Turboatom sums up the results for 2012


"Turboatom" completed in 2012 with a net profit in the amount of 308.9 mln. Revenue from product sales in 2012 amounted to 1.405 billion USD. with the growth rate of the corresponding period of 2011 — 103.5%. The share of exports in total sales amounted to — 60%.

The total amount of funds transferred by "Turboatom" to state and local budgets in the form of taxes, fees, dividends, and a single social contribution amounted to 365.7 mln.

The average wage of industrial personnel made — 3688 UAH., Production workers — 5189 UAH. with the growth rate by 2011 ode. — 112%.

On the results of 2012 the company's employees receive a bonus "13 salary." Since 1 January 2013 the average monthly salary increased for all categories of staff by an average of 20%.

The average number of employees as of January 1, 2013 amounted to 5444 people., Including production staff — 5339 people., Including: workers — 3346 people. (63%), employees — 1993 people. (37%).

During the reporting period "Turboatom" manufactured and shipped equipment for nuclear and thermal power plants: turbines for Zaporizhzhya TPP bl. Number 1 and bl. Number 3, Zuyevskaya CHP bl. Number 4, Starobeshevskaya CHP bl. Number 13 and Kurakhovskaya CHP bl. Number 6 (Ukraine), and capacitors for Kalinin NPP bl. Number 1, Novovoronezh and Balakovo bl. Number 1 (Russia). In addition, power equipment shipped to Zuyevskaya CHP bl. Number 3, the Tripoli CHP bl. Number 2 (Ukraine) and GRES-1 bl. № 2 (Kazakhstan), spare parts for the Rostov NPP Balakovo, Smolensk nuclear power plant, the Novocherkassk GRES power plant in Stavropol (Russia) and equipment for the Loviisa nuclear power plant (Finland) and Aksu TPP (Kazakhstan ).

For hydraulic power plant turbines shipped to Kremenchug HPP number 2, Kanev HPP number 11, number Dnieper HPP-3 (Ukraine) and Novosibirsk hydroelectric power station number 1, number 1 Gotsatlinskoy HPP and HPP Kama number 15 (Russia), as well as hydraulic locks for Gotsatlinskoy plant number 1 and number 2 (Russia), embedded parts for the Dnieper-plant number 3 (Ukraine), Gotsatlinskoy plant number 1 and number 2, Zelenchukskaya GES number 1 and number 2, the Kama hydroelectric station number 16, 17, 18 (Russia), sets power equipment for power plant modernization Enguri (Georgia), HPP Teri (India).

Investments in modernization and overhaul in 2012 amounted to 90 million USD.

The maintenance and development of the social sphere in 2012, "Turboatom" sent 10.5 mln.

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