Turboatom continues to work on the third water turbine for the Dniester PSP (Ukraine)

In June 2013 the specialists of "Turboatom" made and passed by the shipment volute turbine under construction for the Dniester PSP number three. 

Volute is designed to supply water to the turbine guide vanes. Diameter of inlet chamber is more than 5.6 m, the center — 12.2 m, weight — about 213 tons
Currently under way is the production of turbine stator, formerly the company manufactured and shipped to the station embedded parts hydraulic, including cone, piping and other equipment.
For the Dniester PSP "Turboatom" produces a reversible Francis turbine ORI 170-B-730 maximum capacity of 390 MW turbine mode and in the pump — 420 MW. In 2009 was launched the first hydroelectric station. After the completion of the total capacity will reach 2,800 MW pumped storage, while it will be the largest in Europe.

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