The war in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost U.S. $ 6 trillion

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost U.S. $ 6 trillion

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost the United States about
$ 4.6 trillion over the long term, forcing the government budget in
For decades, pay the debts — according conducted

Harvard University scholar Linda Bilmes came to
the conclusion that the United States in the near future will face
increasing costs to plead for approximately 2.5 million
veterans and pay cash for the debt accumulated during the war years.

«As a consequence, the United States will face a
constraints in financing investment in staff and diplomacy
research and development of new military, «the report said,
released on Thursday.

Bilmes, which
served in the government under former President Bill Clinton, has calculated that
The United States already had spent nearly $ 2 trillion on these two specific
war launched by former President George W. Bush.

Results of the study showed that the highest costs
go to medical service and disability benefits, saying that
more than half of the 1.56 million-strong army troops, held at various times
service in the «hot spots», has already begun to receive benefits.

Bilmes, who referred to it by unparalleled, said,
that costs will rise for decades. She wrote that the peak year for benefits
disability by the First World War, which ended in 1918, was
1969, as veterans become old.

«The magnitude of future costs will be even higher for the current
conflicts that have characterized much the highest coefficients
survival and more than expensive healing, «she said.

In general costs were taken into account social costs
families burdened by the effects of deaths or injured

United States, are expected to support a limited
military presence in Afghanistan beyond 2014, where President Barack Obama plans
withdraw troops sent after the 11 September 2001 attacks.

Surveys of public opinion show that most of the
American public is tired of the longest American war in
Afghanistan, and critical of Bush’s decision to invade
Iraq a decade back.

Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense under Bush, said before
invasion, the war in Iraq will cost about $ 50 billion in
total proved, missed almost an order of magnitude.

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