Tours to Mexico and Mexican food

What do we know about Mexican cuisine? Our idea of the culinary customs of the country is limited to information that the food there is very sharp and always accompanied by tequila. In general, this is true, but there are some peculiarities. Mexico — a unique country with a rich culture and a more than thousand years of history and spiritual heritage. It is the cradle of ancient civilizations powerful tribes of the Aztecs and Mayans. Original nature, warm sunshine and lush tropical vegetation, attracts travelers like a magnet. Every year more and more tourists are buying trips to Mexico. Exotic original Mexican food will be for many a revelation.
Culinary traditions of Mexican cuisine are popular all over the world.

Almost any dish there is one of two common components — hot peppers or corn. And this fact is quite simple to explain — Indian tribes have traditionally engaged in the cultivation of a variety of vegetables.
One of the most famous Mexican dishes — fajitas. It consists of meat or seafood, vegetables, aromatic spices and sauces necessarily "chili" (red pepper and spices) and "guacamole" (avocado and lime or lemon juice). This mass is wrapped in a special corn tortilla. This dish is sometimes compared to a very well-known in our country shawarma.

Are popular among travelers enjoy traditional Mexican food nachos (tortilla chips) and burritto (tortillas with various fillings). A stuffed green peppers and red pomegranate seeds symbolize patriotic colors of the national flag of Mexico.
However, this is truly the jewel in the crown of Mexican cuisine is a spicy meat dish chili con carne. This is an amazing dish with the divine taste, but it is recommended only for people with a healthy stomach, because it is very sharp.

However, the severity and the abundance of fried is a distinctive feature of Mexican cuisine.
Of course, from beverages, the most famous is the tequila. But to find the highest quality tequila is only in her homeland. But the drinks with this title, which are found on the shelves in our country, contain a very small amount of juice of the blue agave. In Mexico, this type of tequila called "hoven" (young), he is unseasoned product of low quality.
Here, for example, "Reposado" — a seasoned tequila, which is made from 100% blue agave. This sort of tequila aged in American oak barrels. He has a mild taste and elegant straw color. Usually it is recommended to wash down sangritoy, original and sour spicy mixture with the addition of tomato and citrus juice, spices and salt.

And for the true connoisseurs of fine drinks — flavored tequilas "Anejo". It is made from the very core of the blue agave, and the time delay is more than 3 years. This drink has earned a reputation as the best in South America.

And for dessert, always taste the fruit of the cactus — the famous Mexican delicacy. In food, as a rule, Mexicans use cacti genus Opuntia, to taste, reminiscent of apple. Purified from the leaves of the cactus spines, and then used to make candied fruit, candies, jellies, cocktails or eaten raw. There are varieties of cacti that are not inferior to taste strawberries, pineapple!

Tours in Mexico — it is also a gastronomic journey!

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