The victims of the weather in Italy were six

As a result of the collapse of the largest in the Ligurian port of Genoa, heavy rains and gale force winds, six people were killed and two were seriously injured and several people were missing. This was reported by the National Civil Defence Italy. According to them, drowning in the streams of water flooded many neighborhoods of the city, found a young Albanian with two young children.

It is worth noting that in one decade the region of Liguria was at the center of the front of bad weather for the second time. Warning of impending abnormal rainfall was made last Thursday night, but the metropolis is not time to prepare for the disaster, according to ITAR-TASS.

Flooded area of the main train station "Brignole." All passengers and local residents who had not managed to reach the house, rescuers offer shelter in the cars of the item at the first gate. There is an ongoing work to strengthen the aqueducts and bridges. In most areas, turn off the gas and electricity. When the Genoese Prefecture formed a crisis committee. Fire departments and rescue squads sent to Genoa from neighboring areas.

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