Turboatom shipped guiding device for Zelenchukskaya hydro-pumped storage (Russia)

In August, "Turboatom" has shipped a guiding device for a reversible hydraulic machine type ORI 230-B-221 Zelenchukskaya hydro-pumped storage (station number 3).


Guide unit adjusts the water flow through the pump-turbine and terminates the access of water to the impeller and the water supply to the upper reservoir. Structurally it is designed cylindrical type with blades 20 to five. The structure of the guide apparatus includes: a cover pump-turbine governing and bottom rings, blades rotating machinery, etc. The blades are controlled by two servo motors through the mechanisms of the blades and the control ring.

Turning vanes are provided with the necessary change of the flow of water through the hydraulic unit and the best for flow around the impeller blade direction of flow, which increases the efficiency of the turbine. Guide unit needs to circulate before the impeller and flow control through the hydraulic unit. Regulation is carried out by turning the blades of the machine at a certain angle, which changes the flow area.

According to the contract signed in December 2011, the company will supply for units of st. Number 3 and 4 Zelenchukskaya hydro-pumped storage two vertical Francis reversible pump-turbine with a rotor diameter of 2.21 m and a capacity of 71.5 MW turbine mode, with the pump — 76.5 MW.


Zelenchukskaya-PSP is located on the Kuban River. According to the first draft of the station to be installed four hydroelectric. The first unit was commissioned in 1999, the second — in 2002. Currently, the blocks 3 and 4, number decided to install the turbine pump, which may pump water into the bottom of the upper reservoir, creating an energy reserve that is used at the right time. The pump-turbine equipment installed at the plant intended for use as a source of energy and peak power, emergency and frequency reserve, consumer power and capacity to watch the failure of the plot loads of United Energy System of the South of Russia. To fill the upper reservoir, water from the river Big Zelenchuk, Maruja and Aksaut.

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