The world is ruled signs. Whose portraits we will draw on the money Eurasia

The world is ruled characters.  Whose portraits we will draw on the money EurasiaOn the day or in the information space is very shy and timid penetrated news that chose not to see the big agencies and online media. And the essence of this announcement: the head of the State Bank of Belarus (NBB) Nadezhda Ermakova said that the NBB and the Bank of the Russian Federation have developed almost all the regulations for the introduction of the single currency. However, to enter the currency is early, explained Ermakova, as yet adopted the Constitution of the Union of the country, but national banks 2-countries have already carried out the necessary technological training.

And very well that the National Bank 2-Soviet republics (the life of me, do not turn the language to say "countries") are currently preparing the necessary technology. Since before January 1, 2015 there are not many, but specifically on that date marking a historic event: the entry into force of the Eurasian Economic Community (EEC), which should include three members — Our homeland, Belarus and Kazakhstan. So far, only three, then we'll see. If call a spade a spade, refers to the first step to recreate Big Country, even veiled and framework, but still … After all, according to the plans, followed by the economic union by 2015 is planned creation of the Union policy — this is already being negotiated between the parliaments of all 3 of the fraternal republics. Although it is hard, and setbacks, and unexpected demarches.

Naturally, we — the realists and well aware of the forces and means are connected in order to not under any circumstances give realized project of the EEC. But nobody ever said, that would be easy. Yet if We believe in this project and assist him in every way, it's time to talk about the highest, in other words about the money. Specifically on the general money, which will connect the future alliance.

Funds pochetaemye comrades, this is not only a measure of the price means the appeal and congestion. Means, first, to the same powerful ideological tool. Please recall the Russian bank notes — everything was as lapidary and impressively denomination banknotes, 15 language versions of the denomination, the country's flag and a portrait of its ideological parent on denominations of 10 rubles. With these kinds of bills for we have encountered in their own daily life, kept them in their hands, want their bolshennom quantity. And we had no idea that in just a minute communication with the media took place quiet and inconspicuous propaganda impact on our Russian consciousness. This is not shocking — in each country government should bear its own ideology through such essentials as a means. After all, no accident on U.S. bucks — every now and famous presidents, founding fathers, the building of the Federal Reserve and a bunch of Masonic symbols. They are in fact renders the smart people who have laid these bills certain promise of peace. Need to see that this message is replicated perfectly and achieves the recipient in at least some point of the planet. But what are the promise of modern Russian agents? Yes no — so a tip for unfair "shkoloty" geography lessons, like, what are the town in the countryside of Russia. Somehow I had the opportunity to read an interview with the artist-engraver with Goznaka, which said that the bill without a portrait — it's bad facilities. In this sense, Russian funds, despite their seemingly "wooden", were real, and today's postcards from the cities of, it's something temporary, such kerenok. Although, we note for the sake of killing and robbing these "kerenok" completely serious.

So now, let yourself to express subversive idea that it was time to change the "erefovskie" banknotes on harsher notes, which must be a means of appeal inside the Eurasian Union. And most importantly — it denominations need to return an ideological function. In 1-x, we note that all of today's bills — the standard of 1997, even the 5000th, which appeared only in 2006.

What does this year in our history? Late Yeltsinism, seven bankers, leased Chechen bandits, pyramid SCG, South American advisers in the Kremlin and the Snow White house full of insanity in foreign policy, the peak of "grabbing" of large objects of state property. After sending in the history of money, labeled this shameful year, the management of the country will give an accurate political signal that refuses Our homeland is not only a means of Yeltsin, but with all the ideological legacy of Yeltsinism.

In-2, you need to hold the denomination, dropping at least two zeros from banknotes. In this case, a thousand rubles reincarnated in 10 of the everyday, the more so by purchasing opportunities segodnyaschy "thing" and is equal to about 10 Russian rubles. Dollar exchange rate will be 31 kopecks per dollar, which is a completely fair price for this going back to the past currency. And in-3, with new facilities, it is imperative to return the portraits of the people who are the glory and pride of our country, with all this, select a person, known to the world.

With all of this portrait series should symbolize the continuity of Russian history and uniqueness of our civilization. The old man Confucius was not the case once uttered the phrase that "the world is ruled by the signs and symbols." If We sincerely wish to change the world and the fate of the country, for this we need the special characters.

If assume that after the denomination of paper remain in denominations of 1, 3,5,10,25,50 and 100 rubles, for their "oportrechivaniya" I would suggest to follow the list of candidates: Tchaikovsky, Suvorov, Dostoevsky, Stalin, Gagarin, Mendeleev, Peter 1 th. Maybe readers will have other options, but in general it is clear that it should be the people who have made something very majestic to the motherland.

And by the way: if Favorites of our sister republics overcome self-destructive instincts centrifugal own elites and the integration will bring to the intuitive result — in this way, it seems to me, Nursultan Nazarbayev and Alexander G. will have the full right to register in the future for the union bank notes. The point is majestic.

And the last. Pay attention to the modern coins of — instead of their sovereign falcon with crowns, regalia of power and wings sticking up for some reason displayed tortured and demoted mutant chicken with drooping wings down. Instead of the name of the country — the words "Bank of Russia" which, as we know, is actually divided the country is, how soon are increasingly write conductor interests the U.S. Federal Reserve. And the funny thing — "bird" in Russian coins is a full copy of the coat of arms of the Provisional Government … the standard in 1917. Does not that symbolic?

By the way, not so long ago in Russia was minted commemorative coin "Sochi-2014". But it is depicted on the real flag of the Russian Federation and the inscription "Bank of Russia" is replaced by "Russian Federation". Curiously, what could it be?

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