Tunguska catastrophe: an eyewitness account

February 1, 2012 10:57

About clairvoyants and miracle cures have been written hundreds of books. However, all mediums, working in subtle matter, as a rule, operate in only one time — the present. In contrast, Michael Samara clairvoyant Tereshin some time ago discovered his ability to perform "dive into the past." And during his "sessions", he can restore not only the well-known events of bygone days, and the picture of the past life of any person now living.

Fishing with tip

Michael TereshinOn discovered the ability of clairvoyance in his childhood, when he suddenly began to notice that can anticipate some required event for him. Say, while fishing in some inexplicable way he knew that such a place to fish worth it, but that, on the contrary, no amount of sit — you'll never get a single bite. Moreover, he thus felt when and at what point it should throw a float. Inner voice prompted the boy did not omit the hook in the water now, better wait for exactly one minute and twenty-two seconds.

After a specified time, an unknown voice he threw gear in the water — and then followed the bite. After such "tips over" young clairvoyant always come home with their catch.
— And then, after military service, — says Mikhail — I discovered that I can specify in advance zagadannuyu playing card.
Asked someone to arrange cards on the table, and then, when I turn around, choose one of them. Almost always, except in a few cases, I guessed right. For me, the selected card is always somehow subtly stand out from the rest.
But then, when I met with other psychics, I realized that his rare ability I have to develop. I soon learned to see, as if on x-rays, place of distribution of a disease in each individual. In this regard, I now have an official license for healing.

The sin of the past

— Tell me, Michael, have been in your practice, shall we say, unusual cases in which treatment you need your full abilities of clairvoyance?

— It often happens when the roots of the disease are much deeper than it looks on the official medicine. After all, people — a very complex system in which the livelihoods of every cell and every node affect many other organs, sometimes quite far from the source of the disease.
And there are even more complex when a doctor has to look for sources of human illness in his early childhood, or even in his previous lives, that is, in his other incarnations. For example, several years ago, I came to a woman suffering from infertility. Nor from one man to the time she was unable to conceive.
I immediately realized that the cause of her illness is not quite normal — for her infertility was a punishment for some sin of its previous incarnations.
Began to look for, what it was for sin.
Get in touch with the sphere of subtle matter women, I saw that in her previous life she was a boy who lived in the last century somewhere in Poland and 15-16 years of age died is not their fault as a result of a fight. There seems to be no special sin was found. Had to be moved about a hundred years ago, one of her early life, in which my ward, too, as it turned out, was a man. That man, as shown by this "the conversation", also died at the age of 19 years due to the shipwreck.
It is only in an even earlier life of this woman, separated from our time by about three hundred years, I finally found the source of her present illness. As it turned out, in his "fourth minus" from the incarnation of our time, as a young guy, 24 years old, who lived somewhere in Western Europe, our heroine committed suicide by jumping into the river from the bridge. And such a thing at all times and in every religion was one of the most grievous sins.
This is how to find the source of the disease, I was able to cure his patient.
It proved difficult: it entered into the astral contact me at the critical moment to stop falling off the bridge, leaving the top rope by which she (he) managed to get back safely. As a result, the life this woman was saved, and thus it would be a sin to have neutralized. Some time after the above treatment session my patient successfully conceived.

— This method of "immersion in the past," you use for medical purposes?

— No, not just for this. There are special techniques that you can use, plunging himself into a rather distant past, to see how the events that occurred tens or even hundreds of years ago. Of course, the interesting thing with this method to study the mysterious pages of our history, for which no exact preserved documents or evidence.

"It was a man-made object"

The sky seemed very bright fireball, which is located inside a metal capsule-

I sometimes can not use the technique to penetrate the secrets of the past — says Mikhail further Tereshin. — Sometimes the results are simply amazing. In particular, the experience I spent in front of a scientific conference to study the so-called Tunguska — fall to earth unknown body, which was in June 1908. Conference on the study of this mysterious case of a century-old Samara Branch conducted UFO association "Kosmopoisk."
Shortly before the event at the suggestion of President Vladimir Avinskogo branch I went into an altered state. It is not self-hypnosis, a very special method when the subtle body of man as it is separated from his physical body and makes a free flight in any direction, including those of the past. I conducted another clairvoyant, all the time is near. And I found myself more than a hundred years before our time, as if flying over the endless taiga at an altitude of about 500 meters.

Flattened forest near the Tunguska katastrofyImenno at this point in the sky to the left of me seemed very bright fireball. I immediately noticed that he was in some kind of artificial metal structure created by intelligent hands. However, neither the people nor any other creature was nowhere to be seen. Nearer to the surface, the object changed the flight path. I particularly visible near the forest and the river below. At the ground fireball exploded in the air. Height was small — a fraction of a second before the explosion, the object was almost touching the tops of the tallest trees. At this point, I somehow came out sharply altered state, back in our day.

I immediately brought a map of Siberia and offered with closed eyes indicate the place where I had seen object in the sky fell to the ground. Wiggle your finger on the map, I felt the warmth of one place, and said that he had fallen here.
It was a point distant by about 80-100 km to the north-east of the "official" site of the Tunguska meteorite.
A report on their experiment on immersion in the past, I spoke at the above-mentioned conference. My task is made easier by the fact that no details of the Tunguska catastrophe in that moment I did not know. Just read somewhere that it was a case in 1908 — and all. I did not know I was on studies of other professionals who are quite different methods also calculated that in fact the celestial body has fallen quite far to the north of the village of Vanavara known to all. These scientists also made a report at the conference. And for me it became a revelation that their calculations are shown on the map of Siberia the same point of a meteorite, which I found after a "flight into the past."

Secret Zone

It turns out that in this place for a long time found strange formations similar to crystal fragments. Perhaps then there is found something else, because for several years in this geographic area is classified restricted area. This was done by the authorities, and no third-party researchers in this area is not allowed.
As I explained later ufologists, for a long time there is a hypothesis that the Tunguska celestial body (most likely, it was an alien space probe), exploded in the air near the village of Vanavara, was dropped explosion at a hundred kilometers to the north-east, where sank into the swamp.
In his decades of looking anywhere but not in place of the true incidence. But a few years ago all of its fragments have been found, the federal government immediately classified all information associated with this finding. Is it really, I can not judge, because, I repeat, not an expert in this area.

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