Turboatom shipped camera runner for unit number 6 of the Novosibirsk HPP.

Prior to shipment, the company's specialists have successfully control the geometry of the equipment.

The camera of the impeller is designed for Kaplan turbine PL 30-V-800. Weight impeller chamber 30 tons, diameter of 8 meters, its height is 2,864 meters. According to the contract signed in December 2011, the chamber is a set of equipment embedded parts.  

According to the chief designer of hydraulic turbines Alexander Linnik camera is designed for new work environment, and tested it in the modeling of the Novosibirsk hydro turbine unit. "The camera showed very good power characteristics. It is designed both for the formation of the flow to the impeller and its stabilization after the passage of water through the impeller" — said A.Linnik.

To modernize the Novosibirsk plant "Turboatom" will deliver Kaplan turbine runner for type «Kaplan» 8 m in diameter, embedded parts, turbine machinery, including the guide vanes, turbine shaft, bearings, seals, and other items.

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