The world stands on the threshold of a new 1917?

The world stands on the threshold of a new 1917?In order to avoid it, it is necessary to examine the strengths and feeble hand thoughts put forward by Lenin

On the old days was April 22 — The day of birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. I still remember in 1970 when we celebrated the centenary of its large prazdnichek large country. I recall a day or if his death was only 47 years old, and its results were so obvious that he did not have to explain why and what is celebrated.

So here, I fully expect all consciously today in the hope that someone will remember the event. There actually was not, although voluntary work, which stood at the origins of Lenin, were held in almost all cities. I am somewhat amazed that event, because with a little late, I decided to write about Lenin.

Since 1970 people have been killed, who remembered how the country lived the early twentieth century, people died that made the base (available, no matter what, so far) welfare of our lives, but intensively bred by those who believe that the statement made by common labor belongs to them personally by law. And these people are fiercely hate and Lenin, and made them (and already almost destroyed) the country, but to madness fear that she will be able to relive the same. And then — it's time a little bit to remember who that of Lenin was and what he did for us and for the world.

I remind you that the XIX century was one of the most languid for ordinary people. Heavy duty and the beginning of the destruction of conventional society, which is somehow protected from outright lawlessness led to the fact that there was a theory that explained that this exploitation — not forever. In any case, remember that the idea of the finiteness of fiction is not capitalism, Lenin, Marx, and even, as at present some clarifying and fully discover Adam Smith. Another thing is that the supporters of the Western global project painstakingly obscure awareness of this incident, why even changed the title of economics: with Smith's political economy on the "economics".

So here, thought that the replacement of capitalism must come brand new formation, belongs to Adam Smith, but specifically Marx made her completely well-known theory, while not narrowly, and socially important. But from idea to implementation is a huge way, and now its just completed Lenin. Practically, he played the role of early Christianity in took the Apostle Paul. Specifically, he said, saying the main phrase, "There is neither Hellene nor Jew", brought Christianity from uzkosektantskih framework, recognizable only to the Jews, in global the project. And specifically Lenin made from the teachings of Marx, similar in scale and impact on global history project, which we called the "red."

You can argue a lot about what would be overcome by Christianity, if not Paul, or would have remained a small sect. You can argue a lot, was able to "red" global project formed specifically as a global or would have remained a set of social programs, different for different groups and regions. At the moment, in general, this is not fundamentally: the result was achieved.

But the result that, as you know, media back to the projects, including the West and the branches of the Christian, it is not like that. Other result and can not be any two global project that is called, by definition, aggressively competitive. But as the "red" project (most likely at the time) lost, and means to defend themselves vigorously can not, his opponents began a brutal campaign to change history in their favor, hanging on a fallen enemy, all his own, and his own and even non-existent in general sins.

We note, incidentally, that the defeat of the "red" of the project came in almost all due to the weakening of design ideology that occurred as a result of the political struggle after the death of Stalin, which led to the fact that, even almost won the battle with the Western project, the elite of the Soviet Union refused this gain force. And the relevance of this realization does not fall over time, as historical experience should be taken into account in the future.

But, in any case, the people who shaped the global projects, not so much in the world. And we in the sight of them actually did not have: the people who formed western global project, tried to stay in the shade. More precisely, the mythology of the western project them carefully shaded. And all the other global projects even more ancient. But this, in turn, means that the role and place of Lenin's ideas and thoughts should be very carefully taught, much less that they are likely to regain their relevance.

One of the main consequences of our theory of the crisis is a very sharp drop in living standards in the countries of the western base of the global project, the disappearance of the so-called there. middle-class elite who made this project as a candidate project "red." As a result, with high probability, the ideas of the latter will receive the most powerful breeding ground — and it could very much change our lives almost in a couple of years.

And the higher the threat, the stronger the representatives of the Western project trying to discredit everything that is connected with the "red" project, including the figure of Lenin. He was not an angel, and of incidents in which he lived and worked, it is not promoted, and those fantastic legends that come up about him, too, in general, to reality things do not have. More precisely, the correct understanding of reality.

To invent a variety of fabulous cause of death of Lenin (which was killed by the Crown of atherosclerosis that killed all his relatives have lived to old age), coming up with various dirty stories "of life" of the revolutionaries can at least some small provocateur. Be aware of the motives and actions of the person which looking forward for centuries, is much more complicated. One may argue, for example, about whether Lenin's supporters received funds from the German General Staff from the American or the British Bankers. The good of it is not, if you do not realize that they themselves build the future of these associates, in which most of these bankers were not, and therefore obligations to them were not worth a penny, which was demonstrated immediately after the revolution.

Namely, Lenin was blamed for a lot of Brest-Litovsk, which he paid for the Tipo German funds. And for some reason no one remembers him his argument of this issue — when he read that after a few months of this contract will be to abandon that, in fact, happened. But the breakthrough western Russian blockade of in the Rapallo almost everything was the result of the world. Not to mention the fact that one of the closest associates Lenin was the brother of the 1st of Governors of the royal army counter-intelligence — with all the attendant. So anyone out there who has worked on — this is the big question.

In conclusion, vorachivayas to April 22, is forced to announce that Lenin should be viewed as specifically as a world historical scale. All samples were kept to a small helplessly in a human in fact have cover operation, the task of which is to hide from the public the ideas and issues that he raised. And now, as I see it, the main issue is the study of the formation of the thoughts put forward by Lenin, the greatest awareness of their strengths and feeble sides. In the unlikely event we are very likely to get a repetition of the events of 1917, with
a very bloody version.

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