Transcaucasian highway closed due to snowfall, there are victims


On the Transcaucasian highway killed by the collapse of the rock work. The incident occurred near the Devil's Bridge. During avalanche bulldozer engaged on clearing, rubble. Because of the risk that even some part of the rock can break away, the rescuers were able to get to the body of a man at once. Now deceased under the obstruction removed. The exact circumstances of the accident, investigators set.

The situation on the roads of the North Caucasus is now critical. Because of the avalanche Transcaucasian highway, the only route between Russia and South Ossetia, closed on Monday. The snow cover on the mountain slopes in the area Transkama reached a critical level. And the snow keeps on going.

Inal Kachmazov, Deputy. chief of traffic police traffic management Road Police of North Ossetia: "What we have going on now in the mountains, this is obvious — snow. About three feet of snow already in the portal. Accordingly, the traffic is limited for all vehicles. "

The ban on travel extended for at least another day. Forecasters predict improvement in the weather until the middle of the medium.

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