Turboatom has summed up the results for 2011

"Turboatom" completed in 2011 with a net profit in the amount of 427.3 mln.


Revenue from product sales in 2011 amounted to 1,358 million USD. with the growth rate for 2010 — 136.7%. The share of exports in total sales amounted to — 67%.

The total amount of funds transferred by "Turboatom" to state and local governments in the form of taxes, fees, dividends, and a single social contribution amounted to 256.2 mln.

The average monthly salary of industrial workers was — 3252 UAH., Production workers — 4,620 USD. with the growth rate for 2010 — 112.2%. The outcome of the 2011 accrued and paid remuneration "13 salary."

The average number of employees was 5,107 people., Including production staff — 4,948 people., Including: workers — 3,049 people. (62%), employees -1899 people. (38%).

Since the beginning of 2011, the company manufactured and shipped:

equipment for nuclear and thermal power plants: 3 steam turbines with a total capacity of 748 MW, including:
Aksu TPP bl. Number 6 (Kazakhstan);
Starobeshevskaya CHP bl. Number 5;
Kurakhovskaya CHP bl. Number 8;
capacitor and 4 rotor for the Rostov nuclear power plant number 3 (Russia);
components and parts for upgrading the condenser Aksu TPP (Kazakhstan);
4 Upgrade Kit K-500-65/3000 turbines for nuclear power plants in Russia;
power equipment for:
Zaporizhzhya TPP bl. Number 1;
Zuyevskaya CHP bl. Number 4;
sets of power equipment for modernization:
Nazarovskoy power plant;
Rostov nuclear power plant;
CHP Irkutsk (Russia);
Aksu TPP (Kazakhstan);
TES Havana (Cuba);
equipment for hydroelectric power stations:
3 hydraulic turbines with a total capacity of 192 MW, including:
Dnieper HPP-2 st. Number 13;
Dnieper hydropower station. Number 2;
Kanev HPP number 12;
impeller and parts for Kremenchug HPP number 2;
embedded parts for:
Kama hydroelectric station number 15;
Gotsatlinskoy plant;
Novosibirsk HPP;
sets of power equipment for modernization:
Kama HPP (Russia);
Nurek (Tajikistan).

To retool and renovated in 2011, the company has sent 57.4 mln.

For the maintenance and development of the social sphere in 2011 "Turboatom" invested — 11.9 mln. 

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