The Testament of Leonardo. The Story of a robbery watch online

The Testament of Leonardo.  The Story of a robbery watch online
In December 2010, the world flies sensation: Italian scientists have found on the famous painting Leonardo "Mona Lisa"Mysterious signs. Vinchetti Silvano, president of the State Committee for the Conservation of the cultural heritage of Italy, I am sure that a message is encrypted picture Leonardo us, the descendants. Need to read it carefully as well as the texts of the Bible. Look for signs in the picture become another mystery famous painting Leonardo, all history which — like a tangle of mysteries and secrets. "Mona Lisa"Leonardo had for extraordinary value, it was his unique work — a synthetic fusion of art, philosophy and esotericism. But historians to this day do not know the answers to three main questions: who is the customer picture? What the lady depicted on it? And when picture was written? In the movie covers versions recognizable Italian scientists who, in response to these questions, open to the viewer by surprise, "Mona Lisa." In general, 100 years ago, in 1911, no one could imagine that once the eye Mona Lisa will be treated under the microscope. After all, "Mona Lisa" was brazenly stolen from the Louvre Museum and the number is ever lost. Her return will surprise surprise and shock the whole of Europe! But there will be a huge shock that for which it was stolen! .. In the movie — history and witnesses of the scandalous kidnapping of the twentieth century!

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