Turboatom started shipment of equipment to the Novosibirsk HPP

 Photo source:ngs.ru

In December 2011, "Turboatom" started shipment of parts for turbine guide vanes Novosibirsk HPP.

The contract for the modernization of hydro was signed in July 2010. By its terms, "Turboatom" will manufacture and supply rotary-blade impeller with a diameter of 8 m addition to the scope of supply will include embedded parts, turbine machinery, including the guide vanes, turbine shaft, bearings, seals, and other items.

In November this year, the company shipped to the customer of the impeller chamber.

Complete the delivery of the equipment is scheduled for early 2012.


Novosibirsk HPP compared to the giants of hydropower Angara-Yenisei cascade is small in capacity, but it is only in the western part of the energy of association, so its role as a regulator and a mobile source of electrical power is high. It provides the daily and weekly uneven load torque acts as a reserve power to regulate the frequency and voltage emergency reserve power and energy due to drawdown of the reservoir.

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