«Thor» has no equal

Allied frontiers protects unique military equipment
Belarusian Army — yet another technical completion. A little more than one year back the arsenal of the 120th air defense missile brigade of the Western tactical command strengthened Russian SAM battery «Tor-M2». And now days are almost military in a festive atmosphere were handed the keys already on the second battery massive war machines.

This ultra-modern air defense missile system — a nice example of mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and Belarus in the military-industrial sphere. Put on duty «Tor-M2» increase the defenses of the entire system of regional defense. This technique is able to protect not only the Belarusian borders and cover local strategic objects, and the western borders of Russia. According to Anatoly Zakharov, Deputy General Director of JSC «Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant» cupola » — Manufacturer of equipment for this complex analogues in the world there. And he stands in service exclusively in Russia and Belarus. A missile shield Union countries hold on their own shoulders tractors manufactured in Belarus. SAM Database «Tor-M2» — Wheeled chassis — came down from the «stocks» Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant.

What are the battery capacity of 4 combat vehicles? Colossal! Belarusian military themselves have verified that in the past year during exercise on Russian «Ashuluk.» Need to provide an overview of the radial space in this sector? Without problems. Analyze the traffic situation, find and identify targets that then without help elect more of them unsafe? Smart appliances will make it in seconds. Accompany goals, find the time of entry into the affected area, bring a gun and throw missiles? Correctly and efficiently. Role person in this process is minimized. SAM battery can directly hit 16 goals — cruise missiles, guided aerial bombs, airplanes, helicopters, drones … Soaring with all directions at a speed of 700 meters per second at an altitude of up to 10 and at a distance of up to 12 km. At any time of the day and in all weather criteria.

— This complex is able to provide effective protection against massive attacks even in the criteria fire and electronic countermeasures enemy at medium, small and maximally low altitudes — emphasize its indisputable advantage of the Belarusian Defense Ministry.

— Belarus delivery «Tor-M2» — A great achievement — says commander 2nd antiaircraft missile batteries «Thor» Alexei Liauchuk. — I have previously served SAM «Buk». Hard to associate. One combat vehicle «Thor» can perform problem which put the whole anti-aircraft missile battery «Beech». General wisdom of the latest technology studied three months. In Izhevsk. At the factory. And teachers were specifically designers.

Contract for the supply of the third battery SAM «Tor-M2», according to deputy defense minister for armaments — Chief of Armaments of the Armed Forces of Belarus Colonel Igor Lotenkova already signed. In general, military special note: in the 120th Brigade in the future will be created by a SAM battalion, one hundred percent kitted such complexes.

Dossier «union»

In 2012, for the needs of the Armed Forces of Belarus bought over 260 new systems and models of weapons and military equipment, seriously renovated and modernized over forty six. Namely, radars «Rosa RB» A 18BMA, PRB 16-BM.

By the way

In December, an agreement was signed with the company «Irkut» Belarus to acquire Yak-130 — the world’s only training aircraft with aerodynamic assembly and aircraft performance characteristics subsonic flight, like modern jet fighter. A similar technique allows trained pilots to operate aircraft promising even fifth generation.

Dmitry Umpirovich

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