Kostenko Sunghir but also Malta and many other regions, previously reviewed. Mighty fur clothes, women's sculptures (the Paleolithic Venus), a variety of home and work tools, a variety of Slavic svasticheskih characters, a rich palette of sign (until protopismen) complex funerary rites. Finds in the southern Urals — Arkaim — the fortress city with a "country city", dated 4 thousand years BC (Recent research of Russian scientists increase their antiquity to 6 thousand years BC), not only confirmed the earlier findings and research scientists, but also shocked the world. Arch — is not only fortified city, but also a temple, an astronomical observatory, which has concentric with the outer and inner circles, isolated from each other. In the central square square committed mysterious rituals. The city had a square inscribed in a circle — the universe in miniature, oriented to the celestial objects with great precision. High culture of the inhabitants of Arkaim prove numerous archaeological finds — a work of art, weapons and ritual objects. Russ not exclusively owned agricultural technology, technology design and construction, but also highly metallurgy, machinery and metal processing. However, arch, as well as other excavations "Country City" — only the smallest part of a vast and mysterious culture of our ancestors, the ancient Aryans.

"In the holy hymns of the Rig Veda, to preserve the memory of what existed before the creation of time equal to glorify the power and the glory of the gods and the Asuras. And even called Asuras many gods — and Varuna, Indra, and Surya, and the sky itself. And it is also said that the Agni, which burns everything as dry grass, was equal to the asuras, and they could also shoot lightning from the sky. Soma and months they were similar, and light Asvinau, heralds the dawn. But they differed from the gods that had magical powers, and with it they could create invisible from the visible and audible from the fact that it could sound, and subdue what was power over other gods. Even when the lord of waters near the Varuna, was not strong enough to gather the clouds and make them pour out the rain, he had asked Asuras help his magic. And although this is a secret art and was not known to the gods, all the inhabitants of heaven were still united and indivisible in time and in space … "(NR Guseva" Myths of Ancient India "*).

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Natalia Romanova Gusev.

Natalia Romanova Gusev (1914-2010 gg.), Russian scientist historian, ethnographer, Doctor of History, author, playwright, Indologist, a renowned expert on Indian culture and Indian religions. Winner of the International Award. Jawaharlal Nehru, a member of the Writers' Union of Russia. Author of over 160 scientific papers on the culture and religion of ancient forms of Indians.

At first civilization of the gods appears united cohesive group … But then the gods in the world more clearly divided into two groups. Myths relate them to different generations: thus, the Olympic gods of mythology — Titans children and Devas — younger brothers of the asuras. And the war between flashes, which had a pronounced ideological background and known as "fighting the forces of Light against the dark forces", "struggle between good and evil."

"As it proved Bentleyem," War of Titans against the gods "in Hesiod, as well as the War of the Asuras or Tarakamaya against Dev in Puranic legend, are identical in everything except name. So, from the point of view of cosmology, all the dragons and snakes, struck his "winners" in origin are unruly, violent, chaotic beginnings in Chaos … In the "Book of the Dead," these principles are called "sons of the Rebellion" ("The Secret Doctrine", t .3 — Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, 1831-1891 gg., Russian writer, philosopher, traveler, occultist, theosophist and spiritualist).

"As has already been mentioned — the gods have very destructive weapon, so they had a war for civilization, people most deplorable consequences. So, if you rely on the data Manetho * given a fairly tight time constraints, it turns out that in the period from roughly 3500 to 3100 years. BC huge territory (at least from India to Central Europe) has been exposed to some dramatic events, and here and there and did not experience much of the east … at the same time, "inexplicably" and die for no apparent reason, Indian culture of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. Dies without a trace … Moreover civilization of Mohenjo-Daro is not just killed, and destroyed by the very weapons that describe Indian myths. Cities rarely are in decline suddenly and all at Mohenjo-Daro said that disaster has come at once. Flooding was not — no trace suddenly surging water element. Plague? But it is striking not once. People were walking quietly through the streets, as shown by several groups of skeletons. Attack with conventional weapons? But none of the surviving skeletons bears traces of blows. Meteorite? Again, there is no characteristic traces. However, the ruins of the city within 400 meters of preserved traces of sudden and rapid melting at temperatures well above 1,500 degrees Celsius. Also found traces of a powerful explosion. Careful study of these traces leads to the idea of the presence of typical nuclear explosion epicenter, and the force of destruction decreases from the center to the periphery. For example, building on the outskirts of the city is relatively well preserved "(writer-ufologist BA Shurinov" The paradox of XX century ").

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind


Manetho (Mer-not-Dzhhuti, 285-222 years. BC. E.) — Ancient Egyptian historian, the high priest at Heliopolis, the famous author of the "History of Egypt," which was written in Greek. The name "Manetho" is the Greek form of the name, the Egyptian form of the name goes back to the ancient Egyptian Manetho "Mer-not-Dzhhuti," which can be translated as "Love in knowledge." He is the only one we know of the ancient Egyptian author who prepared a complete historical work on the history of ancient Egypt — "History of Egypt" ("Egiptiku", "????") In three books. Manetho's work is considered to be historical in the modern sense (as opposed to the earlier historical annals of ancient Egypt of the "Annals of Thutmose III», that did not make findings or conclusions, but merely stated the event), written on the model of the "History" of Herodotus. Manetho owned division of Egyptian history for 30 dynasties and the period of the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms. He is also the author of a number of non-preserved historical, physical, and astronomical works. Heliopolis, where Manetho was the high priest, was one of the oldest and most important cities in ancient Egypt, located to the northeast of modern Cairo. In Heliopolis was the main center of worship of the supreme God of the Sun (originally the Atum then Atum-Ra) and the cycle associated deities — the "Great Nine Iunu" — Ennead. The Greeks identified Atum and Ra with Helios, from the Greek name of the city -???? ("City of the Sun"). Ennead (Greek?? — "Nine") — Nine major gods in ancient Egypt, initially emerged in Heliopolis. The oldest known in Egypt and theogonic cosmological system. Ennead gods were considered the first kings of Egypt. In other Egyptian cities to create their nine gods modeled Heliopole. Ennead gods: Ra (Atum, Amun, Ptah, Ptah) — arises from the initial water Chaos Nun, Shu — air, and Tefnut — moisture, Geb — land, Nut — the sky. Female deity, Osiris — the god of the underworld, Isis — the goddess of fertility, Seth — the personification of thunderstorms, lightning, natural disasters, the lord of the life force, Nephthys (Nephthys, Nevtis) — goddess of the underworld, the second sister of Osiris.

This is not to say that nuclear weapons were exactly. Gods and could well have a technology unknown to us. Moreover, there is evidence that the bright gods fought with the Dark Gods. Slavic-Aryan Vedas tell that in the universe there are many worlds — both on our scale level, and on the other, including a very, very low levels. The transition of the living sentient being from one world into a more subtle world is possible only with the loss of the dense body, and only with the development of increasingly high spirituality. Therefore, there is the so-called Golden Path of Spiritual Development, which has its own laws related to, first of all, the availability of knowledge. The Vedas say: "In ancient times Chernobog decided to bypass the Universal Laws of climbing along the Golden Path of Spiritual Development, Security Seals to remove the Secret of the Ancient Wisdom of the World for its Worlds lowest in the hope that by the law of God will be taken off for him Compliance Security Seals from the Secret of the Ancient Wisdom the worlds highest. Noble joined Belobog Light Forces to defend the divine law, resulting in the Great untied Assa — a war against the dark forces of the lower realms. Light Forces won, but part of Ancient Knowledge still hit the lower realms. Having gained knowledge, representatives of these worlds began to climb the Golden Path of Spiritual Development. However, they are not able to distinguish between good and evil, and began to try to enter the baser forms of life in the border area with the World of Darkness, where she Heavenly Halls (constellation) Mokos (Big Dipper), Rada (Orion), and race (Greater and Lesser Lion). To Dark Forces were unable to penetrate the bright Earth Gods defenders was established protective abroad, which has passed through the Earth and the stars of the Halls, as well as through the worlds of Reveal (our world), Navi (the world of the dead) and the right (the world of the gods). Our planet is also on this line, and humanity has witnessed and participated in wars. "

So, in the mid-5th to the turn of the millennium development 4.3 Agricultural civilization just destroyed not only in its structure, but also by the dominant ideology. And only after a thousand years after this "pitiful fragments of the past greatness", maintain and develop a Cretan-Minoan civilization that gave rise to the community development in the face of ancient Greece (but already heavily influenced by the Phoenicians) … We must agree with the conclusion of Helena Blavatsky that the struggle of "good" from "evil" were, above all, the deepest philosophical, and hence ideological differences. And it was not just a struggle for power, and the brutal "civil war" of the representatives of the two antagonistic ideologies of domination, a war to destroy the other side.

Our civilization — is not the only and not the end of development. Yes, I confess it is not easy. And it is much more complicated than just theory suggests the possibility of reason somewhere in the universe other than the Earth, here we are talking directly about our life … Moreover, the problem goes far beyond the simple recognition of the events. After all, if our lives interfered alien civilization in the distant past, it would be foolish to deny the possibility of such an intervention in the real present … And this brings us to a new range of issues and different approach to life in general. How can this intervention, for what purpose, and what it is for us fraught?

We know very well what turned into "good" civilization that brought the era of "Discovery" many peoples of other continents. They have either disappeared from the face of the Earth, or were forced to lose their identity, to withdraw from their own path of development. What, scared of possible prospects? In our lives interfered aliens. "How awful!" — A frequent response.

Discussed above confrontation "good" and "evil" is really always was and will be, and this process is never ending. Rod Vedic philosophy in the struggle of opposites and harmony. So we — Russ, both have to the real forces that are behind all of this are in the world today, and with that in mind a fair idea to build your own living arrangement based on the true story of his people and the entire world civilization. Our faith is based on Slavic Russian philosophical Vedic worldview. This means recognizing the universal cosmic laws, honoring the gods and his Russian Slavic Rod, whose representatives are our ancestors and our parents.

One of the highlights of the current state of our society is the beginning of a new era. In the understanding of many thinkers of different ages and nations is characterized by a state of the factors that, in late 2012 an inevitable event happens: the transition of humanity to a different energy level of existence. Other names of this process — the planetary ascension of humanity; quantum evolutionary leap, and the transition to the 5th dimension and others.

In our Russian Vedic sources in accordance with the Slavic-Aryan science during this period is also considered as the transition in 2012, our solar system from the zone controlled by the Dark worlds in the light areas of the galaxy. Our Jarilo-Sun is in the structure of the galactic star systems Swati, also called the Milky Way. Swati presented as a left-handed swastika.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

At the bottom of one of the sleeves svastichnyh Swati is our Jarilo-Sun, which is a constellation Zimun — "Celestial Cow" and the current "Little Dipper", being the eighth star of this constellation. Yarylo the Sun rotates with the sleeve around the galaxy's center and makes a complete turn around for 250 million years. In addition, our solar system is also rotated on the outer circumference of the sleeves, around the center, and periodically moves it to the side of the circle facing to the darkness, on the side facing the light — to the center of the galaxy. This period of revolution around the Sun Yarily central sleeve called Svarog Circle and is 25,920 years. Humanity and all organic life on Earth is feeling the effects coming from different sources and different worlds — the influence of the moon, the planets, the Sun and the Stars. All these effects are applied simultaneously. But at the moment one of them prevails in the other — more. In its motion system of the Sun under the influence of radiation emanating from a particular Heavenly Abode (Constellation).

A new era, changing position and influence of space objects, awakening consciousness. Currently, the Earth is in anticipation of a change in the night Svarog Svarog day. Feature of the present period is the fact that now there are two at the same time period, leaving and coming one. This is Dawn, where the night is still present, but the day starts. Influence temple Fox will be replaced by the influence of palace Wolf. Galactic emission will change, will dominate the effect of other space objects to Midgard-earth and man himself-a microcosm, which certainly will lead to changes in the conditions of life on Earth. This objective reasons!

From the information contained in the Vedas and other Russian Slavonic-Aryan sources that (now it is confirmed by modern science) that the Earth and humanity expect difficult years. Period 2012-2015 gg — These are the years of global energy and climate change, and keep track of them changes the mental state of the people, and the social and political changes.

This is not the first time, and the survival of mankind — in the hands of the people themselves. The goal of each Roos — prepare your spirit, soul and body to new energy flows that have already started to go to Earth. Must again learn to understand the natural world and communicate with them, as it were able to make our great Slavic-Aryan ancestors — Russian gods have the ability to live in the world of fine fluctuations in the world of high energy loads. Land can not be healed and moved to another reality, not yet healed most of its inhabitants.

Cleanse your physical body, many people, animal and plant life have learned. Various living creatures, performs a useful function: microflora lodged in the body processes food, other microorganisms involved in cleaning, others provide useful materials for the activities of the body, etc. But there are parasites that destroy the physical body, are different viruses, worms, malware, worms and microbes, fungi, etc. Of these parasites should be periodically disposed of, otherwise, if they multiply uncontrolled, people, animals and plants may die from a serious illness. Therefore with the help of herbs, different actions, and the people still using chemicals, learned to clean your physical body.

In another case with the human subtle bodies — mental, spiritual. In ordinary life, when every time we leave the house and go out into the street, where we communicate with people, you are at risk of a subtle body energy viruses — rude, yell, had a fight with someone, look askance, wished bad things, etc. . The word has the power! And for this it is necessary to follow in my life, what words do you hear his address, as well as what you say. Because in the end — it will affect your destiny.

Our energy body, like the physical, non-uniform in composition and is a symbiosis of different energy properties as a positive energy and negative energy, induced parasite creatures: vampires, monsters and other, destroying our whole energy structure. All vices: drinking, drugs, smoking, lying, etc. — is the result of the different energy disruptions in the subtle bodies, and require to meet their needs. But the main point is that the practice of getting rid of this negative energy we have either poorly developed or not at all, and from this we can not develop normally and grow spiritually, because our energy body, infected with these parasites, pulls us down into hell, where Brown dominated the parasitic forces.

The reality of life — is the interrelatedness and interdependence of all. Unity in diversity and balance. Affects us all, energy, the nearest planets of the solar system, the energy of the people around us, the energetic influence of nature, animals, energy, cities, buildings. We are also your energy affects everything. Life in all its variety is never ending, ordered, subject to a single cosmic laws.

In this case, the earth seems a tiny speck of dust in the Universe. The universe is a system of multiple worlds, interpenetrating, affecting each other. The system is integrated and harmonious. Then there is a representation of the universal Absolute — the source of the existence of worlds and universal harmony. There is knowledge that the person is like the universe, is a microcosm, that is, contains the same energy as the whole universe, is subject to a single, common to all the laws of the Universe.
To life not only consisted of petty vanity, of struggle and suffering, in order to become conscious, creative, joyful process, it is necessary to change a lot view, acquire a completely different view of the universe and of man. A man — a small piece of the universal life, universal life, and a particle at the same time part of the nature of planet Earth. Part of human society, and part of universal life.

Russian people should stop being a small chain, which involves the flow of life from one event to another. They must learn to understand the meaning of each event, stop naively believing that life — a set of coincidences. Of course not. All is not accidental. Everything has a deeper meaning, everything has a reason and everything that happens to us in life, will have a consequence.

The transition to a new human energy level of its existence in the pre-dawn period, the New Age and planetary ascension of humanity can only occur as a result of following the highest level of spiritual and physical development, which should be linked to each other. Our goal again teach people to live in harmony with nature, to feel part of it, to learn to live in harmony in human society. In other words, one should feel himself a triple. Part of the universal life, a part of the natural life and a part of human society.

To our Earth and our galaxy evolved to ordinary matter transformed into the ability to create various forms of life require different power and energy, epitomized by our Slavic-Aryan ancestors called the Higher Gods and Goddesses. "Veles book" clear about this: "And so we proclaim the glory of the gods, which are — our fathers, and we are their children. And we'll give them a decent clean Teles and our souls that will never die. And they do not die at the time of death of our bodies "…" And every day, to the gods behold, what is light. As we call it: Svarog, Perun, Dazhdbog, Velez, Hp and other names. "

We are, according to our Vedic Russian sources can and should communicate directly with their gods, bypassing any intermediaries. We do not need this any religion, especially since we do not need iudohristianskie clerics, priests and other sects and sects.

We — Russ — Aryans — Slavs — Asa, and we have our own native Russian Gods — our ancestors!

It must be borne in mind that the man — a microcosm, and its structure is made from special, with varying degrees of energy density. It has several energy bodies interpenetrating.

About the true origins of world civilization and return true history of mankind

Figuratively this concept our ancestors preserved for us in the form of dolls, where each matryoshka pomeshena one another. The man, in contrast to the animal world, is endowed with the ability to perceive, to radiate and create information all their bodies of different densities. From the information point of view of our body — the "biological cosmic mechanism" in which are embedded a very complex, multi-layered, multi-stage and multi-stage program of life. Already with fertilization program is effective, accurate and consistently performing biochemical, genetic design to form the body. Further changes in our development programs, tasks, conditions, all the while updating the information. Simplistically, we can compare it with the computer program, where there is a very real risk of programs by different viruses, and the program also can be affected by human information virus. Screen our "biological space mechanism" is consciousness, which recorded only the results of the vital programs and processes themselves are in the subconscious or super-consciousness.

Person for a full life but food and water are necessary subtle energy and information. We draw them from the environment and from other objects in the energy-exchange. All intuitively know: when receiving reduced vital energy from the world around us or settles virus (people sometimes call it damage, the evil eye), begins to accumulate fatigue — have problems with health and well-being. Moreover, if the creature does not take urgent measures to improve the situation, his life will stop.

True knowledge of life, the universe, man and God were on the ground at all times. In accordance with that knowledge, the universe is eternal, is a system of harmonious, interpenetrating worlds, to manage a single, universal laws and principles, immutable, unchanging, feasible and effective, regardless of whether they know about human society or not. All of the people in one way or another, consciously or unconsciously, interact with the cosmic energies that come in through the phone charms (chakras) through the hair, through energy channels etc. We must also not forget that everyone is different perception of energy flows that are largely independent of the level of development. In the universe there is a cycle of energy, because "nothing is taken from nowhere and does not disappear." Therefore, in response to the energy, we have to send their energy transformed into love, gratitude, etc.

Today all Slavic Rod has rediscovered its knowledge of our great ancestors, in order to learn to live again in Truth, Health and Happiness. Using the divine energies, our ancestors could control the elements of nature, and therefore increase abundant harvests, maintained their health and strength. In today's world, it is the ability to perceive as a miracle, but times change and its importance and the need is growing every day.

Unfortunately, for many people, thanks to the modern system of education and training, suppressed "closed" and the ability to communicate with the gods, so they do not hear and do not feel that tells them that in them the universe. It does not allow people to use, contained in these genetically targeted opportunities to create life. But ever consciously work with energy flows, man transformed, gets a positive charge and the peace of a strong belief in the future.

We have to change for the better, as the dawn of a new era — a kind of global historical process-turn in the development of new, more advanced civilization with all the subjective and objective reasons, the true way of all previous eras and civilizations.

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