There is a time machine. Continued part 4

We have a number of new programs prognostic impact of the situation on the space-natal development.

— That is the astrological forecast?

— Not really. We normally treat astrology, but we are the representatives of classical science. We have developed a program — it is a forecast of influence geospatial factors in different periods of prenatal development. Certain facts chronicled in this or that system in different periods of our prenatal development. Compiled by our program schemes from the first to the last week of our prenatal development allow us to see how a healthy embryo, and has undergone some influences that cause it endocrine, cardiovascular disease and mental illness. For each group of diseases characterized by its own picture of the space situation during key weeks of pregnancy. This is either the lack of a factor, or an excess of it, or their unique combination that defined not the disease, and the risk of its development. That is, opens the possibility of prediction of disease risk for any individual. Oncological diseases are closed on this too. We will use forecasts diagnostically.

— And then what to do with these predictions?

Mirror-laser system — "Kozyrev mirrors"

— There are ways of correction. For example, the mirror-laser system, field clearing of all contaminants, which meets the body. Or bio-magnetic installation, when a person is in a short time bezmagnitnom space when he opened his psychophysical reserves. Based on the disclosure reserves can treat many recalcitrant disease treatment, such as, e.g., epilepsy. We want a man to defend himself, to return those forms of communication between people who are now lost. The boom, which is now experiencing a society, someone wakes up the language, but the man does not know what to do with it. Our aim is to reveal the potentials of man.

From Einstein space — the space of Kozyrev

Of course, most of all we wanted to see with my own eyes a real time machine. First, Alexander led us to the laboratory of the Institute — a small room, where instead of the usual cones and oscilloscope tools for research were covered with skins of the tent and the pyramid.

— What kind of a pyramid?

— It is — still not quite ready biolyustra, which will be located inside the plant, which will have an impact on people.

— At the core lies biolyustry chum?

— We use the geometry of the plague, and special screening properties of the skin. Experiments were conducted to study the possibility of creating a screen to protect the rights, particularly sensitive to the effects of information factors. The same tent we used in Dixon for assessing the shielding properties in the transfer of pictorial information to children in the village of Ust-Awam. Children's pictures matched to the transmitted properly by 85-90%. And it is interesting that Nganasan Dolgan and children have different levels of information. The ability to interact with the information field is more developed in Nganasans.

— Where's a time machine, built on the ideas of Kozyrev?

Alexander opened the door to the laboratory adjacent to the darkened room, but the photographer has forbidden to go there.
There stood a building, in appearance resembling a photographic enlarger, covered with a black cloth. In the black cover was for some unknown reason sewn sleeve.

— We will show you Kozyrev pyramid, but it can not be removed — a "know-how". The man puts his head in this device and begins the transition into another space. From Einstein space — the space of Kozyrev. It's very simple. When a person is in a particular state, the camera captures over your head glow in the dark. It is reproducible, there is no electronics.

Indeed, the device Kozyrev mirrors considered failed. It turned out, the sleeve is designed so that, with his back hand, the subject could spend photographing the glow of his head, never missing there extraneous light rays.
We went with a photographer Vladimir Institute of stunned. Presented to us frantically flipping through books and magazines with the experimental results, we tried to find or catch or confirmation is heard in these walls. In parting, Alexander said that, despite the fact that the founder of the institute is large academy, the work remains behind the official Russian science. Therefore the institute has become international. Initially worked only with Spain, now joined by the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, United Kingdom.
One and a half years I have tried to find out whether the Institute continues its investigation. Quite by accident, in March last year, I learned that Trofimov flies back to Dixon. In the edition of my newspaper very sympathetic reception to the idea to participate in experiments with time and paid the trip. What came out of it — in the next issue.

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