Transcript of the meeting of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko with the heads of the Russian media

March 18, 2011, the National Library of Belarus

 Alexander LukashenkoDear friends, thank you first of all that you have arrived. It might make sense to talk to us today, it is to speak on the topics of concern and Belarusians and Russians.

The situation in the media develops a specific, if not more, and we would love for you to objectively what was told to the Russians that exists in the relationship between our two countries.

I very carefully, and we have in Belarus all probably closely following what is happening in the media space of the Russian Federation. As you know, unlike you, we have all the main channels and the major broadcast in Belarus, or packages of different companies … like there to be more precise … we can browse their page at any time of the day or night. Unfortunately, the only channel "Belarus-TV", satellite, we have created a very hard introduced in the Russian Federation. For example, in Moscow, when we asked Muscovites watched this channel, we first of all have requested for this service with a threshold somewhere around 20 — 25 million. This is more than the cost of the event, the channel that we created. Well, a number of other conditions. So we is not easy. But in some regions, where Russian authorities are going to meet us, after all people have the opportunity to watch the channel, even news broadcasts from Belarus, so you can imagine at least an alternative point of view, which is preached in the main Russian TV channels, and, I do not know, the main or major paper media of the Russian Federation. So for me, I'll be frank, today's conversation, I hope, I repeat that it would be objectively placed on pages of your newspapers. For me it is very important from the point of view of the reports the truth about your life of our republic Belarus. And I think that we should not talk for a long time, in this case, and, perhaps, go directly to that conversation, of which I said at the beginning. And I suggest that the topic of this conversation came from you.

I will try to answer your questions, assuming I want to repeat, suggesting some debate or discussion on various issues.


Lysova TG (Editor of the newspaper "Vedomosti").Alexander G., I want to ask you about the fate of the Union State. Soon, if I am not mistaken, for 10 years the idea, but still it has not progressed to the level that would be noticeable to the citizens, not for the officials and managers. I wonder what kind of you to picture why the Union government has not yet been established, and, in general, this company is stalling?

Alexander LukashenkoYou know, I, in general, the stress again, would like to see you and I had this discussion, the conversation on various issues, so I want to ask you, that you said: "We are building a 10-year union state but not achieved what we would like it … "- something like this, right?

Lysova TGIn any case, do not achieve what was stated. After all, it was a question of a single currency, the merger of the economy, the creation of a common management superstructure. In general, I am, first of all, interested in economic issues, as the editor of the newspaper business. That is, at first it was a very tight integration of economies, up to a common currency. But until that Sun? What we have achieved over the 10 years, it is the Customs Union, which, in general, that's only just begun to act. Why such a slow pace? What's stopping you?

Alexander LukashenkoYou know, first of all, the Customs Union — is one thing, and the Union State — is another. But you are right, it's probably, like we are in conversations and in some cases have achieved something recently. In the framework of the Customs Union and the creation of the Common Economic Space. But I want you to know that what we have achieved in the framework of the Customs Union, it is far below what we have in the framework of the Union of Belarus and Russia, the construction of our union state. This is much lower. And when we were creating the Customs Union, we keep coming back to the Union State, especially me to be reminded that we do not have to make up at this point, and we have to take what we did in the Union State in the Union State. And it would be a giant step forward. And if we do not have something ready soon indiscriminately, the Sun? Anyway, we're going down this path. But we have not achieved what we have done in the framework of the Union State. The fact that there is in the economy, you know, I hope. The fact that we do not become strangers in Russia, Belarus and you, that is to level the rights of our citizens in practice, it is also a fact. That we do not yet have with Kazakhstan, in terms of the Customs Union. Therefore, in this big difference yet, but in favor of the Union State. I deliberately asked the question. You know, you really just say that was declared when creating or agreement on the creation of the Union State. But in a society, unfortunately, even the fact that you said, and there were high expectations. Some of this is represented in general as a Soviet Union, in a society so are, in fact, a unitary state. But you just list what we declared. I would like to briefly say why we have not moved in this direction or in the economy or in the financial or political issues and, you specified the "common currency" and so on and so forth. We did not conduct a referendum, we have no basis of the Union State. See, that's even these "fights" in the Arab arc. What demands put forward civilized — or will the revised Constitution, or where there is no constitution, we will create a constitution. For what? Because it is the foundation, is the legal basis of any construction union, including the Union State. And when we signed the contract with Boris Yeltsin, is the second contract, and already exchanged the instruments of ratification with Vladimir Putin, you remember, that in the Treaty last article — "a referendum at the same time in the two states." What is the goal? The constitution of the Union State. We have not carried out the referendum. And today, there is not that base of the legal basis on which we could build this state. Here there was also a common currency, and Sun? was prescribed. And people had to accept the documents. And we had to move in this direction. We did not. I ask: in order not to escalate the situation not to talk about the reasons. All of you know, why not a referendum. And I have already answered this question, and thereby caused a terrible reaction from some political forces in Russia. You know quite well. I've always said before … We have been offered then: let's move to a single currency. Give. Let's move on. What's next? Indeed, the single currency is not even a brick of the Union State. This is an important element. Well, even brick. And, developing his idea, saying, "Listen, you can not build a house from the roof — you need a foundation." And Sun? time urged that we should go to a referendum and accept the constitution. Due to certain reasons, we did not.

And second, if we deal with currency, because there it was not the Russian ruble and on the Belarusian ruble when we create a single currency. Perhaps it will be our ruble. Or the Russian ruble. Possible. But we had a deal. We were offered no single currency. A common currency, and as it — the Russian ruble. But, when it went to the debate on the single currency (we, of course, could not refuse this discussion, because we would be accused just that we do not want anything to do in this direction), we got involved in this discussion. Began to study the question arose — issuing center. We then asked, "No, issuing center will only be in Moscow." So what's the right time of the Belarusian government in this process and, in particular, the emission center? Rights such as the provinces of the Russian Federation. Now you, the President of Belarus, how would you respond to such proposals?

Lysova TGI would have refused.

Alexander LukashenkoYou see … I refused. Not arguing, you know that the sovereignty, independence and so on. While this is important. Society talking about it. And I can not. As I was there as a "dictator" and you call, and some other, I can not in this case to take individual decision. We need to tell people the truth: that is the common currency, we will go for it. And I know how to react to the Belarusian society. Therefore, we discussed this topic. And kept returning those Belarusian side and our partners have worked to ensure that it is necessary to hold a referendum. Nations approved the Constitution, and that's going to create the elements of the Union State, which it stated.

Then the question arose under the Agreement. And the contract spelled out the major powers now combine our existing and future, that is, that the transfer to the jurisdiction of, as you said, supranational bodies. Russia's leadership felt that too much power would be in this association and this may lead to something similar to the way the Soviet Union collapsed. We did not go into this discussion. We'll see. But the agreement has a contract.

And then you come out of some contracts that we have signed. This little say in Russia. And most importantly — economic. Since you (Lysova TG) represents the economic block, you'll understand. We have signed a number of agreements and agreements which would create, would connect us. And we would not have gone anywhere from Russia. And Russia did not have to go somewhere away from us. Are contracts and agreements on equal functioning of businesses. If this is the general market, economic agents have to swim in it, who as you can, but in the same water, and on equal terms. Russia felt that the previous agreements detrimental to it (I think there were a number of others I can not remember …). And anyway, I'm very critical of the Russian government for it — an unprecedented step — she came out of these contracts. Well to the Americans — equal, unequal weight classes … But what is there to be afraid of the Belarusians in and out of the Treaty? Well, come out. Went further more. More recent events, when (in fact, on the eve of the crisis, especially in a crisis), our products are all blocked in Belarus, were created unacceptable conditions for trade with the Russian Federation. When our contractors, or as they call it, even dealer organizations were in a Russian bank to take out a loan in order to buy and sell the product, and return the loan — the Bank of Russia in this loan is denied. I do not know, we are now aligned it? Probably not yet. So we had to go to the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, and to sell them their third in the country, "BPS-Bank" ("ICB", you know it from the Soviet era), and asked them to help us organize a leasing scheme implementation of technology and other things in the Russian market.

I may be a little messy, but selectively spend examples of how we have recently Cities "fence" in the areas of the Union State, which is not acceptable at all?

Well, again, going back to your specific question: why? Because it is not a referendum and accepted the constitution, which would have established the foundations of the Union State.

But, the truth, moving away from the concept of the general approach to the construction of the Union State, in some areas we wanted to do something. To do something to unite. And do not interfere with the customs (internal movement of goods). With the construction of a single economic space we somehow managed to do this. We are on equal rights of citizens (education, health and so on) have agreed, there are no questions. And, in the end, you come to me at the press conference were driving, or traveling to Belarus, because you already, as in other states, do not stop at the border and, as we say, "hobnailed boots on the door no one knocks" under or between Orsha Orsha and Smolensk, do not check bags, luggage and so on. And it was. I'm not talking about those times when we nationalists were in power, and every Russian man … However, they determine who is Russian, who is not Russian. I always told them that we were opposed to this process, I asked Shushkevich and his henchmen the question: "How do you define: Russian or not he Russian?" We have every Belarusian probably a drop of Russian blood is. They have identified who. And nearly a third of sitting on suitcases — were ready to go to Russia. It was also a difficult process. We had to go to a referendum — I initiated a referendum on the Union of Belarus and Russia. Not so easy … then it was in the chaos, when, I'm sorry, there was nothing to eat. The people clearly said: "Yes, we are for the Union of Belarus and Russia." Therefore, everything that I do in this direction, it is backed up by the will of the people. Let that time, but that the referendum has not been canceled. The status of the Russian language with the Belarusian us. So I recently met with Vladimir Putin, we discussed about the recent events (we have a very trusting relationship with him, no matter what fights were not absolutely trust), we discussed this issue, and I asked him a rhetorical question: "If — say — in Russia someone does not understand the significance of Belarus and our policy, answer the question: in which country the Russian language is the official language? "There is no such state. We did not do it today or yesterday — then we did it. Also passed on this referendum. Everything from symbolism to the Union of Belarus and Russia, we have taken these issues on the referendum. This is the foundation. And all the idle talk that "Lukashenko went to America, Belarus carried on the shoulders", "joined the European Union or NATO," is — talk. To this I have no right, because all the issues identified by referendum, even if I wanted it.

If we continue this topic, I also ask a rhetorical question to those who does not understand me. You know, I was born in Smolensk, graduated Russian school, not to mention my principles, I am absolutely an international person, I do not accept any pressure on religious, national origin, etc., we have in Belarus do not talk today about the fact that " You — Russian ", and" you — Belarusian ". I do not know if that's even Radkov, he was a Russian or Belarusian … For me it does not matter.

Prokhanov AAMathematician (laughs).

Alexander LukashenkoYes, most likely. Physics, and mathematics. Here I do not care is. And the fact that today we have the head of the Security Service, this is contrary to what I said, but I do know it, the guy from Orenburg and Voronezh, and where his relatives still live. Head of the Presidential Security Service. Defense Minister have today Muscovite Yury Zhadobin. Secretary of State, which oversees all the power block, a Russian man. Minister of Foreign Affairs of us Russian people, from the Soviet era, the Soviet foreign minister who came out. And I'm happy with their work. I could list a lot. Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, the Deputy Prime Minister yesterday, Muscovite Kobyakov Aviation Institute at the time ended. We do not have here is this: you are a Russian, Belarusian, Jewish, Polish or Ukrainian. If you can, please come and managers.

If you start, as a leader, to be afraid — you have no place in the presidential chair. You have to be head and shoulders above these issues, then do not have to be afraid of: Russian will, Belarusian, or someone else. The main thing is that it is not of a "fifth column" or an enemy country. That Sun?.

And after December 19, the area of Russia that cry, din, that, "Now, two Russian held, judged" and so on. Boris Nemtsov sent two groups (they were all, according to our data, 12 people). Two remained. Well, they, surveillance cameras show what they were doing. So why do we condemn the Ukrainians, Poles condemned Belarusians convicted. And those who? They are just thugs! So they had to go through the courts, as in any democracy, as your president says the country. They went through the court. But the truth is that we are in prison, they absolutely do not need. So I was convinced internally, even though I did not interfere too much in the process, while in prison, these problems we did not need. All say, "Well, there they Lukashenko wants to put behind bars." Yes, the Lord is with you, why are they there? This will be for Belarus, as ten cases of Khodorkovsky in Russia. I understand that perfectly. They're not needed. And secondly, they're not the Russians. They received a passport in Russia, and it is not a problem today — a second nationality. They lived 16 years in Belarus, and, in my opinion, in the Baltic is one of them. And now do not want to go to Russia. Asking to be left in Belarus. For God's sake. You answered by the court, by law, it is your right to live.

Well, it is, aside from the issues.

So for us Russian, Belarusian … We do not have that such a concept. Citizen of our country. Although the questionnaire it when it is especially in the public service, leadership, as in Soviet times, he writes there: Russian, Belarussian, Polish, Jewish. But this does not affect his fate.

I began, from your question. Narrow you that yet.

Lysova TGAlexander G., still would like to know: Do you have hope, or calculation, or specific expectations with regard to the State of the Union? I do not believe that you are with Putin recently met, never discussed it. Certainly discussed. What is your prediction? Be able to agree or not? Will the state or not? And when? Why do we wait?

Alexander LukashenkoIf it is will depend on would depend only on me, I would have told you exactly how we will build a Union State. Even the time frame would point. As you know, it depends not only and not so much on me. This is the first thing. Secondly, in your sharp pre-election period, which, in principle, have probably started in the Russian Federation, so, started, are unlikely to take any such drastic decisions. Is not a question for this period. Although, you know, it's probably relevant and popular in the Russian Federation. According to our data, at least, and according to which, perhaps, did not sound in the Russian Federation. And for any policy that would be important. Even the presidential candidate, not just a candidate for the State Duma. Sun? will depend on you. Principle, only one — we would like to be respected, valued, and thought we were in the same state, and not by volume, not by GDP, as some try to attribute reserves here, not on the basis of the principles of statehood, as the Russian Federation.

And I'll tell you one thing. As we walked to the Treaty of the Union State, we mean the Ukraine. And we Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin carefully prescribed the document, bearing in mind that, unless we cross some edge (and you know their policies — Square, the state and so on, it is their right, their company, it was prepared, and demanded that the politicians of this) … We are prescribed so that Ukraine has always been with us. Kuchma And then, of course, he was, I'm sorry, spreading — and there, and here. But, nevertheless, there was this idea is very popular at the time and in the community (ie, as we offer this Union State), in Ukrainian society. I know well their mood. And now, by the way, almost 50 percent, yesterday's poll in Ukraine sounded eager to return to the Soviet Union. Who would have thought … almost 50 percent! It is in Ukraine, not to mention Russia and Belarus. Therefore, we had in mind Ukraine. So carefully were the Treaty.

Therefore, we insist that no one is oppressed, and no one ever suggested that Belarus — is a region of the Russian Federation or a province of the Russian Federation. I'm always on this from life says, "Why talk about it? In any state population, the people who do not agree with this, do not even hesitate. " Well, imagine: Belarusians will offer tomorrow to determine how the province of the Russian Federation. How much do you think interest for a vote? Zero. Almost nil. Even we have more radical people who came to us from Russia, they are opposed. Take Mikhail Gorbachev. Whenever he entered the conversation (and you remember suggestions by some Russian politicians, that "it is necessary that Belarus became part of Russia"), and the next day he sent me an instant message that it can not be done: "We, Russian, — he says — You do not recommend you do, especially now. " This is just as an example. And there were many.

And, in general, going from life, I always Russian politicians say: "Why do we say this to scare people, not only the idea, but what we want to do?" Well, then we can talk. Because you can then build a policy so that it really will be a state. Why cry about it today and get ahead? Let us calmly go through, maybe fast, faster than it actually is, but go through these stages. That is not necessary to throw the "dead" ideas in order to ruin the process.

I'm sorry. Please.

Korolev VV (Chief Editor of "Smolensk Newspaper").There was Smolensk, Alexander G.. So it can be started, as you say, with another brick, the other end?

Alexander LukashenkoPskov, Smolensk, Bryansk land include in Belarus? Korolev VV No …


We Smolensk called "Russian Belarusians". And we are not ashamed. So maybe we should start with another brick (your figurative comparison for currency) — proclaimed in Smolensk, the capital of the Union State. And then, building on this base and considering that's the niche which you left in the Treaty and in Ukraine (Dnieper — River Slavic, combines), both in relation to Smolensk? The capital of the Union of Russia and Belarus. Theme.

Alexander LukashenkoIn relation to Smolensk I do a very good feeling and attitude. I was born in Orsha, in Orsha. Do you?

Korolev VV Know.

Alexander LukashenkoOrsha — it's there, near Smolensk, near all. So I have a very good feeling. Beautiful idea. I think if Alexander Prokhanov throw it at the urging and help with money and other things, he would be doing very nicely in his own style to describe: "Dnipro as the giant river — I did not say it — that unites our Slavic peoples ". Probably. I do not deny it. But this is not a new idea. Smolyan is always talking about it, "Well, if you can not there, in Moscow, Smolensk let this aircraft? will do. " But we were not at the periphery. Therefore neither Minsk nor Moscow is losing not. A capital and government, or whatever it is, it would be possible to place in Smolensk. I think Smolensk even at his own expense could build an office for such a case. (Laughs.)

Korolev VVEspecially since you moved there Department of the Embassy. And it works for full and very powerful.

Alexander LukashenkoWe have created a Department of the Embassy there.

In Smolensk, above all, of course, we are there a lot of joint ventures create. And when, in general, for us, the Russian market is almost closed, we were forced to move their production — in parallel to create in Russian cities, including in Smolensk. So for us this is our city. And you will excuse me, I do not claim either to Bryansk, nor to Smolensk. In any case. We have enough of their land. May God give us double the population. And it would be Sun? normal in Belarus. Unfortunately, today we have to restore the pre-war level can not. One in three died.

But what would we have a relationship may be, Bryansk, Smolensk, Pskov, Chernihiv, Sumy region, Kyiv region, and this year it will be when we remove the bread, removing the bread, or as we have there, Smolensk and Vitebsk residents or Mogilev, they're not looking, they are not ready to any field in Mogilev, they are being moved across the border and clean technology fields in the Smolensk region. And I absolutely support. Absolutely support. If in the long run, well, anything can happen, I do not know, God forbid, another will come some "thugs" to power in the Russian Federation (which we also know), well, it's normal security zone, people will never allow obliquely look at Belarus, but not that there any action to pursue. This is by and large.

And if you just about life today to talk, it's our people. Our people. There, to Smolensk, and in Smolensk, talk with an accent Belarusian. Why should not we help them?

And the third. If you get something and you have a piece of bread on the table, it is desirable that the neighbor he was, because if your neighbor is not bread, it's trouble for you. That is, just judging from the promises of life, situations and so on. Therefore, we always pursue this policy is not only far from Belarus, but also with its neighbors.

And when we started the reform of agriculture, normal, from the ground, creating the conditions for people, built agricultural towns … And we have nearly completed the process remained doshlifovat across the country completed. We do not just cost, dearly, but we did it. And there is a result. Imagine: in Soviet times, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we did not sell agricultural products, just something to Moscow, Leningrad delivered. But now we have sold in the past year, we have sold, in a bad year for agriculture, he was with us the same as you do, only the level of agricultural development is different, last year we sold you nearly $ 3 billion of agricultural products . For Belarus this huge figure. And Belarus is, except for the southern regions of the southern area, in the area of critical agriculture. Our agriculture is very risky. Therefore, it is also a great success. And we mainly village (what I am saying this) reformed. And when people come to us Russian governors, we have one of those negotiations — we like to create at least one instance. And we are in many Russian cities, western Russia (I do not remember where … in Nizhny Novgorod, Kaluga, in my opinion, is to some), there we are building not only agricultural towns (agro — a small link in the reform of the village) we create a normal, large cooperatives. Well, you do not like the collective and state farms, perhaps it is already outdated name, but it is a cooperative, it is the same farm — a collective farm on other principles. We do this in Venezuela, in other countries that so wish. Well, in the center — the agro, the same machine yard, grain processing zernotok as we used to call, farm, pig complexes and complexes for the production of beef, and so on, the birds, and so on. But the main thing — it is an array of land from food (from abroad is not going to deliver.) So we create these complexes. And the fact that we have not destroyed here these collective farms from the Soviet times, and began to convert them on a new basis, including economic ones, even Westerners who came to us (they invest in our agriculture), we are ready to buy this set , but they say, "Only the collective farm. No, we land, piece, no need for farming. " As we previously thought: 50 hectares hand out, and will be good, or at 15. They do not. Because the 50-hectare never be profitable, it's very hard to lead. But the complex — 7, 10, 12 000 hectares — is for them to benefit. And they are willing to buy from us these complexes.

That even I can think of — "Unimilk" — your (it now "Danone" bought) company, they came to us and asked to work at once to buy a lot of money is such a farm. We still refused.

Where we went to the reform of the village, even without subsidies, agriculture in the past year has given bad about 3 percent profit margin without subsidies. So, the village can live. And our prices for natural gas, and last year for oil and petroleum products in general have been sky-high, comparable to yours. You price, say, 70 — $ 90 for natural gas, and we have — 230 today (more expensive than in Germany, you will sell us natural gas, although we are on more than two thousand kilometers closer than Germany).

So we had to get out and to ensure food security. We provide it. We may not produce all of the products for themselves, and some even can not produce (bananas, kiwi fruit, coffee, etc.), but most of us make.

I could tell a lot of how we imported onions. It was believed that in Belarus bow Not able to produce. Today, we produce more than 50,000 tons of onions. This is an example. Completely satisfy their need and as many sell to Russia. And besides, no one would argue with the price and trading — and come from the warehouse immediately exported to Russia. And the quality of it is normal. Even grapes have begun to do, melons — watermelons. Last year I was brought to the Gomel region, saying, "Eat." It promised the people that we will do. I do not believe it. In the fall first story on television, and then I was there, saying, "Here you go." Excellent watermelons! Sun? you can do.

By the way, the climate has changed. We used to produce corn for silage only, but now we have not just the grain we produce corn seeds (seeds to sow them, and imported from the country and from the Stavropol). Durum wheat were taken only from Stavropol and Kazakhstan in Soviet times and today we did not deliver the wheat, including durum. The climate has changed, and we have learned to work. We will not ruin our selection centers: no livestock, no agriculture. Sun? we saved it. We have good scientists. Set them severe problems.

Before, you know, brought us to the plots in agriculture (you know, scientists say. Perhaps Alexander knows as it were), this delyanochka 2 weave. It cultivated new varieties and gave for mass production. I remember back on its own, we have always criticized them: two acres can grow good crops and good seeds, and take on 1,000 hectares, and so on. The question was. But I took these scientists of the Institute of Agriculture, vegetables (remember, they were with us, and still is), I gave them huge complexes land — indeed, make it in their normal field, then we will transfer to mass production. Shouted noisy scientists, Academy of Sciences. But where to go? Passed on to them for 10 — 12 000 land. Who is the best complexes. That is, the scientists had to produce results not on a piece of land, and in normal areas. Elite seeds, elite breed of cattle, the best expertise — people literate, went around the world, took the best of what is acceptable to us (the good, it is close beside us was — the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany), Sun? it is the best adapted and brought in Belarus. We have announced that five-year period, if the rural economy, we need doshlifovat basic processes in the countryside, bring up agriculture. Let feeding people, helping Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine half the sugar we bought. We already have a problem with that. And we used to sugar imported mainly from Ukraine, Cuba. We are now fully own their factories provided the raw material for sugar beet. Many can speak on this subject. Not only on agriculture but also on industry, modernization and so on. But we chose this way. And we are ready to share this experience and help, if needed, and the Russian Federation.

Korolev VVAlexander G., thank you.

It is clear that the topic of agricultural industry, the topic of ideal farming — is horse Belarus.

But I wanted to ask you about nuclear power: whether Belarus to build nuclear, just as you had planned, after the events in Japan? And what role will there Smolensk experts, professionals from the Smolensk nuclear power?

Alexander LukashenkoYou know, you are not quite right, that agriculture in our specialty. We have a third of GDP — oil and chemistry. One-third of GDP. More than industry.

Korolev VVSorry for the provocation.

Alexander LukashenkoNo, no, skate in the sense that we started working solidly this, because this is elementary, if people can not feed, then what kind of state and stability can speak. So I came out of this. So we started to feed people's normal to hit the shelves was its products. And if we have to import 1.5 percent — two are importing, the import of food products — bananas, kiwi, etc., and some specialties. We want their sausage and Spanish, for example, to try. Oh, please, no one did not mind. But this is only 1.5 — 2 per cent, which we import from abroad. Therefore, it really is, as a priority, as it was our priority as a fad. You said is correct. But that you may know our structure — oil and chemistry, then industry. Then agriculture occupies a small fraction of GDP, the income of our country in general, in exports. Basically, you call us, and we are used to it, "assembly shop of the Soviet Union." Well, some people call "finishing production." It was reasonable, in the Soviet era it was built all reasonable: resources, raw materials, processed, or mined in Russia, parts, assemblies were created there. All this had to be sold on the tech West, because they sold more than oil and gas, we have a lot of engineering products in the world sold, including back to the west, in the east — not so (Japan did not, but not so much in China I had, they had a different policy). But there are many we sell. And it's all moving to the west. And final production was in Belarus, partly in Ukraine, but not much, because the MIC was very strong in Ukraine, and there was something in the Baltics. What became of the VEF, Rafik those in the Baltics, locomotive plant (in my opinion, there were a lot of things)? This is not. And nuclear power plants that do not, we once built there. Left Belarus. We clung to it. I remember the mid-90s, when offered for nothing. And the total was the policy: what you Chubais that we (I'm not naming names, because they have regrouped and are working on large jobs). All sold, "Let's sell everything for a dollar, all made private. That's all. The state should not interfere there. " I, a peasant, probably looked, I say: "How not to interfere?" Well, Russia can afford it — it has oil and gas. A hole is formed — you can plug this hole petrodollars. And we, if we destroyed the country and the real sector of the economy as it is called, it will cease to pay attention to and support them … I am totally turned this policy and said, "Nope. The state should go ahead. If there is no private investment, we will pick up and modernize this industry, agriculture, petrochemicals, chemicals, and so on and so forth. " And we have achieved something here, in the process.

As for the nuclear power plant. This is akin to space in Belarus. Perhaps even Prokhanov not know that we are seriously engaged in space programs, we have created the Mission Control Center?

Prokhanov AAI know.

Alexander LukashenkoOh, maybe. I'm sorry to call you because I'm always looking, and thank you for what you are, sometimes I have to regret, almost alone "war" for Belarus, even on channels far from sympathy for Belarus as RTVi and others. But this is akin to what we have for the second five-year period following the path of modernization, a deep modernization of our economy, we go on the path that you, too, have gone, upgrading, creating on the basis of new biotechnologies, nanotech processes you went. In general, you're looking to the future. We've been doing the second five. And nuclear technology. We have good professionals, but the plant was not. And from Belarus in Smolensk many people work at the nuclear plant. In general, the Smolensk nuclear power plant is actually a Belarusian — in Soviet times, we get a lot of power there, then no it is not shared. But we did not develop this area. We have a great relationship — we have skewed electricity, sources of electricity generation — are all basically on natural gas. Natural gas, over 80 percent of electricity we get from there. No water, no wind, basically this. And, of course, the question of diversification of the sector. And we asked the Russians primarily to us, they built a nuclear power plant. Vozimsya have probably three years. It has long had to make a decision and begin the construction of the power plant. Today, there are other companies, such as Japanese, who are willing to come here. Why do we Americans really worked the last six months or a year? We really wanted to support the Americans in this respect, that they have allowed the Japanese, but it's basically American technology without authorization to build the Japanese Americans will not. So we asked them to. We were ready to give them (signed in Astana on an agreement with the Americans) remaining highly enriched uranium weapons. Several hundred pounds. But only that they supported. Therefore, they have supported us since the signing of the Agreement, that, yes, we will not interfere with Japan that she took part in this competition. Koreans also responded. The Chinese say, "If you want, we can build you." But, probably, a little while lower level of security. Although I do not think that China is poor security stations, they are building them in their packs. But we stayed in the Russian version. Last time, during the visit of Vladimir Putin, a preliminary agreement has already been signed. This infrastructure will be worth 6 plus 3 — about $ 9 billion (after all, it is necessary to build a city for people to live, so the road infrastructure — the roads, and so on). And somewhere around $ 6 billion, will cost the station (about as in Leningrad last built and seems to be in the Kaliningrad region, Russia plans to build, it is about the nuclear power plant).

The second direction — outer space. When deciding on our Belarusian satellite … failed launch from Baikonur. You know, there were 9 (more than a dozen were), in my opinion, the satellites. I was there. Then the rocket fell and were destroyed by these satellites. But made a new, improved (there would be no happiness but in disguise). Basic details of the elements, including optics, electronics, this is Friendship. And in Russia, satellites are created, especially of remote sensing (we launch the satellite Belarusian), here are the basic elements of the Belarus. We have created the MCC. We adapted to the Russian all elements. This is as one would work. And somewhere just a few months, for the past are preparing for launch, will be launched Belarusian satellite.

Now we are building satellites for other countries already at or basic elements, including the People's Republic.

So here is one of the elements — the nuclear power plant and space. Other areas — cutting-edge technologies on which we are going.

Satellite … You know, as I was criticized? It's not just that the dictator sits in the center of Europe and was, you know, wanted to launch a satellite. No, not the question. And so do we really have to remotely explore our Earth? And so we, Belarusians, and can go up in a helicopter, fly over it in a day, and see everything that we need. Is not the question. This is — a commercial project (we sign an agreement, and many states have already agreed to join this, pay big money, the price of something that our satellite minuscule, and it will pay off very quickly). But this is not important. But the main thing is that since the Soviet times we still had a very good school, who worked for the Soviet space. And I do not want to lose these people and this area.

And once we have begun this work, the revived this trend in our science, in our economy. And people today money from the budget request, they work. That is, we have saved a school that we once had. And the optics, electronics, you know, it is a priority in the Soviet era was the Belarusians. Therefore, we are quite far advanced.

If it is widely about it.

That is, we must have with the Russians. Probably not, and only just (after the last negotiations).

Prokhanov AAAlexander G., in December, in essence, an attempt was foiled coup — a coup in Belarus. Incidentally, I was almost at these events, because you have been invited to be an observer of the elections. Coming and going investigative procedures and the courts. Here to tell us what revealed by these consequences, it is a conspiracy, who sponsors this financial and political conspiracy? If any of these sponsors Russian companies and the Russian political forces and the elite? And here's the injury, of course, for the country, it was injury, as it is partly, perhaps, distorted domestic and foreign policy of Belarus?

Alexander LukashenkoYou know, let me tell you what, maybe even in Russia do not see what happened — the pogroms, and so on … As an American, that of the "Washington Post" questions head on, I will not, because you're absolutely see what I did right. Well, where permissible, to the gang … and condemn those we probably only 47 people. We have detained about 630 people — those who had been directly at the Government House. All there (say, "50", "100 000" … this area has never fit 50,000!) Was only 5 — 5500 people. And I tell you frankly, I at all stages not just focused on the situation, I saw it on the screen (where the terms we monitored the entire Minsk, we see in every corner, where that happens.) So I actually was involved in the management of the operation. And when the storm began, I'm the Minister of the Interior ordered that, you guys are the same look, the same half of the onlookers, and, secondly, drunken people (because the election took place, and we, in good Soviet times in elected on sites you've seen, and cupboards, and beer), we have one in no way limited. Well, clearly, people do, in Russian, drank a little bit. And these same opposition cleverly did — they went from October Square to Independence Square, the one mile (or whatever), and shouted that the Sun?, Lukashenko has been overthrown, the new government created Rescue Committee, or a new government, and so on. Well, people have a lot of onlookers: "How Lukashenko not? The new government? She already goes to the House of Government. " Police nowhere. It was my team — that was not in the street police to prevent them to remove the picture. The main thing it was to remove the picture. Maybe this was my mistake, I had to lock up this October Square and will not let go. Well, it would have removed the picture, and maybe went to. And I'm the opposite, removed all the police in the street, but a few people along the way traffic police was empty. Incidentally, they were beaten on the feet — foot traffic cop broke because they were there in the form, pounced on these guys, and what they can do against the three thousand? Come back (five and a half thousand crowd began storming the Government House), I see it in real time. I gave the order: to cut off this head, which stormed. And as soon as riot police went through cut them in the square, they all ran away. Indeed, there were onlookers, they are all gone. Seven and a half minutes was this operation. And this neatly we loaded into cars and taken to the appropriate place to see what kind of people, to find out, and to each his own pay. Sun? was captured on film. And not only surveillance cameras, but also Russian, our journalists, reporters Georgia, Ukraine (they provided us with the investigation at the request of these films). We whole? saw it. So I will not dwell long on this, but just want you to notice that in contrast to the so-called "democratic" America and Europe, we are not one with water pouring into this cold, we have no tear gas was applied. Well, if it entered the fray with the riot police, then, of course, got a club on the back. It is natural. But I say, seven and a half minutes! We do not shoot, do not break, do not hit, does not crumble, but the protection of the law of government buildings. As for the White House at the time we did not shoot out of the tanks. You know it too well. Here we are reproached, "Here, Lukashenko … We had to let them out the next day. And everything would be fine. " Who is normal? In the West, with the United States? I am right now, they said, "Since you can not talk. And you can not. " You can not talk to them! They — indecent people: say one thing and think another.

I have an alarming fact: why on the eve of elections (not like me to raise the rating — the opposition supported) suddenly two foreign ministers were asked at the reception — Westerwelle and Sikorski (Polish and German). When I was told, that literally pass, I say, "There's something wrong. I do not understand their visit … What are they going to see me? "The opposition began to howl (not the opposition, it is — our" fifth column "), so that they raise my rating. I said, excuse me, I do not have the rating. Well, they tried us any pre-conditions of his visit to push. Prerequisites such as: and in the media is not very necessary to speak, and to use this visit, and so on and so forth. I am the head of the Administration said, "Tell them that we visit them now do not need." — "No, no, Alexander G., what matters. No conditions. We want to come. " — "Come." We sit, talk, talk peace, "We understand you in this," "We support you so," and so on. Why are we with the West? We Vladimir Vladimirovich the subject touched. I told him that in Russia believe that Lukashenko was flirting with the West, or almost to the West unfolded. I say, what nonsense … I did understand, and on the eve of elections, a few days, said that in the West, I completely broke. I ideologically stranger to them, they will never take me there. I can not their "song" to sing. I always openly and honestly before the election (take my all performances). I valued it properly. But today we have a turnover of 48 percent with the West and with Russia — 45. I can ignore the fact that half of the products we sell today with the European Union, with the United States? That's only the European Union and the United States — 48 percent. I can not ignore it. Today we settlements in dollars and euros even with Russia. We asked the Russians: "Look, let's move on to the Russian ruble (that's just a question that you asked.) Well, what we trade through the "American" with the Russians? Let's we have to make the Russian ruble. And this rise authority. You want a regional currency to the Russian ruble. Let's start with this — we are made in Russian rubles. " So what? Kudrin said: "No, in dollars." We're losing a lot on it, converting the Russian ruble to the dollar, the Belarusian … confusion. We would have made the Russian ruble and calculated. But mainly we trade in the euro, the dollar, and so on. That is, they have plenty of leverage. And not such a fool Lukashenko, Behold, he, you know, such a simpleton, he would turn to the West, to turn away from Russia, to go … Well, that, well, well, well, came to the West Radkov without Lukashenko and Belarus led tomorrow. What? Well, tell me, that's what tomorrow Belarus to get out? What are we, their needs are met from the economy of the West or America? No! What we do not, is in Russia. And so on and so forth. Not speaking about the past, about the mentality that we are Russian people are, and so on and so forth. All of this in Russia. So what's the idiot here as president, will turn the country back to what you need? Speaking on this issue, based on a bytovuhi of any such line everyday, no. And so they came. Now I know why they came on the eve of the election — I had to "lull". This was the scenario. But I never thought that in our country, where the "fifth column" — eight people, the militants — four (we know them all by name, and they just sit in Minsk, and they just sit on the money of foreigners), I never thought that this can happen, this "squabble", the attempt of mayhem. And so I felt so relaxed.

I jokingly say that the elections were conducted in a democracy, in the evening that I was sick of this democracy. In Russia, they say, did you hear that, Sun? They wanted, the opposition. Sun? They wanted, the main Russian channels are given (and they all have in Belarus). It all looked. Moreover, we used the pre-election debate, as usual, were recorded to be culturally (somewhere, maybe something cleans and so on), but they demanded that 9 people alternative candidates: "Give us a live broadcast. Demand "West immediately yelled," Live, live! "Then out of the OSCE popriezzhali. "Sun? — I say — well, live." — "Type in violation of the laws (Decree of the President has the right to sign), we enter the electoral commission." In CEC, the territorial commissions of all entered. Entered. When they began to check … Here we have seen what this party. They have a few dozen — a former prisoner, and they recommend them. Well, like Zhirinovsky party of former prisoners. And we have by law it can not be — had to withdraw. They did not even have the bottom of people put in these commissions. Entered.

If we come fundamentally, of which, however, one is not registered — they have not collected signatures. I do not know, say it or not? .. How much is given (it is — the chief of staff of my campaign)?

Radkov AMWhen you say out loud to his staff, we were, "Well, help them build …"

Alexander LukashenkoGave half of our signatures to them to register them to the West did not yelled that there dictator, he is one usurped power and did not let me. We registered them. I have already asked the CEC: "I beg you, do not take your one." One was taken (out of ten — nine left), who rewrote the Vitebsk from the phone book people, even dead. And when they began to watch, it is a long book — there is so many people do not live in the area, much copied! Well, that's wildness was. Agreed. It there, this man did not know. And I do not remember his last name. Sun already did? To register. Dali broadcast. Sun?. These appeals were alone (do not believe me, check out this Sun? Written): "On the Square" So much so, that "the Russian bullet in the head Lukashenko." Recorded Sun?. I Sun? endured. Sun? suffered, I think, that I have never accused me here by force hold that power. I knew her, as they say now, rating, I knew how many people will vote for me. Sun?, Observers 2000 only from the West and Russia. And not all of Russia to our friends arrived. You were. By the way, we have removed the restriction on entry to anyone who has even been denied entry to Belarus. Sun?, Come — intelligence, anyone — see the election. You see them. You were seen mostly in Minsk. Imagine what it was in regions where there are up to 100 percent were willing to vote for Lukashenko.

And most importantly, the last day of voting in our polls closed at 8:00, and the men returned (who is from the country, who else where) at the ninth hour, and crowds of people came to vote. And I call: "Alexander G., what do we do? Thousands of people are on the site to vote. " And so on. But we knew it was my supporters, I say, "No, Sun?, Do not. Here's an 8 agreed we do not need any more interest, anything (that would be even higher percentage). " And we actually spit into the soul of his people — we do not have extended the vote to nine or ten hours. I was totally against it.

Approximately 80 percent of the vote for the incumbent. Well here you can fake? .. We must be able to play. No.

Why do we have them, these so-called our friends, Alexander Andreyevich (Prokhanov), hold back? And we would like to clarify: who they are, where the money, why overturned? After all, one of them, one of the leading, as they were called, was deputy foreign minister Sannikov. The second — the man saved from prison, he headed the Union of Writers (stolen money … uvoroval where previously worked … he led some newspapers and magazines and there uvoroval, and the Writers' Union). I receive the documents on the table, I said, "Listen, take documents not want to see. Not want to see. And do not bring. We still have — say — there was the chairman of the Union of Writers to jail. " But he was at that time, fearing escaped to Finland. His record and we had no right, because it is necessary that you have lived for five years in the country before the elections. He does not live here. We register it. But we wanted to know: where the money and who are these people? And then we just said. You can add here and Russian money. We shall not pedaliruem. But there is, unfortunately, unfortunately …

And the fact that the special services of Poland and Germany is organized, we had to say directly. And this is the result of the investigation. This they said to the camera. And do not say that, you know, in Belarus and tortured and so on. Listen, to what you can get idiocy. I fully understand that in fact. If only reached me about some torture, no person would be gone. In our time, in the heart of Europe … And anyway — why?

I can tell you only one case. One of them, a strong leader, not naming names, a hunger strike, "Do not eat, I'm dying." Well starve. I report to the Chairman of the KGB, said: "This is so and so, do not eat and so on, what to do," I said, "What's in these cases, they do this" — "We can force feed". What drove him to the hospital to feed. I saw it: "Guys, Sun? tell you do not have to feed. " Sun? said: Where were taken, as were taken in what mansions wrote these programs are contributed. We have all these schemes with their words, but we basically knew that, they are obvious.

And you know what hit? Great West. Officials are on this feed. Right now the European Union and the United States announced they are ready to provide them 87 million. 87 million euros in funds to allocate certain! Taxpayers' money in the fund — the fund slightly unbuttoned, earned. Come on these schemes (in Lithuania, Poland, part of Ukraine), send the money. And there, on these points, sit, and this "fifth column" … in Belarus until the money comes — it is about 10 percent (we thought) in the past times. Sun? else — share. Therefore, it is their business, it is their commerce. We also wanted to know. We have the right, Alexander Andreyevich know? Entitled. We now see it. Why is there so much excited in Poland, when I said, and in Germany? What was excited! We named the facts — check. Check not want. So, as with separate … That reproach me, "killed", "hung" (several, 3 or 4 people. As they are Belarusians call "skradennye" uvorovannye, killed somewhere). We found people in Germany, their newspapers printed, photos of him (we urgently require MFA: check, give us the information), one of them. So far, no response. So where are these people?

Recently, I do not know whether or not, and did not say one of the alleged ex-candidate, who was under investigation, and we have them released on his own recognizance on somewhere fled. Escaped or run away? .. I pray to God that they all ran away, that's tomorrow. They're on the travel restrictions. Let run everything. But there they do not need anyone — they need here. So, unfortunately, Alexander A., Russia — many faces, you know perfectly well there are different political forces, including the financial ones. I do not want to accuse the leaders of Russia and so on. But when I talk with the Russian leadership, I say that this is still Russia, and you are the leaders there, and if we have such a good relationship and we want to build a Union State, then you too, please help me somehow there us, that of Russia, although the money did not go to the "fifth column." I emphasize that it is not the opposition, it is — the "fifth column." Why? So I look for the Communists in Russia. Well, where the Communists were told: "Enter the sanctions against Russia. Put the defense, nuclear weapons around, so they do not even breathe, those Russians who support Putin and Medvedev? " And here they (the opposition) as saying: "immediate sanctions" That's forbidden to enter a few dozen people there, and they laugh, our "fifth column" of, say, "That's sanction … We must introduce economic sanctions to those Belarusians felt the and whom to support. " Here the opposition in Russia, she never … right up there so that's kind of like stand and turn to the Americans. But this bunch, which is unlikely to have any effect. And we all are like that.

Only once we are in the 90s, when we had a terrible crop failure and there was nothing to clean up the bread we bought in the Czech Republic for $ 40 million grain durum (nothing to feed the people, those were the days when I was the only President were empty shelves, and another poor harvest this one), we bought. They categorically opposed (known Havel was in power — the worst enemy not only you, but also us): "Do not give them credit." Well, somehow we managed.

Crushed and pressed us so far. And go there (to the West), "Only economic sanctions! Only. " Well, intelligence …

"Fifth Column." No it's not the opposition.

So it was not easy. At least superficially like nothing happened. But we do science. You can never lose vigilance. At rest, no one will leave. No one! We have a clear vision of it. Therefore, we rely on our own strength.

We never simply will not. IMF arrived, "Now, you have a bad currency (stirred the whole population, frightened people), you have a 50 percent devaluation of conduct. You know, as the IMF demands. All ran in the exchange offices. And we are today is not easy. But we are their obligations to the people implementing it. Do you want to change rubles for dollars — well change. Tomorrow it will be time will change these dollars to rubles, because stores for dollars, we will not buy, it is necessary rubles. Lose on this exchange. But, nevertheless, the situation begin to destabilize.

Take the Internet — a boon for people, and how much damage … We also have the Internet, social networks, these were all these links. But we've gone.

I would like you to understand us. We are trying to explain. But on his knees in front of anyone will not stand. Endure, it is not kept. We were in the middle of the last century, leveled to the ground. We could never think that we are the hands that's something like that can create (from Belarus, by the way, all the materials: the chandelier, and so on and so on). Because … When the old people come and look, where we work, what we create, and so on, they cry, they say: "We are after the war did not think that we even live in a house." And today we are reducing already housing, because, apart from Minsk, and a half — two years on the waiting list and people are given accommodation. Therefore, we slightly compress the process, people to invest themselves. But in due time, it is fifteen years in fact we were going, we had priority exports, housing, food. Food — we decided. With housing we understand more or less. But the export we will work because it is the currency. We have a negative balance of payments. Because, for example, the price of oil, gas, three times again rebounded. We need money to … How much to sell sausage, potatoes, dairy products and some tractors to pay at that price for the natural gas and oil? Real sector always lags behind these speculative leaps. And we, of course, is very difficult and hard.

And I must give credit to … So we talked with Putin. Everyone thinks that Lukashenko and Putin foes. Never been enemies. Never! As we did not bang their heads in there somewhere … I said something, he said something. We were never enemies. Never! And we talked normally with him, discussing all the problems. And here is the last Union Council of Ministers, we can say, a breakthrough in our relations. We signed an agreement that three years could not work out at the nuclear power plant, and other issues. In principle, the outstanding issues remained in the economy. I think in my upcoming visit to Moscow, we and the President of Russia all the political, military and political issues solvable. Solvable. And it is not because, you see, Lukashenko in the West do not take, so here it is again turned to Russia. By the way, Mr Putin once said: "If you think that we will not build a relationship with the West, they're wrong." And he called to him the reason. And then, I say, you almost ready to join NATO, and why we must excuse me, "the dog" with these NATO members and the Europeans? No, we will stand with a normal relationship. This is bad, this is not normal, we are between a rock and a hard place — between Russia and the European Union were: both have "strangled", and these have "crushed". Well, clearly, this is our destiny, we are at a crossroads in our geographical center of Europe. But we do not want to be a, you know, dividing strip. We want to treat us properly. We will build these relationships, without turning either to the West or the North or the South or the East. We are here, this is our land.

But I want you to understand. When speaking at Prokhanov RTVi and says about us, and I am sometimes in tears listening to him, I will, first of all these people, I want to say that we — the Russian people. Not the Russians, not Belarusian. We — the Russian people. Remember, this one in demand, consumer proposition: "We're Russian people." Are you from this outcome.

Vladimir Karpov (Deputy editor of Radio "Russian news service").Alexander G., if you will. "Russian news service". Speaking of the Russian people. You are building the Union State associate something with elections in Russia in 2012? Maybe someone specifically of those people, who are called the most likely candidates? Disputes about — Putin, Medvedev, Medvedev or Putin — they are now acute in Russia. Who, in your opinion?

Alexander LukashenkoYou know me, even if I knew the answer to that question, I would not speculate in this regard.

I know, I know a lot, a lot of sense, because I know of one and the other. But the truth is, I think, and no one in Russia today, no matter how acute the situation, will not deny that it is possible to arrange them. Perhaps you and it would be nice if the two men agreed. Here I am in favor of this — to be decided.

Although lead the discussion … they are good fellows, they themselves do not initiate from this process, so the company began now to discuss the question, "Who's there?" And so on. This is undignified. This is, in my opinion, Gorbachev blamed, saying: "And in this case, where we, the Russians? What does it mean to an agreement? And we, the Russians, where? "So they behave decently. Although it is not easy. And in the West and in Russia, especially in the West, and the Americans, they wanted to know today: how? and who?

I will say it again, I would not want to even talk about it. You asked: "Who?" I know, and one I know and the second. And I totally appreciate them objectively. And I have more information than anyone sitting at this table, and, perhaps, someone in Russia, except the people close to them, with which they openly said to be more open than me. Because I worked with them, I know them inside out. Therefore, any phrase, any gesture to them, I can already seen through this knowledge. And draw conclusions. Yes, I'm doing them.

With who? If you get rid of, I'm sorry for it, the syndrome of "Lukashenko," we'll do something. If you'll still believe that "now he will break tomorrow, grab wear the crown and carry in Minsk," so that you and I can build? Forgive me for saying so. But we will not hide it. This is so, we do see it. So do not carry personal moments on the sacred. Our unity and our friendship, our unity — is sacred, no one can destroy it. And if someone tries to be bad. We tried. Three years — and the people they see? L electing boy President, the first President. We have never had a President — elected me. Do I deserve this? No. Were experienced people, friendly people, but the people gave up and went for Lukashenko. And in the case, because it had been initiated frantically policy, foreign to our Slavic people. And their people are courageous. Here they are now walking around with these nets, string bags and empty bottles to be delivered at a store or on the point of glass (I'm not exaggerating, it is), and all the people laugh. And they lead the state yesterday and claimed that to continue to do this. Every other day there are sober: the day drunk, waste — get drunk again …

Therefore, the people dared. So I'm sure. Well, there is some suspicion, some have other reasons. So go inhibition of the Union State. But it is holy, we Sun? still come to this. And I often say this: "I'm sorry, that's probably not us, but someone else. And could we. And it would be nice. " What do you believe in this argument that the Belarusian — this parasite, can not work and so on? You know, if our (less than ten million people have) even freeloaders were with you, you would not notice. With such huge wealth that Russia has, you would not have noticed. Here you are now, that's Alexander Mikhailovich (Radzkou) you name a point on the map, we'll take you to any place in Belarus. We have everything: the poor are agricultural enterprises, weak. It's the same country, a huge country — from north to south for almost eight hundred kilometers, that's a lot. Let us have been brought, we show how we guard you, your safety. Give.

Alexander Andreyevich (Prokhanov) why Belarusian army, tell me? Here I am, Commander, I ask you a question: why is it us? Are we alone can defend themselves, if we go to war against? No. We have that, if you suddenly become the aggressor, that the dictator is sitting here, fighting will start tomorrow, are we any country will be able to capture even a small Estonia (Lithuania, Latvia), it is also a NATO today? No. So I know it better than anyone. Then why do we need this army? Today we are 75 thousand people dress, feed, shoes. And the Russian military, and NATO members, I read some of "opus" and writings, they note, NATO, I recently read a review of: "The battle-trained army and the former Soviet Union in Eastern Europe is Belarus." We have the most modern air defense systems. We created it, we have preserved and multiplied. Tell me, please, that these rhetorical questions, I'll ask: what if there was a Belarusian army, did not have this shield, as Russia would feel, and what would it cost? We kind of thought when we began to reproach, that we — weight on the feet that we're, you know, eats Russia and so on. After all, for Moscow here in the West, do the same, except us. No, Russia. This is also true. I will not list how many airfields and aircraft from the Russians, and so on, do not. We carry out this function, we have created a regional grouping of forces. And then under my pressure, Yeltsin did not come. This is what we agreed with Putin and created this regional grouping. And with Medvedev, we must pay tribute, we even have a joint exercise conducted when Belarusian and Russian armies participated as a unit, and NATO officials excited when we conducted exercises in the Baltic, in Belarus, Ashuluk (Astrakhan region), the Moscow Military District. All were raised as to the most difficult times in 2009. These were supermassovye teaching. This was to develop common actions. So who needs this army — the question. The answer is clear. Today I spodvigaet power of Russia, the President of Russia: "You see, we have a problem here and here (there is a small problem), let them close the modern Russian weapons." — "Yes, this is correct, it should be done." Three years can not do that!

Help us. We need to upgrade the defense. You know, it's not about the money. Many components for air defense systems, the same car basically, they are produced in Russia. We say, "Well, you are buying, we have a market economy." So I say, "Guys, I defend you, and yet you have to buy a machine, in order to protect you?" This is a quote, I say so. But we do it. This is a proof that we are … I'm not talking about the Russian bases, for which we get nothing. And we do not close them, and we can and can not blow up (the base of the missile attack warning). Because it is — the safety of our brothers. And if I did, how would Russian people reacted to this, if I took it and said, you know, do not pay close tomorrow? When you have the fan when Chubais was blackout, we were easy, we also did not have enough, but no Russian military (and then their units, basically there are Belarusians, on these bases, and are unpretentious, the Russians never claim me for it did not show), we never any basis not disabled. Have you turned off in Russia, because you did not have enough power. And we did it at his own expense. That is, we behave like partners … a bad word … we just behave as a single state, rooting for you and for myself. My commonplace phrase. I told them humanly speaking, Westerners, even to someone who is critical of me and inside of Belarus: "You know, well, the tanks can not safely pass through Belarus to Moscow. We have our own state, sometimes we have spark, but can not. " I think it's worth a lot. And it should be valued. Today, Americans pressured Lukashenko, not because he — a dictator, as they say, there is no democracy. Why Saudi Arabia no one is pushing? Why do not press, the same oh what a dictatorship, and in other states, but here crush? Policy!

A. Cherniak (Deputy editor of the magazine "Russia Today").Alexander G., sages say that the one who does not know his history, has no future. As ethnic Belarusians, like a man who has something to do with the history, I would like to say a sincere thank you for the publication of 146 volumes of the history of Belarus under the project "Memory". For each area for each settlement is finally a historical document, and the document for the ages, it will be read by grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be our reading.

Very valuable and other work, which is now in great demand in Russia in modern history, I mean work, edited and Proleskovsky Kryshtapovich "Belarusian way." Speaking of the Belarusian model of economic development has been much controversy and at first it was a giggle, but now recognized Belarusian model of the world community, and even came to my knowledge, here, to you, to study the matter. But, nevertheless, in our common history, which we are discussing today is … not that white spots, by the way, and the spots are, but there are some people who have played in the development of our countries great role, they are somehow unfairly pushed back into the shadows. Well, first of all, I would call Rogneda — princess of Polotsk, who became the wife of Vladimir the Red Sun, gave birth to four boys and two girls. These guys later became the Grand Dukes and, in fact, led the Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian people, as one — Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev sat on the table, Mstislav — Tmutarakan became the Prince and Taman — to Smolensk, how do I proceed. But, in any case, only for the Belarusian line grandchildren Rogneda 44 Prince was. Great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the European part led 14 European countries. But in Polotsk no street Rogneda, there is no monument to her. There are three Orthodox churches revered Orthodox — Kiev Sophia, Novgorod and Polotsk Sofia Sofia. So there is a museum, and all the talk about the nun Euphrosyne of Polotsk (great-grandmother), and about Rogneda not even remember.

In this very Vitebsk under your patronage is conducted "Slavic Bazaar", a great success. Why not set up in Vitebsk on this "Slavonic Bazaar" award for female winners' name Rogneda "and for men -" Alexander Nevsky, "which is also married to Princess Alexandra of Vitebsk and thus continue the race Rogneda in Russian history, Russian history .

A further example of such a man, too, deserve to be relegated to the shadows, — Nikolai Petrovich Rumyantsev. Today I have before your appointment took to the streets of Minsk, ten people asked the question: "Who is Rumyantsev?" Only one answer. But Rumyantsev from a remote village made a handsome city, which is still known in the world — the city of Gomel. Rumyantsev built this mansion in the center of Moscow, which now housed your Embassy. This Rumyantsev in Belarus has introduced one of the first new system of education, when younger and more knowledgeable to help the less knowledgeable. Why not enter the awards or scholarships named "Count Rumyantsev" for students or for young business people, for he was one of the first ministers of commerce in our country? Russian senator, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Culture, Victor Lopatnikov wrote a book on Rumyantsevo, I conveyed to him a dedication to you and the National Library.

I think that's about people have more to tell us, because these people were building our common history, our state. And we remember their sin.

Alexander LukashenkoThank you. Note accepted.

True, that in Minsk on the road ten percent remembers or knows or does not know … If you are in Gomel was asked who the Rumyantsev? ..

Radkov AMAll would have been told.

A. CherniakOh, yes, of course.

Alexander LukashenkoSpeaking of Rumyantsev, then we have done a lot, especially where he walked this leg. And we are holding talks in Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace, you know it, in Gomel. And if you come back in May, you will be amazed at all this corner of Belarus. This is generally a unique place. Nowhere in the world I have not seen anything more beautiful. And we are there a lot of public money invested. This is also a memory, a good memory. But, you're right. Both we and you, we are beginning to forget its history. The more we see in the movie, as we have one playwright says, "If the movie was head and someone does not come off, not pobryatsali weapons, so no one will not see." And so on. Unfortunately, and I will dwell in us this trouble. The same thing with Rogneda — Princess of Polotsk, and so on. We do not forget about it: the performances, and movies, and so on, and staging. But probably not enough. And in Russia, and few see it and know it.

As for the Belarusian way of which you spoke. I do not think we talk about it too much to say, because our Belarusian path is correct, but it is very vulnerable. Very vulnerable. This is, firstly, because of certain reasons, only economic. And secondly, the Belarusian way in today's world no one needs. This is a very "bad example" (in quotes) to those who build the economy in another way — on the principles of savage capitalism. That's the crisis, it would seem, some people learned a lot — and in Germany and Western Europe started saying, "Yes, the government should not even go out of the banking sector … Market relations — it's good …" And they began to do, make a 2-year what we did in Belarus always. We had to do it, and we came from the people of the land went, developing this course. But Americans have always pressed, "No, do not deviate from the principles of the market economy, freedom." And so on. Again, all of the West went to the wake of American politics. What was the result? Could lead to a new round of economic crisis. Everyone is talking about the fact that oil in the world today abound, however, the price for it is growing. Why? All openly say that it is — speculation open. Well, let's put an end to this speculation. What is speculative processes, so. So … we, as the outsider sometimes look, especially in this region. So we already quietly doing their job, especially not raise his head. Belarusian, Belarusian no way … I have this little saying.

As for the publication's "Memory", it is not only my merit. The decision was made in the last years of the Soviet Union, and not only here, but also in Russia. We were all over the country …

A. CherniakAlexander G., here I bring a little clarity. So, to some extent, the initiator of this case was the newspaper "Pravda". When I worked, we found … 

Lukashenko AG. "Truth" in our Federal was.

A. CherniakYes. We visited Czechoslovakia, and saw that in every village there is a chronicler, who from time immemorial is the chronicle of each village. We talked about this in the "Truth". Then Mikhail Zimyanin recommended all republics to create something similar. No one, except you did not create.

Alexander LukashenkoMy answer to your question. Do you know why I support it, and even when there was no money? I am a historian by his first education, and my understanding of history — yes, personality is important, and so on, but it's not just a person. Stalin, Zhukov, someone else — yes, they are people absolutely deserved. In general, in Belarus on Stalin pending talk bad, because there would be no Stalin, so the border near Minsk would be. Whatever it was, but he had pushed those boundaries, where should be the boundary between Belarus and Poland, Ukraine and so on. Well, anyway, I strongly warn our people to ensure that we were throwing stones into the story. Stone throwing, you know, and then she starts to shoot the guns. I remember that. But, nevertheless, because millions of people died. And not entirely? so all was well. And the dead people, and the common people, too, need to know the characters. And great people should not overshadow this national achievement. And then the decision was made — always in each district to publish this book and write about the fights. And to write themselves out of the mouth of the actors. And then it's a blast on the ground — people began to bring the documents, relatives and non-relatives, as were fights where were the one who was killed, and so on. And then it went on a wave of monuments. We have not a single monument untidy. That is, it was a very powerful event and this must be said, mostly proactive manner — for free — we did not pay for it, the state does not pay. This stirred the people. And I'm not sorry that I did what you once imagined. Here we saw the face of the people in this war — ordinary people who have done a lot. And, perhaps, after all they are the driving force, and if not the driving force, it's the foundation of this victory. But for me the most important thing was the publication of these books. Maybe this is the first such attempt was, we finished it. No Sun? there in terms of our beautiful and so forth, but there are people, there is a family, there are people who brought us this victory.

A. CherniakAnd for centuries will remain in history.

Alexander LukashenkoCertainly. And that for centuries remained in history … Perhaps you, too, no state is found not only in the post-Soviet space, which is now, in these difficult times, is building the museum of the Great Patriotic War, because that museum, which we have, it is built upon War is a 4-storey square building, it has its function does not execute. Because there is not something that the people, but the people of our age, which could come to this museum and cry. You know, do not have this effect. So we decided to build a new museum of the Great Patriotic War, an impressive museum, a monument to the people about it is not forgotten. We forget. We not only Rumyantsev longer remember, we do not remember the others. Good, and those who deserve it, like there Stalin and others, we begin to wipe his feet on them. What do we have that right? Do not have a right to! This is — history. Look at the Chinese. That there was under Mao Zedong? Someone said bad? Someone wants this mausoleum somewhere to transfer? We should stop talking about it. Do you want to move — move. Move, reburied, if you have the desire and have the resources, the courage, but to chat about it, and make it political issue … We in Belarus is very messy. Bury, betray the ground — also, probably, well, as a Christian. But if this is not the time, if there are many millions of people who do not want to wait, this is a small cost for a great Russia. Moreover, it is also, like it or not, connecting us all. As if it does not include, he built us a first normal state. It is not clear what would have happened if he had not died. Therefore, any lack in our history. And we blame nobody. We are also to blame. Did not have to break up the Soviet Union, and it would be Sun? normally.

Kuniaev SY (Editor in Chief, "Our Contemporary").Alexander G., "Our Contemporary" Kuniaev Stanislav Y..

For 10 years we have a good old tradition — the connection with the Belarusian culture and Belarusian literature. 10 consecutive years, we are one of the hotel's annual "Our contemporary" (December issue) Belarus dedicate her life, culture, history, and literature. And thanks to your support all the hundreds of library budget of the republic receive a magazine. We have already formed a spontaneous formation of readers in Belarus. I used to phone calls, letters come from readers. It is true that we live in difficult times. Indeed, ahead of elections in Russia, the political storms, drafts. And how can we hope that despite these gales here, whatever they are — oil, gas, milk, diplomatic, that's the tradition in our public diplomacy, our efforts will continue to be supported by the leaders of Belarus? We are very grateful to you, when the "Slavic Bazaar" is awarded laureate ranks of culture of Russia. They are all good friends, family names, which I now recall — this artist Kalyagin, with whom I received the award of the Union State, and Pakhmutova and our wonderful artist Valentin Sidorov. The prospect of continuing the "Slavonic Bazaar" is built into the cultural program of Belarus. If so, then of course all the best cultural forces in Russia: the literary, and artistic, it will always be involved. And you yourself are always heading. This is also, in fact, a tradition.

And more than that, I want to say this. In Russia, we are now in the magazine "Our Contemporary" published this remarkable poem, which was the beginning of the modern Belarusian literature, Nicholas Gusovskogo "Song of the bison," about the hunt for bison in Bialowieza Bialowieza. The first time it is now published in book form in Russia. And I have a huge request for you: it is now in the "Contemporary", we have, in stock, 1000. I would really like to see each of the 400 or 500 Belarusian libraries had this book, which is my translation into Russian, Belarusian and there is text. If your Embassy will be able to help us and here they throw a few hundred copies, we just as soon do it.

Alexander LukashenkoAll right. We shall deal with today in this regard.

As for the "Slavic Bazaar" …

Kuniaev SYHe would go on?

Alexander LukashenkoNot in order, I saved it in time to give it to someone. Why do I always come to the opening of "Slavonic Bazaar" no matter where I was — I thereby demonstrate that the "Slavic Bazaar" to be, always. When Ukraine not have behaved in this regard, I have asked Yushchenko said: "Victor, well, you and I have a long-standing good relations, no matter how we disagree on the basis of ideology, but do not touch" Slavic Bazaar ", at least send us an people, we have to pay them. " We must pay tribute, but as he did not react to it, in this market, and, as he had not been pressured, even in his time, the Ukrainians arrived here. Therefore, we will carry it out, even if the Russians do not come here with the Ukrainians. We are definitely going to hold it! This — the main festival. But you have to help us.

Kuniaev SYSure.

Alexander LukashenkoYou know, we always pay because of the budget pays for it.

Kuniaev SYYes, yes.

Alexander LukashenkoAnd we would really like to see … well, the artists come here, and others including, relying on TV. Us with a Russian TV … first, there was the night we show our "Slavic Bazaar" kupiruya and pruning, cutting. But to negotiate with them — this is a big problem. All politicized. Let us truly show "Slavic Bazaar" at least we have on TV — Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. And, you know, here even more people will be torn. And, you know, because they are going, you are all there is commercialized, go to the stars. And I would like to "Slavic Bazaar" was a small window, which can fly into the new names.

Kuniaev SYYes.

Alexander LukashenkoNo, I do not mind Kobzon Pugacheva I do not mind, I'm not against Kirkorov and so on. I do not mind. But we have talented sea of people in Russia. We do this in Belarus at "Slavic Bazaar". We even Eurovision girl rides her 19 or 20 years, the University of Foreign Languages. We support them. We do not have this, you know that someone has paid, some clans, which revolves around the media. But we are sometimes very difficult to break it. I want new faces have appeared, including a "Slavic Bazaar". You see, even Povaliy, Ukrainian, you do know it all, she's got a residence permit on the "Slavonic Bazaar", hence her journey began. I could list many. But here is the support of the media there is no such. In Russia, no.

Kuniaev SYYes, yes. Nationwide support on television is not enough, of course. Alexander Lukashenko Sure.

Kuniaev SYWhat the hell, I'm sorry, Sun? show, and the "Slavic Bazaar" always or curtailed, or in a very short information form, and all.

Alexander LukashenkoAs for public diplomacy, you say "save" not "save". Well, it's himself killed. And what I have left, what yarn, threads, paths, ways will that connect us with Russia. Basically — public diplomacy, regions. So, what am I going to cut the ground from which actually sit? We want you to know about what is happening in Belarus. We very much want to. And you know, it's a fact and an economic problem — people's mood, attitude, knowledge of the fact that Belarus will not go, it's there, where it was, there is, that there is no American, Western and some other effect is not that Here the Russian spirit and so on. Well this is important, it is also an economic issue as well. So, what are we going to push themselves over the loop and throw. This is why you can be absolutely sure.

Kuniaev SYTherefore, we appreciate when your historians, your policies, your social scientists not only writers and poets, but also people with the outlook so today, they act in a magazine and explain to our readers what is really what really lives in Belarusian politics, in the Belarusian economy in general and in the Belarusian outlook: both national and state. We will continue to pursue it, too.

Alexander LukashenkoThank you.

Suburban SA (General Director of "Newspaper" St. Petersburg Vedomosti ").Mr. President, you talked a lot about the media. , And Russian, and the Internet, and the international media. Please answer one question: Do you think the role the media should occupy in society? Should it be a promotion of civil society? Or the media should promote the idea of any state or of the idea of society? Here the role of the media in society?

Now I do not want to ask a question about Russian or Belarusian mass media, and in general vision of the role of the media in society?

Alexander LukashenkoStill, perhaps, they have an educational function some exercise. They should. Well, since you say that you power — the fourth power, which means you have to function and any state, the power to carry out.

You're talking about civil society. I, in general, do not know what you put into it. If you mean what we West has imposed a "civil society", "civil society" and so on.

Suburban SAYes, the west.

Alexander LukashenkoIt is their understanding. After all, beautiful sounds like "civil society." What they mean by this civil society? This is how democracy. They've got a sea of standards, but one goal — to bend, break. For us it is the civil society, and they have civil society — a different concept. But I do not want to shove on, take just a fraction of what they preach, the role of the opposition. The opposition should be seen in the media. The opposition has its own media. And we want to or not, public funds, even we manage, authorities hold it, they are also largely reflect our views, but we want to or not, we are all the same touch of the opposition, and even a "fifth column" in Belarus because it exists. And the wise man, when the facts of the particular sounds or is it propaganda, or whatever, it still will understand, as if we did not try to pack.

Therefore, draw the line, the basis, I believe, — objectivity, honesty. That's not enough.

You know you have to RTVi including, I even overcame these channels idiotic, not going anywhere, there Albats (what is this, her name is, or what it calls it?).

A voice from the hall.Alias.

A voice from the hall.It is a nationality.

Alexander LukashenkoNationality …

Well, this man by birth … Albats, talks about our events on the 19th. Or is this pretty darling girl, who is sitting (oh, sorry, I said so, apparently, you respect her, which always includes a wedge with Prokhanov … whether you were rolling on it, or whether it is a very funny work … Of course, you are on it may omit one sentence so that I would be in her place for more than you asked no questions, but she asked, though.) December 19 events took place: "That's what's going on — almost literally — you can understand this and feel. Look, Irina Khalip (also from Albats …) detained, arrested, beaten her. That's the time of arrest. " And supposedly on the phone, she was there (they give it to air) calls: "That's me there, — a cry … — I've got detained, beat me here, that's the face beaten. Go (females such-and-so, mate-peremat …). " Pee-wee … and a bloodcurdling scream. At this point, it's just been in the square, they fled with Sannikov (which her husband, former presidential candidate) — when riot police marched in, they broke out of the cordon, all the cast, all his supporters, got in the car — and get away . And our security services have to tell you frankly, they are. One car drove in front of the second behind.

It is controlled by the phone. And it is at this moment, sitting in the car, no one has beaten, she calls, I do not know who, but it's all written, said. This is a common provocation. Call, and that's a cry and stuff. "Everything …" wee-wee-wee. After a few seconds — on the same phone: "Mom, you look, there baby, look, to have something to feed." And so on. That is going in the car. It's just a second. Well, I must say, nicely done — a bloodcurdling cry, a woman beaten, bullied. Who's there, in Russia, listening to at this moment this means, think it is not.

A voice from the hall.Not so.

Alexander LukashenkoYou know, even I thought, "Well, what woman?" Why do I say this? I invite the chairman of the KGB, "Explain." He says, "Wait a minute, Alexander G.". Picked it up and said to his unit: "Tell us Sun?". And they are on my desk documents. I see in that mode, in which it was, what it was. And I had to apologize to the President, because he thought I was, I think: well, it's stupidity, what it was? That's it. And this Albats of pushing, she began: "This bastard Lukashenko, that he beat, beat, here they are in prison there hungry on the bare floor …" Well, this picture draws, horror … Does she is convinced that it is so? No. This is — an agent provocateur. It is perfect … It link in the provocation. And it plays a role. What is this, the media? Why do so. This is a lie, this is not true.

Or "EuroNews" thrill us there in the tail and mane. Immediately the next day I give a press conference after the presidential election results, and so on, "Euronews" comes up to me, "This should be to interview you, here's a direct link there, right in France." I say, "I'll talk to you if you tell the truth, as it were. Here's a picture, you are also removed. " Agreed. There's a guy who used to work in Belarus, ask me questions (in their way, of course): "What, you do not want to be Europe recognized?" And so on, as he was instructed. I say, "Yes, we want it. By event, — I say — show the truth, show at least an element. " And so on. And it is at this moment, when I do interviews, give birth to a picture of the riots — when the bombing, Government House, just a few seconds. And then they had doubled again to scroll interview with me with this picture. Then he woke up guide. And Sun?, So that part was cut out. Why do not want to show the truth? Yes, Lukashenko went bad, he defended the Government House, he disbanded the people that he has arrested 640 people, that there were ex-candidates. It is a point of view, it has the right to life. Maybe I'm not the right thing, but I think I did the right thing, because there is the Constitution is the law. And they think that is wrong. But show this alternative point of view and say that Lukashenko disbanded these people, and some of the detainees (a certain number) when they stormed and destroyed the Government House. That's the tell. This is not. "Lukashenko … 50,000 came opponents scared, so he's almost used the tanks, and so on and so forth." Why it is done, because there is a mass media serves as a weapon, a weapon or a weapon of struggle. What, do not you? So! I'm against it. See, I am against it. And if we somewhere even Belarusian media, mistakes and iterate over its statehood, it is because we are trying to fight back and defend themselves.

You know, Vladimir Vladimirovich, I spoke, we had a topic of conversation: the behavior and so on. I told him, and he told me (I will not talk details), and then I told him: "You know, you, too, and Medvedev, and others often criticize me for what I say." In response: "And we have the same … They are journalists. We know, all free and so on. " I said, "Well, what about freedom let us wait a little, let's not particularly excited. And what about the fact that you say journalists and even some minor policy or deputies, as the system is built: you somewhere "gavknut" — Zhirinovsky's release (see, he tired of Lukashenko in Belarus — a dozen years. Russia it not bored for two decades, and I'm in Belarus tired, but we will not talk about it, this is an example). And Putin said: "You know why I have to say and respond to? Because if we have a journalist in Belarus say or even a prime minister, in Russia it is not heard. When Lukashenko tell you though perevrete or anything, but you will hear what I said. So I have to say. And because you do or do not want to know, or do not give us the opportunity for some other reason to bring what we think. "

Here the media who act in the role of? Advocates of the state, statehood, to defend Russia, or do harm to her, protecting her? Rhetorically.

I for objectivity. Believe me, I've not overly fingered in the media, protecting themselves and their power. This is a small fraction was in my image, in my behavior, my politics. Yes, I realize the power, I do not keep her fingers spread, God forbid. Grandpa Lenin, as we are taught, then the power is worth something, if it can defend itself. Like this, Aleksandr Andreyevich, he said? And rightly so. About me saying, 'Well, he sat there … and usurped power. " Wait, guys, that means "I usurped power"? I chose people for what — to me, excuse me, snot dissolve, sat and watched as the country is upside down? So we had — my dear friend, whom I respect, Mikhail Gorbachev, without which I would not have, and many of the processes would not be. I criticize him for it. He took me as his son said, but I do, however, told him that the main cause of what happened in the fall of the Soviet Union — we did not have a strong, strong-willed person who carried out the function of the constitution. After all, in my eyes was the Bialowieza Forest. It is said that it was too late. I would very definitely did — I did not hit (I've said publicly, when voting against the Soviet Union), one would not hit (this is my seat now, Khrushchev once it is built), scattered to fidget (or as it called? this barbed wire, through which they are hatched, and drunk, if vlezesh then porezhesh Sun? in the world?) … Sun?, drink, relax, walk, even special communication did not answer. Bush to call (or who was then … Bush was already, right? Senior?), A senior Bush, there call wherever you want. Sun? democratically. Sit there. How would people react? Applause. But you did not do this. You — The President was, you lay on the table the Constitution, and God forbid what, act under the constitution, no beat, no soul, no grass. But there is a constitution, even if you would have to pay for it. And each of his skin trembled: how will it be? and how will it be? and what will it be? That's one of the reasons. Therefore, there is no usurpation. The media should understand this. I will not, because someone will be different, but it is his right to carry out policy. You please also write about it and talk as you see fit.

I may be the last say. When I accused me that strangled, opinions and so on and so forth. You know, I always think, and I am sure that I still have to live in this country, not being President. I do not want to, as many managers … Fortunately, I invite them all. What would I have a relationship may be, we have to Kebich in the campaign came to shooting, when I was shot on the border with Russia … you remember this? No? I did not even pedal it, he said to the KGB, to put all the documents in the archive and let the lie, I will not deal with this. All were … I normally perceive. The only thing that worked, where his feet are growing — the legs grew from there (some are now in Russia, generals), came to Kebich and say, 'Let's shoot your car and Lukashenko (and we were the leaders in the race). Lukashenko will die and you will live. A Sun? turn to the nationalists — Poznyak, Shushkevich and so on. " That's what I figured. And I too have never said publicly. So, in private. This fight was, and I got there as a kid. I did not think we would win. Just because the circumstances.

And I often say, you know what the policy of Lukashenka? Do you think that I do not understand what a "private property" that she better than a draw? Only I have an understanding of the private property of others. Privatized private property and set up of cake (when you are the first to earn a penny, selling pies to bake at home) and privatized, and basically honest privatization does not happen, "stuck" from the people, it is the difference. The fact that you yourself suffered — yes, it is more efficient and will probably be a whole, and will benefit from it, and it will take care of you. And the fact that you privatize … Example: Deripaska during the crisis, which ran — to Putin, in the state. I cited the example of Putin. He, of course, well done (this is a separate issue). During the crisis, the Government has worked well in macroeconomics. And I told him about it … So, Deripaska ran the same there. Why is he out of his own pocket and took out a billion is not in their companies did not put that he privatized? Why invest all of a sudden crisis on last, and suddenly collapses in general, and so, these billions there, they abroad, exported, Sun? They are, what am I going to put them, I'll take the state … and what not Keep this property primarily through their resources, and then walked over to the state, if it were not enough, and asked? No. So I Sun? understand it. And private property. Sun? understand it. Here is a journalist from "Rural Life" brought me two articles that I wrote once (one wrote, the second too, we made it.) It's, you know, I look at them and see Lukashenko romantic when I first created the farms, rushed across the Soviet Union, teaching rent in the village, I saw these drunks, drunken face … drunk yesterday, and today they sit me listen — from the specialist to the peasants, but I fought and fought for it new. And I saw that it was really good, because a piece of land will be a man, he will get sick, he will feed us and so on. And over time, reaching the post, I realized how much I was romantic, though in many respects he was right. We have passed that stage. So I Sun? I understand that it's really good, it is valuable. But … Sun? necessary, that the Programme, these all our innovations, our plans, Sun? it should be put on society. If too puffs — no need to go that route.

Therefore, the media should play a major role. Yes, of course, that man is writing, it is his point of view, and so on, but we must try to ensure that it was true. Let not the objective, then the term is probably not quite right, it must be true, it is.

Well, quite unacceptable when you start … do not write for the money (you should write for the money — how you will live), and you begin to lie for money. Here you booked it, it's true, but you write, and you're lying for money. This is a disaster.

So do not compare yourself with this ancient profession. This is not true, it is wrong. But you more about yourself say so. This is wrong, you can not say that.

And only the great journalist, but he is great in my opinion, when you read — he fights, he convinced himself. Even if he tells the truth, but would like to meet with him, want to discuss with him problems because he is sincere. And I think that if you say the truth to him and convince him, he really bear this truth. I respect these people, even if they do not adhere to my view. And when we have elections, I say: "Look, let's not be inviting, to start, let's take it." I said, "Guys, we should all start up."

But if Prokhanov hates Belarus, for example, and he's not a stupid man, he's smart, he will come and see it. Due to the fact that he is far gone, he can not give up their momentary ideas, their beliefs, even if he sees that he is wrong, but in his heart, he will be convinced, even if it is your enemy, he will see it ( smart as people, not bad), he will see it in the family, somewhere else will say, "Yes, here we have written so, and it is not so." And this is good, there are small, these boring truth go. So I'm always for the one that does not limit it. Let them come, let them look. Whoever they were, they will see the truth, we want to show the world, and will take away with them. Yes, they will not say to millions, but they will say to dozens of people, such as they are. Those already interested in — can see, to think, to come. Or critically perceive any material that will write another journalist, his colleague and so on. Therefore, I am for going to this dialogue.

And the last thing I wanted to say to you. You know, I might, too, may overestimate yourself, but I was never afraid of journalists. I simply am not afraid. Why? Because I never, almost never, not lying. This is my principle. Sbrehal today, tomorrow lie, tomorrow, the next day, and then confused. And journalists, they cunning, they Sun? compare and say, "And when you're telling the truth? And where is it? "It is better to speak or be silent. But I remain silent on the post does not work, I have to say. If you ask, you have to speak, for you will be of no interest to anyone, you will not listen to anybody. Therefore it is said, keeping a straight line. I believe that it is necessary to adhere to the line of truth, you have to be sincere. Sun? is formed.

Here you wrote that I have … either 7, or 11 billion stolen money. Well, of course, if Alexander Andreyevich say that Lukashenko stole 11 billion, it is a paste think, well, power vorovitaya, it is actually … not excuses. He immediately thinks: 11000000000, wait … it's annual budget of the country 17 billion. 11 billion? Where from? How to steal as much as 11 billion in Belarus can uvorovat? Tractor made (it costs 20 thousand dollars, the cost of its production to 18 income) — two thousand on the tractor earn. Plant pays wages and stuff, but it's out of this, it is. So as much as there can be stolen? This is not something that pumped oil, gas, etc., metal and so on. We do not. And 11 billion can be stolen? I did not react, quietly, a) because the people Sun? still can not be convinced that you are in charge, and you can not steal, because power, she is. Tell them that there are exceptions, and I'm so? Immodest. I chose another position: right, it will take time, make.

For example, recently, "Forbes" published a ranking of billionaires. Where Lukashenko? There is one and a half billion and billion, and why I do not have a $ 11 billion? And it's a fake from the West came right before the election stuffing was done. I was hurt, Where's my money? That time and show who steals. They themselves admitted that this lies. They just dumped in regard to this information. I start making excuses, people would have thought, Hear, justified, something is probably wrong. Although, of course, I hope that 95 percent believe in Belarus, Lukashenko is not a thief.

You know why I can not bring myself to cut off from the people, steal and do what you do not want people? When was the second round of elections in the mid-90s, and I was a shaft of information received — it was clear that I would win. I won the first round in the first, they have dropped by three percent, I scored around 47, and that — 23, but he did the Prime Minister (it is now, I already know, because we have investigated this issue.) I also did not raise the noise, no one in jail not planted for it. Well, it is over. And when I was told, as in the villages, in the villages, in the cities, some people voted … I read these posts here now, I suspect that some, I have tears came to his eyes. People over the years lay motionless in bed — get up, sit down. Many such. And the children came (if you can still — he could take the passport and to vote for a father or a cousin), he got up and asked, not trusting his son and daughter, "You got me, my son, take on the site, I'll vote for Lukashenko." — "We are, let's passport. In the village everyone knows. Vote or come to you. " — "No, I will not vote for him, deceived." You know, people shaft went, people, even years in bed. You understand that this is not to betray. If there is a God in the world (even Prokhanov says there is), he will punish, he also punish later. And I think that if, in this situation you should not be president, but suddenly came together and you have chosen, you have to sacrifice. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe because no one thinks of my colleagues, but I think so. Therefore, I would never do it, when the people, that this old man or old woman, sits down and says, 'Hey, we do believe it, and he's been such. " This is for me — the death!

Well, then, listen, how many do you want? Well, how much to the man? Billions? .. Therefore, the media, I wish, objectively speaking, writing the truth.

Kagermanov MCCORMACK (Chief editor of "Country Life").Alexander G., thank you very much for time to see our papers. I am before you come to your question, I make two of gratitude to you.

Preparing for a meeting with you, I tried to prepare thoroughly, telephoned our major writers Russian farmers, and they all unanimously asked me to give you my gratitude for Belarusian tractors and combines Gomselmash. The fact that it is now in Russian agriculture only real affordable and very good quality equipment. It is a mass, the service good, affordable. It is this appreciation. Thank you very much.

On the other hand, I am 30 years old live in Moscow, we have a big family, we regularly buy milk in Moscow — thanks for the Minsk milk. 48 rubles per liter — it is the cheapest, excellent quality excellent milk. This is thanks to the Muscovites. And it is the cheapest Russian — 52 rubles per liter.

Alexander LukashenkoBut it is not our price — 48 — this is your network price. We will sell for half.

Kagermanov MCCORMACKYes?

Alexander LukashenkoSorry, I interrupted you. I hate when you say … that Putin recently said, "Here we go on subsidizing the Belarusian economy. Our tax-free oil, and so on — the subsidies. " I like to respond, if you are single economic space to the detriment of the Customs Union, and it is within the Common Economic Space, so you do not do this and do not go. That is, he says one thing and that is good — duty-free oil, but it does not tell the other that we are subsidizing every Russian, selling so if we get duty-free oil, half-price products, and not only of agriculture, in the Russian Federation. And this is about $ 30 billion (meaning over the years.) This is not a 2 or 4 billion. I once was our friend. I do not know, he's a friend or not, Aman Tuleyev, has long been at it? ..

Alexander ProkhanovWas a friend, and became a friend.

Alexander LukashenkoWell, maybe … (laughs)

I had been. And raised the question: technique, that does not reach, through intermediaries, price increases, and so on. I'm just saying it (as for milk), "Haman, which claims to us. Come to the factory and pick MTP technique directly. Well, let's do so. How many thousands of tractors do you want? "He called it a 5000, or how much, to the region. I said, "Okay. I now give the team the Prime Minister, now turn your ship out 5,000 tractors, and here on the Square (went to the window in his office) where I'll put all of them. Price was. Satisfied? "-" Happy. " — "Take. And how are you going to sell, that's your business, but to me the claims will not. " He did not agree, because in Russia today by owner can not sell anything.

Kagermanov MCCORMACKUnfortunately, yes.

Alexander LukashenkoIt is for us the trouble. You know, we BelAZ yet to Kemerovo drove up to the cut — half as much.

Kagermanov MCCORMACKYou rightly say.

Alexander LukashenkoYou five hands sell them! I offered them, "Well, take directly. I am President, I'll help you. I will help. " Until we have established trading house, was a tremendous problem.

And why us "Universe" in the market — have banned sugar, then … Why? Because your sugar producers come to the government, lobbyists, and say, "Well, you see dumping Belarusians. They bring us sugar in our half-price, so we can not sell. " So you are competing. So you're competing, we have the same common space. And then, what about you, do not such plants as we do?

Kagermanov MCCORMACKOld.

Alexander LukashenkoNot the same because we have upgraded their. You privatized, and the money, instead of modernization in his pocket folding, and then came to the government and "drip" to Lukashenko that he has less sugar. And again I say: we're taking you to trains, we myshkovaniya not, tell me where to dump these trains, we will pay the price — and sell (like through these rossaharoproizvoditeley that can not in any case to do — competition should be). Such was the cause of "milk wars", "sugar wars" and so on. Moreover, it came to that … I remember President Putin was, Fradkov comes to Putin: "You know, here they are buying raw cane somewhere produce sugar and here we are selling." Russia just so even more company brings raw around the world (Brazil, Cuba, and so on), produces sugar. We do not ban, sell the Belarusian market. Well, they tell us, "Here we take the beet sugar and cane — no." We produce millions of tons of beets. I "in the name of the revolution" has decided … It was a revolution in agriculture — in the two years we went to the production of 4 million tons of beets, and increased production of beet sugar. Why? Because we need: a set of products that we can sell in Russia and make money to pay for oil and gas. Natural trade — we provide for themselves, and the same was sold. And in parallel, taking of drugs, we have modernized their plants, including those of sugar factories. We basically started producing beet sugar. Your sugar producers have seen that we have sugar quality (first, confectioners gladly take), we have less sugar, they are in government, ah, here we can not compete with them. We again began to "choke." And made in the supply of sugar to Russia upload: if Peter must deliver sugar — in Moscow (unload in stock). And it must be allowed to take the Russian Sugar Producers. Do you understand?

Kagermanov MCCORMACKUnfortunately, this is unfair competition, it is extremely unfair.

Alexander LukashenkoIs banditry. That's not right. You understand, I'm not saying that I want … I want to make money on the Russian market, but we have it manageable Sun?. Most public ownership prevails in these companies. And we tell them, "Guys, do not turn up their price. Enough of us today, 15 percent return in the crisis. No need to raise the price. " Quality is good. Muscovites, you told me.

I sit in the car, came to Moscow. Tell me, "Alexander G., we have empty shelves in stores where dairy products are." I said, "How so empty? This is not the Soviet era. " — "And there was a Belarusian." I say: "This is not a question for me." That is, were empty shelves in the stores in Moscow. "Here, — says the man — my wife went to the Belarusian products to buy, and they are not." Concentrated in Germany and other … Bring them even from Germany. And what kind of milk? We poured in Shklov, where I worked, of Orsha, where now "Unimilk" we gave them, they dished up — and five hours later they in Moscow, Smolensk. Were taken there. So demand.

We upgraded. And most importantly — I, when he became President, if you remember, and you, and we were short of food, then, instead of selling chocolate candy bars, remember, so sweet, but wrapped in a wrapper of chocolate … It's yours? Babaevskaya factory?

Kagermanov MCCORMACKYes, yes, Russian.

Alexander LukashenkoHere they wanted us to privatize our confectionery company. And the first, where I immediately imposed a ban on the privatization of this, because it is that, in children candy away! Once the price in half rose. And started instead of cocoa beans and other soy ingredients there to throw. I have their collected, planted and say, "Guys, that's the competition, the market economy, will lead to the fact that after two years the price will jump up and we have nowhere to put the goods. The people at this price will choose quality. Save Soviet recipes. " We saved them. We are in the paper is not stuck sausage, soy there is not stuffed. If we have a sausage — it is a normal sausage. If this dairy product — without preservatives. All this at a reasonable level and of good quality. Yes, the package suffered. But now we have a package, as in the West, and so on. That is, we honestly to build its market, we do not adjust, that's the deficit, let's take it anyhow, and then obtain the money. This is because we have more then the private economy was not. And you grabbed all privately owned. He cares that you'll have a chocolate tile or chocolate. He cares that Russia's image suffer? And we kept it, because it is the image of Belarus. Today we benefit from this.

Kagermanov MCCORMACKAbsolutely.

Alexander LukashenkoThis is our advantage.

Kagermanov MCCORMACKAnd for that, really, like Belarusian goods. And not only food, by the way, but also domestic.

But I will return to the newspaper "Country Life." I have only one you do not agree. You said that the Belarusian people elected a young man, perhaps, not entirely deserved. This is in 1994. But if we take the paper "Rural Life" for 1989, here for August 24 is really your article, you were then 35 years old, you are not only romantic, but very pragmatic economist. And let today one of your opponents or leaders will say in 35 years who could write just such analyst on the food crisis in Soviet agriculture? There is simply no. This is evidence that the Belarusian people still made the right choice. And you were prepared concurrently, having a huge advantage for this position. You talked a lot, responding to the newspapers, the media, about the role. There is another article — this interview with you, that's just made on Kebich which Arsen'evich Anatoly Gulyaev, which you, by the way, still loves and respects …

Alexander LukashenkoProbably not very fond of.

Kagermanov MCCORMACKLoves, loves, and sincerely.

He took you to an interview. And just you "poisoned" the first secretary Ermolitskii Shklovsky district. And, indeed, there was exposed Kebich. And I'm just trying to understand even now: in 35 years, in principle, does the child, where such machine of heaping on you, and you will survive …

Alexander LukashenkoIn prison, nearly planted.

Kagermanov MCCORMACKSo, it's really true.

Alexander LukashenkoIt was dangerous to speak too harshly.

Kagermanov MCCORMACKAnd "rural life" as a truly great brand — 100 years of the newspaper will be soon. And by the way, your article in the "Rural Life," she 7000000th edition then spread. And the Encyclopedia Britannica 10 consecutive years, "rural life" called the largest newspaper in the world. Deservedly so you are heading republic. And very successfully implemented their idea of reform in agriculture. This is a rare document in the history of journalism in the history of nation-building. More evidence that you still honored leader of the Belarusian people. But my question is, going back to the harsh realities as follows. In Russia, two years in a row there was a drought. And, of course, thoroughly material basis of agriculture in Russia is undermined. In all probability this year food shortage will only increase, and the need to be all the same very strong. Here the Belarusian economy, that's the niche, which is formed in a state of the agricultural sector did significantly increase the volume that would be required, of course, in the next two years in Russia? Are there any trends? Suppose, if we compare 2009 and, say, 2010. Food supplies from Belarus to Russia, on the contrary, they increase or decrease? Is there a part of the Russian leadership understood that all the same the deficit, which is absolutely accurate to arise and will be formed, it should be substantially covered by the Belarusian is the supply chain? That's why I say, if you take Russia, in 2009 we imported 35 billion dollars in 2010 — more than $ 45 billion of food. And probably this year this figure will grow. That is now Belarus in this niche can seriously increase the supply of food to Russia? Is a question which, in principle, are concerned.

Alexander LukashenkoYou know, of course, Belarus closes this hole here in the Russian Federation.

The first thing I want to tell you next year in terms of food will be more difficult than last year's terrible. Why? Because it is — consequences. In agriculture, it's not in the industry, that today is not machined nut, bolt machined — tomorrow two do. If you cut stock (nothing to feed royal), in order to raise a cow, have three to five years, which will give milk. If you, for example, have received less good seeds, you have to get in the winter. They have not — you have to buy. And what it will seed and so on? So much more. And when the village received less last year … sitting on the grant, no money, and you do not buy fertilizer now and will not — you will not yield. And do not for one year. That is, the consequences spread over several years. But the most important thing — you do not have here is the ideology to overcome it quickly, it is important that this is important. The main thing — oil, gas. That is a little different way of thinking, for objective reasons, I do not want to blame anybody here. But, nevertheless, it is necessary to rebuild. Russia is obliged to ensure food security. If she does not provide her with his bare hands, as the Soviet Union will take. No detergents, queues, no feelings, and the people … Well, we could build a couple of normal plants and produce laundry detergent? Elementary, for one year. Nobody thought about it, it would.

So, you're right, that was last year, this is from the past. And intervention can make, the grain in the reserve was, and so on. You eat this stock. And that is all to overcome this hole, take time. And at least three years. Therefore, you argue correctly. And it should know all of the country.

Second. Well, $ 50 billion in food imports, it is, even for Russia, very much — this is all your Foundation National Revival (50 billion, I told Vladimir Vladimirovich, how many in the fund for one year). Throw out the money, having such a huge space, and so much land, where you can make that Belarus did not dream it, too bad. This is a fact.

As for Belarus. When you burst into this trouble, we Belarus was cut by half — the east and west: the entire East smothered heat, exactly as in the suburbs, in the center of Russia, in Rostov, and the other half — Europe flooded and flooded the whole of Belarus . Here I would like somehow to mix it to be, but because the Lord has identified. We managed to get through — we did not have any … not that that does not burn the village or home, we did not have any fire in the forest. First. We upgraded forestry, strengthening here these functions — monitoring, conservation, reforestation, forest restoration. Our whole country is covered by these towers, forests are observed — the drones, we have mobilized the army, MES and helicopters. And massive amounts of wood, as in Russia. See smoke — We will go out of the helicopter landing, and they put out these pockets. We're almost a month flew over the country to prevent the possibility of fire, because … of course, it is not a forest land, but it is mostly wooded country and many villages in the forest. And God forbid broke out would be — it would be like you in Novgorod, Rostov region or elsewhere. And we have the experience to offer Russia. And then this hassle, "fight" was between the leaders of the two countries. I am the prime minister said, "Listen, called Vladimir Vladimirovich, and say we are from the western regions can take part and transfer to Russia, but with one condition — you give us the regions and do not interfere, we do provide you with security and fire-fighting." You thought that … One unit somewhere in any area you are abandoned. Well, do not want, do not, please, we have given this party, and then you recognize that effective no one fought. I have my children, sending, this unit was 150 (with all the clothing, property, helicopters), one asked, "Guys, do not let that Russians did not take offense at us." They were the best.

With regard to agriculture. First came to us from the people of Tatarstan. Prime Minister, I know him a long time, I say, "Well, let's go, let's talk." — "Alexander G., save. No potatoes, nothing. And we need a straw, and Sun? ". I said, "You call volumes much need." We fully meet the needs of the republic in potatoes. Then came Leningrad. Come on the field, the farmer says to me, "Here, Alexander G., potatoes beautiful, we have this — in Leningrad (a pinkish skin), and this — in Moscow (white skin)." I say, "Why?" — "But do not want to Leningrad with white skin." I said, "There is nothing, and they do not want to …" — "Yes, that ordered" — "We have a" — "is." — "Well, give it to them, though." Dollar per kilogram paid potatoes. Never been. And brought back to 2 — 2.5 sold. But we gave Sun?, Other than seeds and supplies that we needed for the winter, Sun? given as ever. And this year with many agreed. Seeds procured. Because if there is no potatoes, then a seed there, and sow the same need. This is not just potatoes, cabbage and carrots, all vegetables, dairy, and meat products. We cut deals with other countries, even with Venezuela to help Russia. And now 80 percent of total exports to Russia we supply, food. This past year, so it was in this. In my opinion, 80 percent, even a little more. Of course, we are ready to help, first. And second, well, what we want to trade with you, because there will also pay for the gas and oil (even prices jumped 2 times). The same Sun? expensive.

Kagermanov MCCORMACKAlexander G., here I was really surprised that out of the 48's … What rubles from Belarus this milk goes very cheap.

Alexander LukashenkoBut it is expensive 48 rubles?

Kagermanov MCCORMACKNo. It is not expensive to Moscow is not expensive. Even, it turns out, is even lower from Belarus, is essential.

A voice from the hall.It is very expensive!

Kagermanov MCCORMACKFor Moscow?

A voice from the hall.Even in Moscow.

Kagermanov MCCORMACKIt is a network cheat. But I wanted to say more. The fact that the policy part at least, in the regions in our country, in Russia, is formed, and in this sense, agricultural workers, they are deprived of such information from the source. I what to say? Here are a lot of Union State implements various publishing projects, but none of them are for agricultural workers. Can I be the same … We are together with the newspaper "Belorusskaya Niva" plan to launch the project — dubbed "The Federal Field" or "Agrarian Union." If the project would have made, I am sure that the information that's this part would help the region navigate, that really is the price … they should be on the line … please support this project.

Alexander LukashenkoFor God's sake, come on. Here — Chief Commander of the case. Experience is — "Sovetskaya Belorussia" we cooperate with "the Russian newspaper". With "Russian", right? 

Radkov AMWith "the Russian newspaper".

A voice from the hall."LAD" we leave. Application "LAD" for 10 years.

Alexander LukashenkoYes. Let's start with this. Well, you can come up with something new. For God's sake, we're ready.

Kagermanov MCCORMACKThank you very much. I will not abuse it.

Just only one more question. It was at a meeting of the EurAsEC. And there was a special program approved by the Interstate, which was prepared under your direction — "Innovative biotechnologies for the CIS countries." That's the same Kazakhstan, in other countries there is an understanding that these innovations here and biotechnology in agriculture, they should be just under the aegis of the European Union and the Common Economic Space is implemented? As the ratio of your colleagues from the CIS here for such projects in agriculture? Thank you.

Alexander LukashenkoYou know, that's for these new technologies, modernization, nanotechnology, we have proposed to center in Belarus. We offered. And here there and experience, especially in the Academy of Sciences, perspective, as it is generally structurally Sun? build. It is with great pleasure. For us, first of all, profitable. Second, not much money, but some Sun? still come here, it is also good support. And we have a lot to show and tell.

And then, it will be clear to you. Why? Because we're not in a vacuum something new, strange take, and we have grown from the fact that we have inherited from the Soviet Union, and modernize it. Therefore, it will be clear for the specialists.

Why do we have a lot of good will take root, even the fact that we bring from America, Germany and so on? Because we do not understand, it's strange for us. It is good, maybe we would have caught on, but we do not understand. This is understandable, it is ours, here it is grown here. Well, maybe someone somewhere pootstal, we are ready to share with you. Therefore, we are very interested in this. And suggests, as a platform to start our country. Including on Agriculture.

Many specialists come, even the "Country Life" does not know everything. Of course, to be precise was the information. Many come, especially from Russia, Ukraine, the specialists. And they do not already thoroughly understanding, from the selection of the finished product. And if this is heard in the field, it would be nice.

Kagermanov MCCORMACKWe will try. And make sure to Sun?. Thank you very much.

LV caps (Deputy Chief Editor "Literary Gazette").Alexander G., tell me …

Alexander LukashenkoAs we fought once. I subscribe to the "Literary" — this was a problem. What was the whole fight. But I have always subscribed to it to pull. I go to the party district committee, distribution list. I was a lecturer. This is my home — a lecturer on international affairs, then I hung topic of atheism, well, there was no one atheist propaganda message, the party district committee called: "Come on, beris for atheism." I said, "So this is for me … I can not compete with the priests." — "Teach. Take atheistic theme. " So I, as a lecturer, speculating that, always had the right to the "Literary Gazette," to be discharged, ordered.

LV capsThank you, Alexander G.. Thank you for your kind words.

Please tell me that's coming on June 22. I hope that the Russian TV channels still show the film "The Brest Fortress", based on the Belarusian money to some extent, to a greater extent.

Alexander LukashenkoWell, do not say that Lukashenko for a "fight" and almost shot …

LV capsAh, that's it, huh?

Alexander LukashenkoYes, square came to me, said: "Alexander G., help." I said: "The script take me." I do so with their filmmakers work: Bring the script (the money from the budget to give — it's …). He brought the script showed me. Then Borodin: "Alexander G., well it is necessary to sign and so on. We will fund the budget of the Union. " I said, "Guys, this scenario deserves attention." So when we made this film, here assembled, and the first option in my presence, "Belarus" We (in the cinema, in the modern cinema) have looked this version. I, of course, something critical of the film, because … Well, maybe for fashion, too there krovischa this gushing, and so on. But it is really impressive film, agree. So I touched. (Laughs.) And came out significantly. And it funded.

And by the way, the film "In August the 44th."

LV capsPtashuk.

Alexander LukashenkoIt's my movie.

LV capsBogomolovsky …

Alexander LukashenkoIt's my movie. You see, you do not even know.

LV capsDirector — Ptashuk …

Alexander LukashenkoSo, come Ptashuk: "I will shoot" In August the 44th. " So I say, "Well, what to me?" — "Well, you have financial support." I said, "Okay." — "And you Bogomolov you ask for?" He never gave the rights to make a film, but said: "If it is necessary to Lukashenko, I depart from this practice in my life." Bogomolov I asked, saying: "I swear to you that I will make sure that the Sun? was honest and truthful. 'll Take a good movie. " And so on, so forth. And I put the first money. I do not want to say more, as it is related, probably not with those. And in Russia, as usual, the property for the property — for the film had to fight and so on. But shooting the film.

LV capsAnd Ptashuk died at the time of "Nika" notorious.

Alexander LukashenkoOn the same day, I know. So I had to ask him if he allowed to shoot this film. The film turned out good.

LV capsNot bad.

Alexander LukashenkoHe is often shown.

LV capsAnd Gene Mironov there works fine.

Alexander G., question is this. Look, you have a wonderful youngest son, and I have a grandson of the same age. And now 70 years since the war began. Speaking seriously, I think this generation is lost. We have this war, this generation, you know … Yeah. Now, I do not know if there was any conversation with Putin that perhaps Brest or even the whole of Belarus would be a springboard for some of the patriotic education for the entire post-Soviet space? Because that's how these guys grow, how to grow, how to tell? Well, watch the movie — in the Sun krovische really?. Thank God that Ugolnikov is brought together with Cotto, and Sun? kind of thing. Tell me, please, I'm wondering what you think about this?

Alexander LukashenkoYou know, maybe we can do little. But I have witnessed a large group of children visiting from Russia, though different, not only from Moscow, from the regions visited. And I saw when they came to the fortress. Perhaps, you have long been there. I advise you to visit, but better in the spring. We did it completely updated. We have invested. However, from the Union budget. Somewhere million Yeltsin then gave a penny, of course, but still had support. And I remember: there was no money, come to Brest and the Brest Fortress, the Major-General comes to me and at the end of a whisper, "Alexander G., well, not enough, well, 500 thousand dollars, we should save this spire to fall, it's awful" . And we are here so quietly restored fortress. And when these kids were, and there "sick" people are working, they are so attached, for a penny, that these guides and more. What money they get there … But they say that most want to cry, it's not the first time. These children, who came from Russia, they cry when they talk about how people died there, but mostly it is the Russian people, as this was a garrison, and so on. That is a great thing. And we have not only a Brest. We just cherish it holy. In difficult times, remember, under Yeltsin, in general, were attached to oblivion some issues and so on, we, then I remember saying to her: "Look, Belarus may be the only springboard and the state, where we save up, and it will our heritage. " And we have saved. Then come down to each monument — licked, cleaned Sun? (This is the 50th anniversary of the victory was still in the Great Patriotic War), Sun? resulted in the order to the memory of these people. We still labor groups (in our village councils all lists — prisoners, victims, survivors), May 9 (premium equal to three-month their pensions) they are collected — a glass. All the leaders are going, with respect (at the monument in any farm, farm or something else) is related to these people. This experience is a great thing. Not every country is left.

You talk about leadership. Now remember, we celebrated the 60th anniversary, because then at least the information shown. And then we Yanukovych and Medvedev was invited to the Kremlin wall (after the period in Ukraine, timelessness of this, or what it was called?). We still have invited the president and the three were there. And it was our first impulse. Still pay tribute to then. And it is not just a PR on this, but somehow together to begin to revive. It seems that, according to you, we will probably have fallen again. That is now the time had on May 9, it all sounded like we are together, the three presidents, and drank a glass of the front (we were invited to the people), and thought it would go. But, apparently, so it does not matter.

We are therefore a great pleasure.

Again, we understand that it will be necessary to invest. But people also come with their money. It is so called from the economic point of view, tourism.

LV capsTourism. Yes, of course, patriotic tourism.

Alexander LukashenkoYes, foster patriotism. So it is the best kind of tourism. Therefore, for the sake of God, we are ready. And no one will regret. And this is not to be wasted trip. It is a good idea. But, I say, we came here for her, but apparently, again, as usual …

LV capsThank you.

Alexander LukashenkoWe are ready to play this role.

LV capsThank you.

Komotskii BO (Chief Editor of "The Truth").I represent the newspaper "Pravda". Alexander G., to say that we are writing about Belarus constantly, it is little to say. In each room we have a topic.

Alexander LukashenkoI know. I get your paper, always on my desk, "True."

Komotskii BOVery nice.

Alexander LukashenkoWhichever edition did not come out. A Stepanenko at us … I see his name in the "Truth" is, it still works?

Komotskii BOIt works, despite the fact that there are age-related and other problems, but it is well done.

Alexander LukashenkoSometimes I see, I see his name.

Komotskii BOConstantly. And now, just a few days, will his new great stuff.

And of course, our readers with great interest and attention, and last fall with the anxiety due to the elections and with all this fuss, and so on, study, read, and editorial-mail were a lot of letters, letters to your support, letters calling for the Belarusians, "Brothers do not try to give up the choice," and so on and so forth. And after that — congratulations. I am very happy to pass it now it's the name of this mass of people who are really supportive. And it is very aware of our audience. However, there are several issues that would still be in this post, I would point out, and asked directly about certain things, something you've already started talking. However, I would like to clarify. In a post often ask what we see today in Belarus, it is quite we perceive as socialism of the XXI century, why Lukashenko avoids the word? After all, Chavez said "socialism of the XXI century", and the Chinese comrades are building a very similar society to speak of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Why is there like a little go? After all, does the same thing, but the word is not present? First time.

Time of the second. And when the elections were held, and in general, when there are such complex processes of construction and creation, need some kind of mass support, the body force. The same does Chavez United Socialist Party, the CCP also exist. But at all, so to speak, in such an analytical, even though you look at the republic, observe it, it is difficult to man — he and his team need some support. How do you see the necessity of a general perspective of the mass movement, a mass party. And specifically — Belarusian communists today, their place and role in the Belarusian society in these processes?

And the last question, too anxiously. Knowing how today after the election has taken a tough stance of the West, as there is an active subversive work, is worth at least the same "Polish Card", which is currently being played and millions invested there, and in general, so to say, this whole story, is essentially intervention, as it was called, due to the fact that some of the citizens of Belarus are sorted by nationality, and there are any further maneuvers, and people are just pushed to treachery. But for the same are very serious matters. So in this situation, when the country is under pressure, under blackmail, would it not time that the Russian oligarchy can say, well, come on, we've got you here, but for this you this? Thought out there any guarantee of what will be the expansion of the Russian oligarchy on the Belarusian territory? And the achievement of social, which today is, and the economic need to protect? Here are three questions.

Alexander LukashenkoI must say that you are right about socialism, I'm close. Because recently, once again, when talking about the establishment of the Belarusian Party, which would still shared the fate of the President and somehow maintained (this is still such private conversations, I write academics, other people), I thought that this will be for the party — "United Belarus," One … something else? Sun? it does not lie in the soul. Why? Because we understand — "Social Democratic Party" (perhaps because of some historical reasons). We understand — "the Socialist Party." We understand — even some party. It is clear. The Communist Party … Let there is a little jammed, and so on, but, none the less. The word speaks of the ideological basis of the party, agree. If socialist — is understandable. If there is some kind of right-wing party (as they are commonly called in the world of conservative …), another kind of party — is also somehow understandable. And when I thought about the party, I did not yet ready to give up that a lot still has to be formed from the bottom. No party should be formed at the top. Yes, and you can not do that. Yes, it will be popular, and if you're objective is to support the President of Belarus, because his popularity can go to the party. This is so. But I do remember the "Our Home — Russia" (or both?), Remember Chernomyrdin? Then the "United Russia" — Berezovsky and others advised and created? At the height of all were. But thanks to what? Including administrative resources. So where is "Our Home — Russia"? Nowhere. As the party of power and that power to create? Nowhere. I want to party emerged from there. And the party does not have collapsed after the change of power. And I, then it was a public debate before the election, before the election, in the past during the election, I said that I would not interfere with the creation of political parties, including the opposition, but I'm not going to create them, because their life is ephemeral. I wish that the party emerged from the bottom.

I — a member of the Communist Party. I did not burn the party ticket, as it was fashionable at the time. Shushkevich burned his ticket after many in Russia burned. I tried to convince him that we were the deputies of the Supreme Soviet: "Do not do it (we were on good terms with him), do not, have already burned …" Well, what are you going in this order, it's ugly, first. And secondly, how? Not as easy to come into the party then, and now you burn the ticket. Well, of course, for the sake of fashion. "And you?" I said, "No. I — say — the party was not easy to enter, and do not really want to then take the intelligentsia (workers, peasants — yes). I will not. Moreover, I deliberately entered, I will not. " And so far the party ticket from me. No party, but the party ticket I have. And I, when I became President, I just promised that I in no other party will not join. So I was a member of the party, it collapsed — Sun?, I will not join any party. And then he went on, that I will not artificially create a party.

You are right in what — when there is a party that somehow easier. A structure that will control the state power, the more we have. It is necessary to control the state power — we will check. And not just a formality. We're doing it now, but it would be a public organization. And it is not enough to objectively … Do not it great to create these district committees. If the area is 3 employees, and, clearly, there will be an organization, they will accumulate the Sun? that may be, the President does not see, here we can not see the top. This is a big deal. But I have another obstacle — I do not have to create it artificially.

We have. Here he directs "White Russia", even before his the post. Lead?

Radkov AMYes.

Alexander Lukashenko"White Russia" I have long said, let's make a game out of it. She is ready. He lives for the membership fee, the budget surplus. And it was my strict requirement — no bureaucracy should not be there. There the officer to join in the party, a big problem.

Therefore, good organization, it could be a party, it has consistently supported, not just support the course, she has struggled to Belarus was so. Well, I was thinking, well, even if the "White Russia", what is this party? I was inclined to that it is a socialist party. And, when I became President, speaking somewhere, I do not remember (whether at the Academy, where I graduated economics department, or somewhere in the Mogilev region), I said that we are in the country must build a society on the basis of socialism. Socialism. Why did I not say? You're right, I do it intentionally. Not because I'm against it, but because, God forbid, say "socialism", tomorrow Russian channels and the "News" or whoever you so izmochalyat, so you will turn and misrepresented that it would be difficult to justify, even in the his fellow presidents. So I … In my heart I am a socialist. And I understand socialism, whatever … and understand that it is the society that we are trying to build in Belarus, a society of justice, social justice, that there was a big break off between rich and poor. Because socialism does not deny private property. I do not want her to deny. But private property, suffered you, your hands established. And so on, so forth. From the market economy an absolute priority for me — it is a competition. Not the kind of "freedom of pricing," "freedom …" It's a bluff Sun? You have a market economy? And when "roasted rooster pecked" even Putin says "stop prices of petroleum products." And there he begins somehow justified: the market economy is, it is impossible. The state must fulfill its function. And, if it makes the problem, it is necessary to intervene to solve it. But the absolute priority — it is a competition. First.

And second, you can not lead people to choke. A man wants — give him a chance. But honestly. We are now Directive № 4 (I sign yet of the Directive, in my entire life, I have signed 4 of the Directive on the main issues: the security was, discipline, energy, and this is the 4th — in business) have signed. And the leitmotif of this directive — liberate man. But our entrepreneurs have understood literally — no taxes, free full, that I want, I turn back, and so on. Guys, stifle free enterprise will not, but, since we support you (we just join our method does not permit, we have a declarative method of registration for entrepreneurs — come statement left, two references, and go, please. There are some areas where the restrictions and license areas remained somewhere a couple of dozen), that is, go and do, but honestly. God forbid, does not pay the taxes — will be almost as in America, where the most terrible crime this tax. And then, you have to know if we support you, we create, we need something from this, the state, have. What? Taxes. Therefore, if you are in this Directive can see that you will not pay taxes, then goodbye, we were on the way. That is, we are talking to them directly.

Therefore, socialism, and it does not. Therefore, I tend more to it. If we talk about communism, and so on. We ispohabili this thesis. Even in Soviet times, have gone so far as the wife of the general will (the argument was, though, in general, nowhere is the classics no one offered, and so on, but, nevertheless, we have already come down to this, that is, ispohabili). It's too far for us it was. And socialism — is real. Something we've tried it. But not the socialism that, in criticizing us, we forced our opponents. They are also trying it ispohabit. But why, for example, the Socialist Party in power in Spain now? In my opinion, a socialist? Similarly socialist. Nobody says that "the Socialists came to power, they are syakie." Nobody says, are not afraid of it. Why should we be afraid?

This is my internal reasoning, I publicly about it is nowhere mentioned. And you're right, I'm … not that I'm afraid. I, as President, I do not want to say it, because it will just be reversed, and another and say, "Well, another communist …" And so on. While in the days of Boris, I have they been the President of the snotty, we gathered in the Palace of Facets (dinner after the meeting), and Karimov and Nazarbayev all joked, sat down and said: "Well, in the words of our Communist Lukashenko …" Of course, I already blew up, I said, "Look, the Politburo — Yeltsin, Nazarbayev, Karimov — be silent. I'm with you there was not. " Aliyev was then, old man, do you remember? It is deadly for them, of course, sound. But they've always considered it a communist. And they pressed me, pressed it.

So I quietly been silent, including for socialism. Although this is normal, is a society of justice. And even if you give substance to the ideology of socialism, which we have, to give substance to a country on this model to build a country, there's nothing wrong with that. Only the truth, not the Chinese modeled our system, and I learned from China. I was there to the presidency twice, and for six or seven times as president, visited China. I've studied them, starting from free trade zones. And when I'm on the Parliament, it is also in the game right now, and has already climbed to the election of the President said, when discussing the development model: "You know, we need to learn from China. No need to break, do not crumble, do not ruin this, and the Communist Party. See how they adapt to the new (and we have the same conditions were better in the Soviet Union — we have surpassed China). We have to go through this without breaking anything. " And so on, and so on. At me said, "You're still in a" banana republic "some Congress and in China, and we fetch something." All this in the archives there. I mean, I was a supporter of this particular path. And now, twenty years ago, China shows us! It is good that we took a lot from the Chinese. Of course, there is its specificity, and so on, but they can be a lot to learn. And we learned nothing breaking.

Well and finishing. I do the same thing can be said about the Communists of Belarus. Of course, I try not to interfere and not to support any party openly. Although the Communists — the only party, which we support. We support. Well, it's our history, if you will. Therefore, we support them. But there's nothing artificially created, not helping to register new members. It's up to the party. But the Communists Belarusian, namely the Communist Party of Belarus (we still had the same PCB, but the truth, now they have forgotten it, split the party), that's the main "The Communist Party of Belarus," they were always there. Always. Because, first, there most — people adults (not only old, but adults), they already understand this life. And I can not take offense at them.

But if we create a game, I think … I would advocate that the party was like the Socialist Party.

So you do not think that I'm … I'm just telling you, maybe even so publicly for the first time that I have a socialist by conviction, because I want to be a social justice. This is my main political principle. And it is similar to socialism. What other party will preach principles? No. Only, perhaps, a socialist. With regard to our concerns about the expansion of certain forces, including oligarchs from Russia. Well, if I said that I do not mean to, I would have acted dishonestly. Especially now. Many people know how to talk (we have this "fifth column" of the press captivated all): "Here Lukashenko himself has put himself into a corner, now he has no output in the West and in America it no-no. Now he is in the hands of the pro-Kremlin this clique. " As they write — they hate everything Russian. Including the pro-Kremlin. Here is their writing, you can read it in our newspapers. And, meeting with Vladimir Putin (stress again, due to the fact that we have a very trusting relationship), I say, "You know, and you, and we've got a start writing like that. I do not want — I say — you got to waffle in unbreakable friendship and stuff, because you have a slightly different position, you do not quite understand and get my pre-election position and so on, but I want to say right — we are not driven himself anywhere. Not easy for us, we have difficulty. Help — thank you. We'll always be near. You know — I say — as we did in times of trouble for Russia, and the food, and other things. " — "Thank you very much. I know it. You were really close. You helped. You helped us to prepare and so on and so forth. " — "Keep in mind, no matter what difficulties may be, I just — I say — I can repeat his campaign statement: if we will put pressure on all sides, then we'll go in the dugout, but his knees will not. We have this experience is. I would not want it to be, but we proceed as follows. " What do I Vladimir Vladimirovich said, "You do not even think about it. So I personally, and in Russia we have government agencies that do not have that, they say, that Belarus has been in this situation, and now we use it, and tilt it … "- it literally, he said. I said, "Absolutely not? Or is there? "-" I told you — I say — I swear, we do not think so. Here before you is sitting prime minister — the head of the party "United Russia", I swear to you that we do not have. " I believe him. But the mood is like. I do not know who … While some know that does not count, and so on.

But if anyone thinks that you can come here and now, being in the chest with his knee, squeeze something, it would be very erroneous position, very much. We will not do anything to the situation will be. We will muddle through, as we were not strangled, break through. We must, after all, to provide 10 million people and our guests always live here. We are able to do it — do it. We have a talented, hard working educated people. Cuba survives in the wild. And as I Fidel said, "Listen, you look at what's going on (even before the disease when I was at it for two days were talking, two days … 3 hours sleep, and again — talk. Lot of interesting things to tell Soviet times, all the insults). I do not know — say — a suffering people? (10 million also with them. At half the size of us. A population of 10 million, as we do). How? "He said," Only through education of the people. " In Cuba, the high level of education. I told them directly and compared: here it is, it is. Tolerated. And suffer so far … And we have educated people, they will understand if you're really going to tell the truth, and he will be with them. Here's a conversation took place. And just said that there was no error again in the new period of our relationship, if you can call it that, we should not in any case in Russia to understand that the Belarusians hopeless situation. When we started selling oil to these duties … It is not because it is a duty, but because with refining the oil in Belarus, nobody needs it because the oil obtained more expensive than even the European market. That was the problem. That is, we were offered the oil that we just could not capture. But I found this oil. I found this oil, I brought this oil, processed, agreed. And it was profitable, even a small margin. And you have also begun to gouge: "Ah, from Venezuela took …" What could I do? What Alexander Andreyevich, I do? Why I went to Venezuela? Because you shut the door in front of me.

Therefore, our policy is clear. There are certain difficulties, and considerable, but under these difficulties, we will not do anything of what not to do so far. People, people, people above all. Not to harm the Russians, Ukrainians, and to all our neighbors. No harm. We had issues, you do not deliver. Well, what do you have from us the problem? Well, no. By the way, we have all of the agreements on the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space ratified in Parliament. You are still in Parliament were not forthcoming. That is, we Sun? did what was promised. We firmly promised. and by the way, Putin, who is also on the Russian side the main "engine" of the process of integration, he told me straight: "We did not expect that you have done." I say "I told you promised." And we have ratified. We also had a mixed approach, but we have promised, we have ratified.

We currently Sun? excited the population, which is practically in a passenger vehicle prices jumped (in view of the fact that we have accepted the Russian conditions to protect Russian producers). We went for it. It is unpopular. You know what a car for the people … In fact, every family has one, or even two cars. And we are in a difficult situation. But we promised part, to the fact that Russia, too, removes duties on internal movement of goods. This was agreed. And when I Medvedev said that now we are ready for something of this, and we understand that you have to pay for the integration, I told him: "Stop. We pay for integration is not necessary. If you just say, give us the opportunity to work quietly in the Russian market and make money to pay off with you and does not have a negative balance … "- literally, I said to him in December last year when we signed key documents. — "No, but we understand that we are ready to lend a shoulder." I said, "Okay, thank you." That is, I see now neither the president nor the prime minister's no such feelings, you know, take, twist, tilt.

Yes, someone has. Here we are conducting negotiations. Just enter talks MAZ — Kamaz — the same line of cars — this is called the unification of efforts and so on, and so on. We are told: "Sun?, Your 51 percent we are taking …" — there, here. I said, "Wait, wait, guys. No "51 percent"! I do not understand this. And we have to privatize the company, the first word to say the employees. If only the employees of the "no" — no privatization, I do not put a signature. " And I put the last one. We have a very complex legislation on privatization, labor collective, local authorities, agencies, namely the Ministry of Industry, the regional authorities have to agree, because it's the same company, it is of interest — taxes, then pay all these budgets. They have to Sun? understand. The government then decided to publicly and to the President for signature. It is not so easy. If this chain is broken, I never put signature. Why we do not have here this wholesale privatization. Not because I say, do not want to, but because at some point someone will block it. Okay, I can say the power structures "Sun?, Privatize," they obey, but the labor collective, I will not tell you, because they are the same then I will reproach. So I say, "Guys, based on this, we have a good company …" A total of 3,000 fewer cars last year released, than the giant "KAMAZ". Only 3 … Our put MAZ and KAMAZ — buy MAZ. They cost approximately the same. Of course, it would be desirable to have such Chemezov enterprise. We would like for us to work together and, in the end, and inside, and there were divided these markets, so we walked together, not competing with each other, and that had a profit. They immediately, "Come on share ownership," — "Wait, let two or three years to work on your terms. Even you run it holding "MAZ — KamAZ". And we will share the profit: you — the more we — less. But let's work so that we saw the value (and especially labor collective) that income up, modernization has not stopped. And you saw. And after 3 years, I can not even come to this working staff, if they agree, and say that, guys, look here — it was, I checked the, here — it really is. Let's exchange property or transfer their property, they have something to take away. Oh right it would be a human being. Until you want. So, there is something else they have …

As for the single currency. What's wrong with this single currency? But we had 5 questions on this currency. And then I say to Mr Putin: "Here I do not understand it, explain why this and why?" — No answer. — "Then — I say — I can not go. I can not blindly do this decisive step. " It's not just that he had sold the tank. Well, sold and sold, even money is not listed, well and good, or bad, but not much. And this single currency. This is a step on which to go Sun? understanding. But we have some friends (financiers) thought that we can, you know, swoop — time currency entered. So it will not work.

Therefore, the oligarchs, we see and know, and have met with many, and we offer them projects. But we have the condition. Suppose privatization — 25 conditions. 25 conditions — from the people, from the man. Observe — come.

Remember, there was an interesting scene, but with the filing of Russians was "Baltika" (Baloev then-it was headed). Come to me, "I want, Alexander G., work on the Belarusian market. I want to. " Putin still called me, asked me to his adopted 10 years ago it was … well, let him come. "What do you want? — "We would like to take part in the privatization of your" Krynica "(this is our main business, which is engaged in brewing. And we upgraded including the brewing industry. Now you are purchasing, and then we bought the whole barley for brewing. Belarusians now a drop of barley do not buy. 150 million a year is spent on dollars. Now we all malting barley produced here. And you could make it. and modernization was). I want to. " I say, "Okay, here are the conditions. Here are 25 conditions defined by law (I did itself produces to allow Sun?) ". — "Well, what are the conditions?" I said: "The conditions are: business, social responsibility. And you have to work here, as in Peter, honest, supporting the people and things, to pay the taxes. " — "I agree." — "Here's the 25 conditions." These conditions are important because the company simply can not buy here, in Belarus. He went, and as usual, started (I gave "good" on the conditions) Develop business plans. Said: "We will lose time." I said, "Well, if we agreed to — invest, under my word of honor that I stand by that." He invested $ 11 million prior to the signing of the contract. Comes to me a document to sign. He went to all instances, as it is, perhaps, you — someone paid someone asked somewhere said that Lukashenko said so. But he did not take into account that will come to me to sign this document for the sale of state property. I looked, and there is half broken condition. I said: "How is it?" And he decided in the Government decide differently (did not realize that it will come to me.) I say, "Goodbye." — "Oh … we have invested." I said: "Immediately collect 11 million in the country and return to it." During the week, collected the money. And also there was a crisis (that's when you have a default was, remember, in 1998 or any year), it was terribly difficult, but we have collected the money and he gave. And then there was a wave — "Lukashenko threw", "Lukashenko deceived." I did not cheat, he just decided to get around me. Well, now he no longer works there. And often, I apologize that this media misunderstood. While these events were all paid for.

One of my friends (now MTS: 51 — our, 49 — MTS), your, Yevtushenko, we want to buy a controlling stake and the company. We do not mind. We do not mind. Billion dollars on the table. Sun?, The assessment made, you want to buy — buy, do not want — to auction. That is Sun? transparent, Sun? honestly.

Therefore, we see people who are, of course, want to grab something here. And we know where they want to snatch. They do not go to those enterprises that are currently starved of investment, where you have to invest, and to those that work well today, they have the raw materials and markets. So we do it successfully work. 170 percent profitability even in a difficult last year BPC. Well, tell me, why would I sell it? If it becomes private, the prices in the international markets will not grow. Is cheap, we supply potash inside in its agriculture. That owner-driver will do it? Well, no. This state-owned company today. Bowels of the state, for example, and they have to work for the state.

They say: "Lukashenko is afraid of private owners and private property — a threat to power." Let it be … From the privateers much easier to work with any private producer, than with the state enterprise. So I'm not afraid. I fear only one thing — that these companies have provided more or less normal life of 10 million people who live here. That Sun?. Simple arithmetic. If it is a socialist ideology — then I am a socialist.

Batyrshin DR (Chief Editor of "Kaliningrad Pravda").As remarks: Thank you, that is not given a "Baltic" buy "Krynica" because now your beer you can drink, and the "Baltic" is impossible to drink.

The question is about the Kaliningrad region. Today you are proud to say that people coming from Russia to Belarus, not inspected at customs, no border controls. But here in our area to come to you, you need to overcome the three borders, particularly with Lithuania. And you probably know — to come to you, to Belarus, need a Schengen visa, because the current procedure facilitated transit through Lithuania, it is only from the Russian territory in the Russian territory. To buy a ticket on the train from Kaliningrad to Minsk need a valid Schengen visa.

Alexander LukashenkoYou fly on the plane.

Batyrshin DRMaybe on the plane. But not everyone has the opportunity to fly on an airplane.

Alexander LukashenkoWhy? We kind of … I do not know if there is now even kept our flights "Belavia"?

Batyrshin DRThere is, there flights.

Alexander LukashenkoBut the same low prices.

Batyrshin DRHigh prices Sun? care.

Alexander LukashenkoIt was once, when he was the conflict and had problems with Kaliningrad, when trains were detained, not allowed, I have Russians fed (povybrasyvayut Lithuanians in, on the outskirts of Belarus, and I had to intervene — to feed people, such as post … just arrived in cattle). And then I asked our "Belavia", then they were unprofitable, flights, so they threw people in Minsk, but here already to Moscow or to train, bus, car, anything you can get. So I ask: is there any of these flights?

Batyrshin DRSo that's why I say this. The fact is that in our area is very large Belarusian diaspora, because in the population of the region after the war, many came from the regions of Belarus. We have locations: Mozyr Novobobruysk. That is quite large active diaspora. But here they have such problems — to come home to his ancestors, friends they can not. They have to maneuver — to go to Smolensk, and then come back.

Alexander LukashenkoSo this is our reason for a Schengen visa?

Batyrshin DRNo, no, not your reason. This agreement between Russia and the EU. A Belarus was left out of the agreement. Have not you thought about letting residents of the Kaliningrad region and the Belarusians also come to Kaliningrad without delay, these here, without just such problems, in particular the Schengen visa? Because there is the Union State, as there are general rules. This order can be extended also to Belarus and the Kaliningrad region, respectively.

Alexander LukashenkoClear. Immediately necessary to clarify this question. Immediately! If this is the decision depends only on us, we …

Batyrshin DRIt depends on the EU, but they need a way to apply, you need to ask.

Alexander LukashenkoYes, well, of course, of course.

Batyrshin DRYou have to ask.

Radkov AMWe do not decide.

Alexander LukashenkoClear. But if Russia is capable, therefore, let's see.

Radkov AMAll right.

Batyrshin DRAnd such is the question. You always stand on protecting the interests of our region. Well, today gave an example of when you have a direct attention to those who are in such problems. But in his confidential talks with Russian leaders do not blame you for what you are interfering in the affairs of the Russian area that you make such statements?

Alexander LukashenkoAnd you do not know … It was still a … When I five years ago said (Putin was still president), can be somewhat emotional, I said, "If someone thinks that Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad us wrong, you are wrong ". And at the time … Egorov, in my opinion, you've been there, remember, Admiral?

Batyrshin DRYes, yes, he was.

Alexander LukashenkoYes, we were all good friends, and with it really. Problem has always been: a flour, the grain, then something else, then the balance of the forest to the pulp. Calls, "Alexander G., have this much flour, help." I say, "What are you trying to persuade me. Kaliningrad in the Soviet era — and that I have publicly said — planned to attach to Belarus. " And we have worked then as his domain. And our people have believed that Kaliningrad is nechuzhoy city. But this practice, she had remained after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And we thought that Kaliningrad should be helped. And we have always been close, especially in times Yegorov. And Boos immediately came to us, signed a direct agreement. And I did say that before, that Kaliningradians — these are our people, they are closer to Belarus than to Russia, and we will always remember. It may be some jealousy or confusion caused. But I'm not the claims that so we'll take tomorrow Kaliningrad. No, we did not have such ambitions. But you should know that you have to have people not strangers. And there was no case that we have not responded to your request immediately simply, instantly. Moscow on — while you're there dostuchishsya, Russia is huge. We always expose the shoulder, and not always to the benefit of us. Therefore, in this you can be sure. Then no one will turn. But know that in the Kaliningrad region tell you Belarussian, so you and something to eat, and drink, and sleep packed, and so on. We were such a good attitude was then and now Kaliningrad, besides and the poor, and the rich, and the authorities. It's worth it. And we will support. Batyrshin DR But now the mayor of the city — Belarusian, by the way, ethnic, so …

Alexander LukashenkoThank you. (Laughs.)

Batyrshin DRAlexander G., and this is the question. Here's your reasoning that you thought about creating a party that could support the President. To somehow connected with the fact that you, as now stated that you believe that you have to live in a country not as a president? In general, the following term you plan to stand again after five years?

Alexander LukashenkoYou know, this is too early to say, I will offer or will not. But there is a certain complex. I'm not five or ten years I worked as the President. Although I'm trying to find arguments and calm myself: okay, I would be weak, the sick, and so on … and I'm very carefully to the people. Before talking about the elections, we many times, that Alexander M. knows conducted various studies of different groups: the attitude. Yes, and I always go to the country, I can see how people relate. I see those who argue in this way that, say, enough. You know, this is the wrong argument from my point of view — is enough or not enough. Which means "enough"? I — not retired, even if retired, I am healthy, why not work. Everyone thinks that the President is the king, although the king of missed us, remember that time. But that's not the king. This is a man who should run ahead of a lot to do in Belarus. So here is this argument of "well enough", these are the reason that people think that has stayed in power, was his own — enough, let others get. This is wrong and harmful speculation. Therefore, there is, of course … I really complexes, frankly, in this regard. And I'm not the one that I was there I think it's time to rest and so on. For me, probably the rest I can only dream of … Most of all concerned for what I have, except for the country, there is nothing. I invested in it all his own: and the knowledge and the soul. And his men that were nearby, the plan to turn. And we are not rich officials (maybe someone is rich, but I do not know of, we have it is impossible that the official business did), not rich people. After all, this is our generation, creating a current of Belarus, it put a lot on. Well, imagine, some come, now currently think moron and start here: "privatize", "hand out", "sell", the streets are not clean, not noticed, people do not feed them and stuff. And doing nothing can. So here is my most excited about — and what will happen to the country then? But this does not mean that I will hold on to power. Now, if I felt that the majority of people are against Lukashenka, because of its touchy nature I would not even nominate. Go on, try, try … without Lukashenko Lukashenko's not sugar. You think that I wear on the hands of the Belarusians. Nothing like that. And guidelines for discipline (as it's called exactly? Order and discipline?) Oh it … We introduced the contract system — from the peasant, worker, and to the expert — you have to sign a contract. And there is a clear commitment and your corporate leadership. But if I have to watch unemployment, and that it was not, as we have defined more than one percent in the country, I'm in control of this train. We've got half a percent of the unemployed. And it is necessary that the percentage was to still reserve some was that he propped up those who are Humpty Dumpty. And, you see, here I am today … Today, I think, I was driving around the city (when Putin was not yesterday, two days ago) … I'm going to a meeting in the city, and the city is almost no one on the sidewalks during business hours (and the first time I discover it … somehow I was not paying attention), that in this period. I saw it in the capitalist countries. Job — should work. And is not there some kind of clip, dictatorship, and so on. You just have to work hard to live a normal life. This is elementary. But if I have to ensure the safety of the person to Prokhanov with her granddaughter, grandson, daughter-in-law, or left at 11 pm with baby carriages, and with a baby could easily pass to one he did not stop, God forbid, shoot, and to no one's shoulder not hooked, I must do it. And people know it. Yes, if that's somewhere in this state function, it is not satisfied, they start … Belarusians to it very strongly react. I remember this, I have to. But you have to do what we must. If we had a little bit of natural gas, even without oil, you would see a very different Belarus. We just suck's finance these expensive resources. And we see that this is unfair, but can not do anything, because such a high cost. Here we sell many — just two months, we have almost 8 per cent GDP growth. In China, this growth of GDP — around 9 or 10 of them. Why are we not rich? Yes, we sell many large GDP, but there is a small profit. Why? Because huge resource prices, very expensive, the cost is high. Although the cost of all parameters, we almost 2 times ahead of all CIS countries. We have done a lot in the health sector in particular, I am proud of it. Also think: well here you go, privatizing Sun? this, health and medicine … So what? People are dying in the street. Our infant mortality rate at either Sweden, or Germany — a zero … 4 people per thousand. The highest level, the European level. But 10 years ago it was very different — three times higher. I invited the deputy prime minister, said: "So, what should be on it, these lines?" And all the roots modernized health care system. Yesterday, the Minister of Health reports: "Let me go to Syria (or Iran? Somewhere they were going to go?) Contract for paid services to people (that was the agreement)." I said, "Well, of course, go." Yes, we have millions of dollars just to get an organ transplant. To us, to me, of course, it is nice to the Ural Mountains of Russia in Vitebsk people go to give birth, your woman. I, of course, it's nice. We Radiation Center, which the Soviet Union could not build (I am about 12 years ago, it has funded, under construction) — the pearl created. We are well advanced in science there. From Minsk all I remember, scientists (they were yelling, screaming) radiatsionschikov all carried away to where the radiation is: if you are a scientist, go see it, write it in Gomel. Apartment you ultramodern equipment and a medical center. Well, probably, of the 150 scientists then probably 2 or 3 people just did not go.

Radkov AMAll gone.

Alexander LukashenkoAll gone? And I'm very grateful to them. They live, work. And thankful that we support them. We are very much aware of what is happening in Japan. After Chernobyl, we do not stop this problem. And the Japanese most closely on Chernobyl programs. We pretty much know the progress. If you were in Gomel We spent at the center, you would be amazed. For the money, there go the Ukrainians, well, less than the Russians because of the Union budget we podfinansirovali, this Russian money, so there is less penny they pay. But there we are operating people, they examine all. We built this for kids Hematology Center (with the Austrians, in my opinion, when I open it) and that's in it, or in the last year, I had visited, where children of cancer being treated. Listen to what they got, even I was surprised. Is the base and the school, and it is developing Sun?. On particles in America it will take, it will take you. And Oleg Rummo, who began to make the first heart transplant in Belarus, young, my confidant! Young, I think, a young guy, he says, "I mean the young, and I'm no longer young." Works wonders! Liver transplant, all these organs transplanted. Stomach does not have — any part of the intestine sewn there, stomach did. What they do, the horror, the youth! We have created the conditions they ultramodern. Go there from America, Germany. Supervrachi! They were going. Advanced technologies have shown — we instantly grasp. We have them set up a modern law on transplantation. In the same note, you had the noise, especially in Ukraine, selling organs, the person is still alive, and they were removed and so on. We have, first of all, it is impossible, because after all the low level of corruption and brutal discipline in this regard. Here's a helicopter, cars here, somewhere in the dead man seize these bodies, instantly brought transplantation. They earn millions of dollars already. People go from Azerbaijan from Russia, Ukraine, even in Western countries, for much cheaper, and the quality is good. So, when you think that you are there touched it, do something about it … As this National Library — its designed in Soviet times about this, but did not build. Masherov said: "And suddenly fall apart." I arrive at the National Library of old, attended her as they are there, I think they live? These architects zavugollyu go. I ask: "Who is that?" — "Architects". — "What?" Come to me and say, "Alexander G., well, look, please, our project." And my hand is. I say, "Show me." I look, but these pictures have yellow, yellowed. He hung them and starts me this Sun? tell. I say, "Why did you me this Sun? show? "-" Alexander G., well let's build. " I say, "Why not build then?" — "Afraid" — "What are you, think that I am not afraid? Do you have confidence that it will not fall apart? "-" Yes! We will modify. You just give good. " I said, "Okay. Finalizes go. " What exactly was young then. Maybe now would be afraid. They come to me again, this new project counted, calculated, I say, "Sign the public." Signed. "After 3 months of starting to build." Sidorsky was then Prime Minister, looking at me: "Money is necessary, because at 3 months, there is no time." Himself came here, to this place. Driven excavator, dug a hole under the foundation, there is something, I remember, gave up more demonstrative. In less than three years — we built it. Luzhkov arrives: "How much?" I call him the price. "Is it possible in Moscow this?" I say, "2 times more expensive, Yuri Mikhailovich. I know your prices and order. And then — I say — it's inexpensive you will be. " But I thought … we were ready to build it in Moscow this. So when do you feel everything touched, it's not a dictatorship, not because I love the power, but because it is already yours. Here you see, I was blamed, yes, Lukashenko of Belarus to privatize want … Well, the word is like to call it. But this is my Belarus. And I'm afraid that will not be so suddenly and you do not intervene, and no help. But when I have one MP in Parliament said, "You would have left such legislation for another president," I immediately, without thinking, said no. Because after all we have a law and the Constitution, as in the Russian Federation. And even, perhaps, in terms of powers of the President signing decrees … Your president has no right to sign the decree, and we have under the Constitution the President can sign the decree, which has the force of law. In exceptional cases, of course, polzueshsya this right. And he goes to the Parliament for ratification, because the law did Parliament should take. But still, when you signed it acts as a law. So we have a very strong presidential power. Again, I think, well, well, maybe I'm exaggerating too much, but I think I deal with these functions, and did not cause much harm to the country in this regard. But there is this fear: what if … What if Zhirinovsky? You understand that it would be this rabid? Power and bad … There are some concerns. I generally support the idea that there was an order, everyone knew their place, do not interfere with each other, do not cling, and so on. But I strongly object when some fear in the society and people are afraid to talk. Here in the kitchen, as in the old Soviet, some there Brezhnev even times do not last — a person somewhere has to say something … I remember it, I do not know how it was under Stalin, but this — people were afraid to speak out, and not even the people, and the average of the population, chiefs, officials feared. I do not want to. I want people to have argued that there was a discussion. Here it is (Radkov) knows I have a meeting on any subject. First, they bring me a plan (in the Administration of the President of the schedule included) — that such a topic. Why is it, this theme? One last question — is an alternative point of view. To me at the meeting did not come from one position, with one point of view. There must be many of these points of view. And even how these scumbags think you informed me. Let's podiskutiruem, hold brainstorming, and then make a decision. Therefore, I advocate an absolute democracy, normal. And not that democracy — is to turn the country. In this direction we go, including the law. I do not know yet how or when, but, apparently, in this five-year period we still have to do some steps, so that we do not really have stalled, do not logged. I always think about it.

A. CherniakAlexander G., we tortured you questions …

Alexander LukashenkoI have a hard torture, I also work like that.

A. CherniakBut there is another question. Sun? we're talking about big public affairs, and you, and we — the people, and people tend to dream. What do you dream? If you do not want to be frank, when I put the question another way: what would you like to see Belarus years that way in 20, 30?

Prokhanov AAWell, I think Alexander G. today 3:00 dreamed …

Alexander LukashenkoYes.

Prokhanov AASun? What you heard, it was an absolutely sincere dream.

Alexander LukashenkoThat is, believe me, Alexander Andreyevich just tore the tongue. I would start by saying that I am not afraid to speak frankly, in any case. And I tell you, so I just talked about that, and I'm doing what I want to see Belarus. You know, I used to dream about. So I basically fly by helicopter to the country, because when you go to the car — there blocked there, and people are unhappy. Well, it is, after all, in the end cheaper. And now I'm flying. I love nature, I love people, I love the Sun? living things, animals and so on. I never did not go hunting. If someone killed the beast … I know that they have to shoot, even in the Bialowieza Forest excess bison is, and if we do not catch, not sold, they have to shoot, because they would kill Pushcha, and other animals. I Sun? understand it, but I can not even look at a dead animal. Understand. From childhood, I remember, pig slaughter, something else … In the village if someone killed a pig will not only neighbors, the whole village will be a week to go drinking burner. My mother and I lived with her mother, she I had a trezvennitsa absolute, it does not, as I say, as I do, there is an enzyme that processes alcohol, and she said to me: "Oh, boy, this should be the same pig slaughter. " I say, "No, I will not" (how? He grew up with you, as a family member, you feed him and stuff …). Go on — say — a brother, cousin, brother, — I say — he is asked, I will not. " Even clean it gummed, as there used to do, I'll be back. But for me it was a tragedy. I even remember a student, she begins to tell me that something about the house, but I can not, I can not kill animals, they're defenseless. We have here a good social advertising, where the show was killed deer: If you kill him, this little … olenenochek a plaintive look, he looks at me at once in tears. How can you do this? Second. You probably see that we have, in general, clean and on the streets. We tried to even it the dirtiest time. A summer in the countryside, if I see it, I feel bad becomes. Well, as the man behind a can not move? I fly in a helicopter. We have many arrays, a vast array of top visible, and I understand a little bit in the ground — Sun? rovnenko, sown, nowhere these bald patches thaw, Sun? neatly. Soul rejoices. In Western Europe. Also on the plane when you fly, you will look back — Sun? neatly, especially the Germans, Danes, Dutch. They rock in that respect. Eastern Europe — they left the earth, overgrown with weeds. I flew to Lithuania, which was once the same general level of agriculture in general colossal — Sun? abandoned. So I look and the same dream, I think, so I'll be glad when I'm with the helicopter wherever he glanced to be like this Sun? rovnenko, beautifully planted, and crops were good. So if this farm — as we have now, these new farms (where you will not see anywhere manure around). And these are the Soviets, who stand there out of the barn right under angle Sun? is thrown, Sun? is mixed, there is flowing into the river. We, of course, the Sun? it is picked up, collected Sun?, but still there. That's my dream — that was a beautiful country. But the most important thing is that we had 20 million people. We do so much to raise the population. Here in this five-year period in three children — for you free apartment for all your tenants, free live. And good support. There is no parent or other capitals, some conditions. It should be frankly and directly to people to do: three children — taken away. And the money to, but now is not cheap, it was possible to raise these children. Otherwise, as we have, and you will degrade. And we have five million people soon will be. People do not want to give birth. One child, at least two of them. But we managed to pick up this trend. But the Sun? still dying while longer. The same?

Radkov AMBirth rates have increased. But not yet change the situation.

Alexander LukashenkoYes, until you turn the situation around, but a lot do. And for the children — we have no kindergartens have no problems. I was recently in Turkey, on a ship I was invited there, I go there, the girls are serving, "Hello." I said, "Are you from Belarus?" — "No, we are from Russia." — "Why?" — "Out of Novorossiysk." We talked. With higher education two girls. Well, it's probably somewhere in the years 27 — 28, adults. I say so and what you are in Turkey? That in Russia … "-" No, Alexander G., for the money it can not survive. " He began to ask questions. "Well, — I say — you will not live. And the costs, where? "One said when talking about the nursery, she named a price in Kindergarten: 120, 150, 170 dollars a kindergarten. A guy from the security service was, I said, "You have a child, you can drive to the kindergarten it in Minsk. In Minsk expensive with us? What is your price in kindergarten? "-" $ 15. " You see, we Sun? support to ensure that they give birth to men. And in our school, that's why I have this, because it's in my heart. In difficult times, I was asked: Let kids be in school, not in kindergarten, give meals, some meals, and others do not. I said, "Wait (here it is again the time were severe). Especially in rural areas (and it was a conversation in the village), he — I say — the only way, maybe this child normally eat: salad, first, second, compote. Normally only eat and have this opportunity. " Because I remember in her village — milk, cabbage, cucumber, bacon I did not eat until student days, and there is nothing, in principle, it was. But it was enough milk and something else out there, and now it is not. And since then, we have three times to feed the children in the schools. And recently, that's been skewed, just as the presidential campaign. Those who paid himself … sitting at the table Prokhanov, Radkov me. Prokhanov — rich (parents pay for it), he rations this good, and those whom the state where we are out of the budget — is scanty. And it came to me, I say: "Wild Things, immediately look for money in the budget." And they began to feed all the same. We had (this is out of this "opera", that he was the Minister of Education, I scolded him then still) high-school classes. That, you know, the school is also a separate class, which gained, in Russia it is, individual children. Separate class of educated, educated and so on. Again, I've heard, but I'm beginning teachers to work, I am asking him, 'Look, here's the class took good kids in a class. And then who is left? And to whom equal? But how? And who to pull? As a teacher? "Here you are, and I'm a teacher, we are always saying," Look, here's how Sasha is learning, and you, motherfucker … "Well, was any example. Are you from there. They made a special caste. And it's more, if you study, you are successful parents, successful family. Inequality has generated. We immediately removed it and created a high-school classes, as before, optional — if you want to get in-depth knowledge — please electives here, come, we'll be there to teach, educate, train. But this inequality should not be. And in kindergarten. My child goes to kindergarten, there are different people there, a small nursery, but they are all the same. I even President, here I go sometimes in kindergarten, I stare at it. True, he rarely goes to kindergarten, more dragged me, but still. He goes, here in China were, in Shanghai, he is coming, says, "Dad, we have to buy something in the store for a children's garden, kids to take." Do you understand? This is the normal consciousness, yes. And not only: you — the presidential son. And I accustom to this: "This is … let's you do not need it (bike will give him one, two, three). Well, why do you five of these bikes? Let's give away the fact that. " — "Everyone, come (though, you know, the kids for their keep …). — Enough of you, that's — racing bike, will ride with me, let's give up. " Also assign a kindergarten or something. Things are also presented there, here. I said, "Here come we will pack it, you is not never going to wear, a lot of them, let's go to the orphanage." We used to go to the orphanage to the children to make them feel respected. Then the old man. Usually the birthday of the President or any New Year's gifts, sweets and more. We all pack and go with him to the elderly or children's home. Do you have — should be with them. That is not to not to waste it all, but it should be accustomed. This is our Slavic, you know, it is our great Slavic soul. And it must be supported by specific examples. The same healthy lifestyle. Out there already in the playoffs with the best team struggled. True, one game lost. But who would be involved, how it all unwind … That split off Belarus, a piece of the total body, try to raise it all, if everything was in Moscow, the best coaches. Himself had to — run, jump, lead by example. We go, we now have it's spring, but at night the illuminated five-kilometer trail town, she is not alone, ski, a meter of snow pillow. And look, these people telepayutsya everything: old and young. But he leaves — fresh air, along the river passes. Right under my fence. Pleasure to watch. I also sometimes go out and quietly take a walk with the people there, it was all lit. Then built a bike path — from one end of the ring road, right through the center of Minsk, to another. 27 kilometers of it, never crossed the road to a man got on his bicycle and rode. And after, and even the head of the Catholic Church admitted recently, said: "Thank you, Alexander G., had built." I said, "What, you travel?" — "I go." Kandrusevich — our archbishop, he is on the bike. We have, besides our Metropolitan, all skate skiing. Well, the truth, my friend, the Patriarch, he has a great ski mountain. True, his beard hides … I said, "What are you hiding? You advanced patriarch. We have young people will follow you. " This is what we in Sochi met him two years ago. Well done, he rides very well. That is, the people moved, kids see it all, parents arm drag — "Minsk Ski Track," something else. All are prepared. The same month I get ready to run (TV shoots, journalists around). Everything is ready. Officials, all go, run, jump. Well, do not make the power, but you can not escape — go walking, but go, go a lot, 5 — 7 kilometers traveled. That is, it is also important: do as I do, or like this example. This is also not my idea, I did not invent. And Sun? it must be preserved.

Prokhanov. A.Alexander G., we question you are already proekspluatirovali a thousand percent. I want friends, to say that we are now present in over three and a half hours in the confessional of the President. This precious situation that not everyone, apparently, a journalist gets the opportunity. Alexander G., dear, thank you for this frank confessional is now pastime. That's what concerns me and my friends, we will use it only for the good of Russia and Belarus. Thank you.

Alexander LukashenkoThank you, Alexander Andreyevich. I have no doubt that, whatever we do not take the view, which we had not had an ideology, we — the Russian people. It is a collective term for us. We even at training yesterday, I have a heavy evening was when the training, we are there with bitterness sometimes angry at each other, swearing. We have an Armenian one, one Armenian plays hockey, and we have, and we swear at him if he does something wrong, "Hey, you're not Russian … so-and-so." And everyone shouted: "You're … not Russian." And another shouted: "Who are you? — Where Jews do we also have to play — Who are you? "- An Armenian Jew shouted. And he yells: "Who are you?" Therefore, we have such a thing — we are Russian people. This concept includes not only Russian, the Russians. It's ours, it was in the Soviet era, a new community — the Soviet people. Perhaps you can equate to the Russian people. Therefore, we have nothing to share. Especially, we are not so poor, the prospects are good. I think that we need to work in this area together. At us you can count on. And keep in mind that your position for me is also very big brakes, neither left nor right, because I can and let you down, and you will be painful and sometimes embarrassing for me. Therefore, it is also very important. Therefore it is better to keep a good man should be near me, and not something that I'll hold down there, I'll make you and so on. Especially in today's world of interconnected, make each other hard. Thank you, of course, for the fact that you have arrived. We are always look forward to meet you. You — our people, you are our friends. Please come, when it will be warmer. Look closer, if someone did not see, look closer country. I'm not saying that you can not go today or tomorrow at any point in Belarus. In any. You just say that's Alexander, where you want to go and visit and see. Well, to me and proekzamenovat and verify the truth or not, I said. Though this time not give ourselves and our people, such as Sun? was kept. But, none the less. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Lysova TGAlexander G., excuse me, I have a personal request to you, as a hockey player. Today is the birthday of not only me, but also a well-known Belarusian hockey player Dmitry Starostenko. So I brought a picture of him, he's not playing, but in 2000, for many years he played for Belarus, I especially found the picture that you have signed.

Alexander LukashenkoStarostenko I remember.

Lysova TGHe was the best player of 2001. Now he coaches children in Moscow. I think he would be very pleased. He just has a birthday today, can you write it compliments the picture. Imagine how it would be happy.

Alexander LukashenkoOkay, let's write.

Lysova TGThank you.

Vote.Alexander G., and take a picture?

Alexander LukashenkoGive.

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